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Worried About Online Security and Privacy? Get Facebook Spy App

Last month one of my kids came to me and informed me about an event they are going to join on the coming weekend. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest. They told me that the Facebook community has arranged it and there are thousands of people who are interested and planning to go to this event. I thought of it as some simple teenager stuff and allowed them to go. But it was not a simple teenage thing. Turns out someone from the group attacked the cops on duty. It was a mess after that. I saw the news on Tv and you can’t even imagine how much I was shocked and worried when the breaking news was about an attack on a cop in a supposed peaceful protest. I was unable to contact either of them for about an hour or two. Those were the longest hours of my life. After two hours when I was about to leave for the target area they called. Apparently, my youngest got injured and was in the hospital for first aid. The catastrophe left many people severely injured.

Thankfully my girl was among those who got discharged after the treatment. I picked them and came back. The whole way home I was quiet. They realized the mistake and thus they did not even say a word as well. We reached home and all I asked them was to give me their phones. Both of them quietly handed me over the gadgets and left. That’s when I decided I am never letting them go to any Facebook or any other event ever. The first step to initiate I planned to get their phone. Now the next step needed was installation of the spy app. 

Yes, the only way that I am not allowing them to any event was I must know about such events. The key to that door was the use of android spy apps like the OgyMogy. The spy app offers tons of features that allow the user to get into Facebook or any other social media account of the target. In case you are not grasping the whole situation, here is a step-by-step guide about how you can know about the online life of your teen. 

Choose The Best App:

The first and most important step is the selection of a suitable app. I chose Ogy ogy as they offer three different kinds of bundles and support multiple platforms. Another major reason behind selecting this app is that it has a very friendly user interface. Everything is simple and even non-techie people like me did not face any problem in using the app.  

Access the Target Gadget:

You need to have physical access to the target gadget for installation. Even if the monitoring is all done and managed remotely, the installation needs physical access. 

About Social Media Monitoring Features:

The app covers many social media and instant messenger chat apps. You can simply get the feature and monitor the online activities of your kid silently. Yes, you can keep the whole spying mission secret from your kid if you don’t want them to know. Keep in mind that the parental control app is simply for safety and wellbeing and not a surveillance or trust issue thing.  

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook spy app gives remote control to the user. You can know about the kid’s online activities, posts, interests, and everything with simple clicks. 

Get Notified About The Facebook Live:

Know when they are going live and check if they are at a safe place. Don’t allow them to go for anything in the run of more likes and followers. Facebook’s spy app allows the parents to keep a checkout of Facebook posts.

Know Who Are They Friend’s With:

You can check their followers and friends list and can track anyone found suspicious. People make fake accounts, sometimes just to stalk or bully others. Know the online community of your kid with the OgyMogy Facebook spy app. 

Check The Event Details:

In case they post or show interest in any event you can first check the facts and figures. This is only possible if you are a regular user of the android spy app or Facebook app. 

Jump Into The Inbox:

You can even read the text message as well. 

Visit and explore other social media monitoring features.

Best Android spy software for employers looking to track their employees’ activity

The term monitoring can be interpreted as the process and effect of monitoring. But another possible meaning would be used to describe the process by which information is collected, observed, studied and used in order to be able to perform a particular program or event. In other words, the monitoring helps and allows us to control and record critical things. 

To monitor employee productivity at work, employee supervision has become essential. Employees find it difficult to fully focus on the task at hand when they can use their devices to play games, browse social media, or shop online. All of these distractions can cause an employee to lose focus on their work. That’s why it’s important to implement apps that track employee behavior during work hours. 

Many apps already exist that employees can use to monitor themselves, any team and the entire company. These range from cell phones to computer monitoring software programs. Apps provide managers and employers with insights into their employees’ activities. Management can establish productivity levels by what they do during working hours. It creates a sense of accountability when employees know that they are being monitored. Thus, it motivates employees to deliver results. It also prevents them from wasting their time. 

Employee monitoring software can help a firm ensure employee loyalty. Modern employee tracking apps have capabilities that can help firms determine employee attitudes, such as if they are conspiring against the company, revealing company secrets to others, and so on. 

Below are some of the best Android spy software to help understand the difference in employee monitoring apps. 


TheOneSpy is as easy to use as it can get. This app helