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Top 7 Factors to Keep in Mind while Developing a Marketplace Mobile App

Nowadays, a successful mobile application does more than generate revenue. Businesses are increasingly investing in marketplace platform to interact with customers. What distinguishes mobile applications from websites? The truth is that mobile applications are essentially a simplified version of your business. These are available for download and installation on smartphones. There are several advantages to having an application, ranging from giving value to your customers to developing a strong brand. In this article, we’ll go through the seven finest development procedures for building your dream marketplace mobile app.

1. Go Through a Thorough Research

The development process necessitates extensive study and market analysis. Businesses must know what kind of product they are going to develop. Analyzing issues in the early stages assists firms in creating the best application. The most fantastic method to ensure the success of an application is to design it as a solution to a customer’s problem.

Take a look around and observe how the applications you’re utilizing are assisting you in various ways. Banking applications, for example, aid in the maintenance of financial records. Food delivery apps allow you to satisfy your cravings anytime you want. A transportation app that helps you order a cab. There are numerous applications. These help the users, which is why they are thriving today. 

Nobody wants to invest in a product that will not benefit them in any manner. They should research the following things:

  • What are the most recent market trends and technologies?
  • What is your company’s SWOT analysis?
  • Who are your rivals?
  • How can you service clients differently than your competitors?
  • Do you have a brilliant idea that no one has yet proposed?

By doing market research, a business can come up with great ideas. Also, a company can open the door to new opportunities that previously nobody has done. By investigating the competition, we not only learn from their failures, but we also develop a superior plan.

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What Understanding Do You Get After Conducting Market Research?

  • Businesses aspire to be global, and by developing the correct strategies, you may reach out to a diverse variety of clients and distribution channels.
  • You get a comprehensive understanding of the client base, including market size, demographics, and geographical variables. The more you learn about your consumers, the better your customer profiles will be.
  • Also, market research aids in identifying and targeting the desired audience.
  • Furthermore, it supports you in gathering knowledge about your competition so that you may plan ahead of them and capture the customer’s interest.

2: Target the Right Audience for the Next App Project

Let us now move on to the second most significant phase in the development of an application. It all comes down to having a good grasp of your app’s consumers. When a company launches a product, it must be for the people who will use it. Who will utilize the application if the audience is unknown? Isn’t it a terrifying thought? Make an effort to devote some time to the earliest stages to give you the most outstanding results. 

Mobile App Development can be a complicated task requiring the skills of experienced developers. If you’re not familiar with the app design process, its best to consult with an app design company such as Sunlight Media in Los Angeles.

The marketplace application is created with the end customers in mind by the company. If you own a restaurant and provide vegetarian meals, your target market will be vegetarians. Non-vegetarians are not your target demographic. As a result, presenting advertising to such an audience will be a waste of time and money. The same is true for marketplace applications and other business apps.

Why Should you Target the Audience Wisely?

Because the benefits are yours, well, there is the following reasoning for this. Let’s dive into it.

  • Targeting the right audience at the right time gives you a high ranking among others.
  • Wrong customers simply scroll down and don’t engage with the content.
  • Drive the right people means saving the money that you spend on the different advertisements. 

3: Identify Key App Features

There isn’t any secret formula for making millions of app downloaders. All you do is take the proper steps to get and keep the customers. You can quickly get the customers, but keeping them long-term with the application is challenging. Customers are drawn to the applications because of their distinctive features and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical components of marketplace platform app:

Some Useful Features Every Application Must Have and Why:

  • User-Friendly Menu Structure: Cluttered or messy app features irritate customers and stop them from using the application. 
  • Offline Function: Customers don’t have internet access around the clock. Therefore, providing the offline features with all the functionalities keep the customers loyal to your application. 
  • Payment Security: In a world where cybercrime is all around, provide customers secure payment system. Also, offer them a different type of payment methods including debit, credit, COD and other so that they choose according to their preference. 
  • Appealing Product Details: Visualization attracts customers. The purpose of marketplace application is to promote the product and services. Hence, this way you can reach more people. 
  • Support of Several Languages and Currencies: Business is running worldwide today. It became even more essential to provide multiple languages and currency support. In this way, they will use the application according to their ease and preference. 

4: Come Up with the Outstanding Idea

Have you ever noticed that people are drawn to things they haven’t seen before? Providing something different from the competition will generate interest and excitement in the market. It is human nature to be hardly attracted to things that are currently accessible on the market. Customers are constantly looking to explore different things.

Have you ever wondered why a newly released game application is so popular? Because people enjoy trying new stuff. Don’t you think so? Consider the example of a marketplace application. Why should clients use your applications when there are millions of others on the market? What is your uniqueness if you are delivering the same thing that others already have? What is your idea? All of your efforts will be futile if the consumer finds the application boring and similar to thousands of others. Make something unique that will set you apart from the crowd.

5: Chooses the Right Platform and Design

Android and iOS are now the most popular platforms for app development. The ideal approach is to begin developing an application on one platform and then move on to another. Once you’ve determined your target audience, features, and functions, you may choose between a native or hybrid application. Both platforms have pros and cons. The platform you select is entirely dependent on the needs of your organization. You can choose any of the platforms to depend on a set of characteristics, including:

  • The app’s development deadlines.
  • The level of service you wish to provide to your consumers.
  • You specify the features and complexity.

6: At the end of the Day, Cost Matter the Most

There is much rivalry in the app business, and everyone wants to be on top. The truth is, mobile app development is a multi-stage process that must be accomplished for the program to work effectively. As a result, the application’s cost is determined by several elements, including

Application Testing: Performing app QA is essential to make the project successful. To make the app successful and bug-free, it is necessary to do the QA before. 

App Features: Some complicated app features can increase the development cost. Cost can be increased or decreased according to the design you choose. 

Development Team: There are different app development costs depending on the size of team you choose. There are developers’ teams, freelancers, IT solution firms, and more. 

7: Get the Support of the Tech-Savvy Team 

You have a fantastic application concept that no one has yet introduced. You’ve settled on all of the crucial aspects that will spark the audience’s interest. You have conducted extensive market research. You are also up to date on the newest trends and innovations. Are you ready to build a successful application? If you said yes, re-ask yourself. What is it that is missing? Regardless of how brilliant our idea is, we need an IT experienced team to turn it into a reality.

Furthermore, hiring a marketplace app development team allows you to focus on things that go above and beyond your expectations. A professional market mobile app development business is well-versed in all marketing methods and trends. As a result, selecting the proper firm may help you create a marketplace application with less effort. They will do the tasks on their own.

Start the Journey Today!

With the most excellent app development firms like Cubix worldwide, you can begin this lovely path of turning your vision into reality. Remember that everything starts with the first step you take. Good luck!

How Electronic Signatures Can Help All Government Departments As A Modern Signet Stamp?

Government agencies have recognized electronic signs as secure, compliant, enforceable, and economical ways to come up with digital transformation. Moreover, e-signs can set up either on-premise or on the cloud. The government thus can take benefits of the high degree of scalability, customizability, functionality, and control-realized in a business solution without bothering financial and IT resources.  Both federal and central government organizations have started using it to improve their existing services. Let’s explore the scope of e-signs in government departments:

Scope of e-signs in government departments:

Useful for Government Business Ventures

Before the introduction of electronic signatures, sharing a large number of documents across different agencies and departments may add a huge cost in both paper and ink. In contrast, government officers now transfer a wide range of international and local contract works easily by using electronic signatures to make the process easy and economical. For instance, a large number of federal and local government officers use e-sign to authorize paperwork to conduct tender agreements, procurement, and paperwork related to diverse action orders. 

In-house Government Operations

Streamlined procedures are very much essential in different types of in-house governmental procedures. Considering this, electronic signatures have started transforming the landscape of both state and federal governments with simple and easy-to-implement electronic procedures. These are as follows-

·        Onboarding and recruitment forms 

·        Personnel and HR forms

·        Forms related to project management

·        Forms to request for purchase and expenses

Citizen Business Operations 

Most of the federal and local governments worldwide propose their citizen business applications created during working hours. However, getting time to visit any government office during hectic or busy hours is difficult. Nowadays, electronic signatures help in completing citizen business procedures conveniently. The reason is e-sign executes licensing documents and permits office applications without any hassle.

Housing Transactions 

Housing transactions in both local and state government space must be swift and efficient as you expect in the case of real estate firms. Even in some cases, signing and emailing documents manually, along with related simple housing procedures consume many hours unnecessarily. However, modern government agencies use e-sign solutions to sign and share varieties of sensitive documents and forms without any difficulty. 

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Social and Healthcare Services

Most of the state government agencies and local municipalities have their separate health divisions to deliver health and wellness solutions. However, doing such activities requires government employees to complete tons of paperwork. Use of e-signs to execute social service documents and public health forms made government health organizations economical with the available resources. Moreover, electronic signs boost the efficiency of healthcare services. 

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How Electronic Signatures are Beneficial for Government Organizations

Improved User Convenience and Remote Access

The use of e-sign is a convenient option as compared to signatory sign on any document irrespective of the residing country. Users of electronic signature may involve in almost any type of agreement remotely and avoid wasting time and/or valuable resources. Electronic signs give convenience and are ideal options for small towns to deliver personalized solutions.

Saves Valuable Time

With the application of electronic signature, government officials have to spend relatively less time, as one can sign the document online in no time. Indeed, e-signs make the tedious task easy. E-signs are useful not only for individuals but also for banks, companies, and business organizations.

Have Legal Recognition

Unified electronic transactions act (UETA) was passed in the year 1999 to provide a legal  use of electronic signatures in all states of the USA. From then onwards the document signed with electronic signatures stamped to be legal and authorities cannot deny the authenticity of it. Later electronic signatures were secured using blockchain technology to enhance its security aspects.

Provide Eco-friendly Solutions

With e-signs, the government will come up with green solutions and save their money. However, going paperless completely requires a huge effort. On the other side, an electronic signature is an effective way to come up with eco-friendly solutions. Whether you want to sustain your business or the environment, going paperless allows you to face the underlying challenges easily.

Verifiable-signatory and Signature

Authentication of a customer identity has always remained at the top priority. Luckily, in the case of electronic signatures, each signature undergoes proper verification so that there is no scope related to any type of fraud. In simple words, verification of e-sign validates the signature of a signatory in a hassle-free way.

Wrapping up

Government agencies often deal with the challenge to reduce costs, deliver quality services and stay compliant all time. Furthermore, government officials always expect to stay at the forefront to make sure of environment-friendly procedures. E-signs help government organizations and officers to address unique requirements and challenges related to paperwork. With e-signs, government agencies become highly efficient and free resources to deliver improved services.

Tumblr Spy App Best Bet To Protect Your Teen’s Privacy

In the start, it was all about the famous Facebook and how it was the coolest trendy thing to be a social media user. With time the Instagram took its place and then you can add your photo with more attractive filters and thus this updated version of the previous social media app was on the rise in-game and fame. Now you have dozens of social media platforms who share some of the common features like it’s here to make you the capital investment and brainwash you to manipulate as they want, other than that everyone offers a single or two unique features to get a sincere sole audience restricted to that specific app. So now we are divided.

Some prefer to waste time on Facebook, others like to do it in a more fancy way through Instagram or Snapchat and some like to give it an artistic touch and like Tumblr.

Tumblr is a social media app that is like a scrapbook for status or texts, images, video files, gifs, and many other things just like any other social media platform. It is like the commo of a typical blog and Twitter feed as one can share their opinion, ideas and talent through the Tumblr feed and can like others with the same interest and hobbies. Just like Twitter where everyone gets famous from any viral tweet and retweets, here we are happy if our post gets reblogged by any humble user.  No need to make the account by real name you can start by any funky or mysterious username to attract more followers and this my friend is the start of a nightmare story called Tumblr. Another breaking news about this social media platform is that by default it lets every profile open to the public. Meaning if your teen has a Tumblr account and he or she is lazy enough to go to the Tumblr website and then change some setting to make the profile private then you are in trouble. Open to public profile means anyone can watch, visit and reshare your teen post and that is not a good sign from a teen’s perspective. 

So what are the odds then one can know about their teen Tumblr blog post and can even find them in the social media platform in the sea of anonymous user names. Well, I will say let’s just not go on to that path. Let’s make it simple and easy once and for all. No need to make an account, no need to search for a username or blog details why not simply get the Tumblr spy app and get over it in one big step. 

Know About Their Username:

Well whether your kid likes to stay anonymous on the social media platform or not use the Tumblr spy app and it will let you know right away. You can know about their profile details along with every blog and post remotely with the help of the TheOneSpy app. 

Worried About Easy Access To Mature Content:

It is a lot easier to access mature content on this social media app. But no need to panic or to be worried. With a little help from the Tumblr spy app, you can keep an eye on the search and reblog posts of your teen and know about their state of mind and interest. A timely notice of any kind of weird habit can help the parents to nip the evil in the bud and that’s how a spy app can help the parents and be like their secret guardian angel. 

Check Out Their Blog Content :

You can easily check out the blog and other updated content of your teen on the Tumblr feed by using the Tumblr app. The remote access to the teen’s account can help parents to know more and in detail about the teen through its blog content. Whether it is in text form, an image or video file, a gif, or an audio clip all is in the easy remote access of the parents. The app records every social media activity of the target for the parents and upload s the recording on the web portal of the app. 

Don’t get drowned in the deep sea of social media apps. Take help from TheOneSpy.

The Power of Data to Win Customer Engagement

Significant insights about your potential customers can unleash the doorways to strengthen long-term relationships with them. From making informed decisions to serve them a personalized experience, the data can essentially help in many ways. If you have the right data, you can win customers’ trust and provide them multiple valid inferences to make a purchase from your business. 

Want to explore how data can help to win customer engagement? 

Read on, and you will get your answer. 

Here we are uncovering how the data can help to win customer engagement. 

Customer engagement is the new buzzword during the increased online business practices. The more customers are engaged with a brand; the more revenue can be generated. 

In the current scenario, businesses focus on strengthening customer engagement to have more brand loyal customers. 

Benefits of customer engagement

When you emphasize strengthening customer engagement, you can have the advantages such as;

  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Foster opportunity to cross-sell/up-sell
  • Relatively shorter purchase cycle
  • Get more brand advocates
  • Stronger customer relationships

But, how can data be a powerful tool to win customer engagement?

Present unique ways to engage

It’s essential to stay connected with your audience once they have made a purchase or showed interest in your brand. By using data, you can estimate how and when customers are active and which customers are inactive. 

So, based on the data, you can determine the unique and personalized way to boost engagement with potential customers.

Also, you can encourage the customers who are becoming uninterested or bored with your message or product by incentivizing their actions.  

Plus, another good way to keep buyers engaged is to ask them to provide feedback about their experience with your business. This also helps in getting more data and insight into your business along with engaging satisfied customers.

Loyalty program management

Offering rewards through a loyalty program is a great way to keep potential buyers doing frequent business with your products or services. 

When you have a loyalty program solution, you can get insightful data such as when customers prefer to buy, which products they like, what rewards are in demand, and so on. 

Customer data through loyalty program management software can open up new doorways to win more customers. It also helps in delivering a personalized experience, which naturally attracts customers for a longer time.

Monitor customer behavior patterns

If you know when, how, what about your customers’ shopping experience, you can serve them improved services. Currently, high-quality products are not enough to keep customers attracted to your business. You must be offering something of value to them in order to foster customer engagement. 

Hence, pay attention to specific triggers that will signal you when a customer acts, such as following you on social media, subscribing to your newsletter, or liking, sharing a post. 

You should then spend time analyzing these customers’ behavioral patterns, which will assist you in using predictive analytics to determine what they will do next. This specifically helps in determining strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Presenting upgrades or rewards

Another vital way to keep customers engaged is through proposing upgrades to the products or additional rewards through the loyalty program. 

You should inform them about the upgrades of the products/services they might be interested in and emphasize engaging them with the same. 

Besides, when you offer rewards, be sure to offer them unique incentives rather than mediocre giveaways. Of the customers who found value in what you are offering to them, they will willingly stay connected with your brand.

Utilizing the right data 

Now you know the power of data that boosts customer engagement. But above all, it is crucial to use the right data at the right time for an impactful result. 

For instance, if you know that certain locations contribute more to promoting business growth, you should launch a specialized scheme for such locations only.

Likewise, when satisfied customers have a bitter experience with the product, you should immediately approach them with a valid justification. Also, you can provide rewards to convert the negative experience into a positive one. 

Overall, customer data are essential to take business growth to a new level. Fostering strong customer engagement and encouraging them to make frequent purchases help businesses to boost ROI and sustain market competition. 

Among all the possible ways to harness the power of data, efficient loyalty program management can reveal fruitful results. The loyalty program solutions can provide many vital insights about your customers, from product preferences to purchase season. 

Hence, you should prefer a loyalty management program to promote a positive customer experience and strengthen customer engagement for your products or services. 

6 Tips To Find The Best Test Automation Tool

This is an era where everyone wants to do less work and achieve more results. Brand managers and CEOs want to remain competitive by launching new features while ensuring their budgets to a minimum spend. Is it also feasible to accomplish these two aims while retaining product quality?

The solution is straightforward: test automation. Year after year, automated testing science evolves, and having the correct QA testing software will increase the performance, efficacy, precision, and coverage of the software testing. Test automation will alleviate the QA team of time-consuming manual testing procedures, allowing them to focus on more relevant aspects of the project.

However, no two automated software testing tools are the same. Each testing tool’s capabilities and abilities must be carefully tested before being chosen, from flexibility to OS compatibility. That’s because assessing and choosing test automation software is just as critical as incorporating them into the testing process. However, if the team is inexperienced with these testing methods, developing automatic testing method eligibility criteria can be challenging.

So, which test automation platform is the perfect match for your team? Let’s look at the role of test automation tools in QA and some stuff to think about before making the automation testing tool list. 

What Is Automation Testing and How Does It Work?

The method of running QA tests with the aid of automated QA testing software is known as automation testing. 

Automation brings benefits to QA testing for many QA teams because it helps them to cover more territory during the testing period. QA testers may concentrate on exploratory and regression testing and assign complicated, time-consuming test cases to automated testing with the right test tool range.

The Significance of Test Automation Tools

Test automation tools’ aim is to deliver repeatable, accurate test results at every stage of the production process. A well-implemented test automation tool can rapidly and efficiently check the functionality of the product if there is a code deployment or infrastructure transition.

Some of the reasons why QA teams use automation QA testing software in their QA practices are as follows: 

  • Every implementation period involves a significant number of repeated test cases. 
  • There are various Build Verification Testing examples. 
  • For essential features, depending exclusively on manual testing is not feasible. 
  • Iterations in regression tests are conducted regularly. 
  • Within the development environment, there is often the need to simulate a vast number of users.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Automated QA Testing Software

There are various automated product testing applications available on the market. When attempting to make your test tool choice, having so many choices can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t know the selection criterion of automated testing tool solutions is more meaningful for your team’s needs.

The reality is that you can’t begin assessing and choosing test automation software until you have a detailed understanding of your team’s research support requirements. We suggest that you pay particular attention to these 6 fields when you compile a list of specifications for automation testing tools read more on ReadDive

Compatibility of Operating Systems 

Just because the app isn’t running on a Mac right now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the distant future! Your test automation platform can accommodate a range of different OS setups, much as your QA team checks for OS compatibility—even if users choose to use a different operating system—in case market tastes ever alter. Older OS compatibility aids in maintaining reverse compatibility with the product. 


Pick a platform that helps you to conduct the types of automatic testing you need, such as functional, device, and load testing. Be sure the tool can accommodate a wide variety of testing situations, as the specifications can vary in the future. It’s likely that add-ons will be available. Add-ons can be available to improve a tool’s functionality, but they come at an extra expense.


By creating modular test cases, the right tool makes maintenance simpler. As a consequence, they’re easy to change and reuse, making automated testing management a fun task. Every script fault can be quickly detected and corrected using the tool’s comprehensive malfunction logs. Simple maintenance takes you one step closer to long-term automation performance.

Compatibility for different channels

In a perfect environment, a tool will be able to accommodate all or almost all of the company’s apps and platforms. Many apps are only compatible with .NET or Java applications, so make sure the test automation tool is compliant with all platforms while you study your choices. Consider potential platform improvements at your business, such as the use of various compilers to create your products.

Regulation on Pricing

Is the tool’s price tag justified? Consider the purchasing price as well as possible additional expenses such as compatibility add-ons, updates, and maintenance fees. The tool should be able to do anything you need it to without exhausting your testing budget.

Creation Of A Test

Since ease of use is key, the tool can have several choices for performing the same mission. Untrained team members may find the automated testing process challenging if coding is the only alternative for developing an automated test. Irrespective of their automation experience or technological ability, the correct tool helps all QA team members to perform the tests easily and effectively.

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Final Words

It’s all about the numbers when it comes to deciding whether or not you chose the correct test automation software. You will see how the test automation platform you choose is working for you or against you by evaluating these top automation monitoring metrics after deployment. If your testing metrics are still not delivering accurate and efficient outcomes, it’s time to reconsider your automated testing tools and methodology, and Kualitee is the best choice.

IFGICT – The Most Practical Global Cyber Security Standard

Importance of Cyber Security Standards

Many organizations globally build up their data storage, collection, and investigation competencies. However, with the increase of such collections, the chances of cybersecurity events tend to enhance on an advanced level. An incredible number of hacking practices are employed by novel criminals to access the crucial setup and complex data storages.

Organizations that don’t pay attention to the security of their data stores and use passive methods to manage risks usually put their crucial information to data robbery and misuse. Thus, to reduce the risks of privacy breaches and data loss, organizations must maintain their information security standards to be aware of the latest gadgets advances in the information technology field. Numerous organizations worldwide provide certifications for cyber security professional. The most practical cyber security standard around the world is International Federation of Global and Green ICT (IFGICT).

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Along with standards, cybersecurity certifications are of great importance. These certifications are essential for cybersecurity professionals and define their careers. These certifications let a cyber professional get the proficiencies needed to specify a particular discipline.

Therefore, its best for an organization to follow the cyber security standards summarized in the  NIST’s SP 800 series and ISO/IEC 27000 rules. Also, choose IT professionals having IFGICT certifications.

Importance of Cyber Security Certifications

Certifications thus authenticate the skills and the knowledge developed during achieving a cybersecurity course. For a cybersecurity professional, it’s important to get different types of certifications that ensure this person is perfect for managing an organization’s data, as cybersecurity professionals help an organization maintain its data stores and collections. Thus, an organization needs to access its ICT professionals before hiring them, as the organization gives them access to their crucial data stores. In addition, they need to ensure, the person handling their critical information is capable enough to do so.

Different organizations offer these certifications, and when you certify through a highly qualified organization. It shows that you have more excellent capabilities, and jobs are offered based on these certifications.

Let’s have a look into the most practical organization in the world that provides such certifications.

International Federation of Global and Green ICT (IFGICT)

IFGICT is the major ICT federation in the world. It’s a self-governing association established to lead and fix the industry standards for the aptitude development occupation in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and business technology.

It provides top-quality examination and certification services globally in various international standards and most excellent practice structures in the business and information technology fields.

IFGICT is qualified by UNFCCC – CDM as a Certified Service supplier for providing consultancy, executing effective technology, and training in the communication and information technology sector.

IFGICT provides the following type of certifications

  • Machine Learning Certification
  • BlockChain Expert Certification
  • Sustainable Development Manager Certification
  • IFGICT HealthCare Standard
  • ICT Standard
  • Strategic IT Professional SITP
  • Green IT Professional GITP
  • Ethical Hack Manager Certification
  • ICT Award Of Excellence IFGICT
  • Digital Passport
  • Digital Coding

You may visit website for more information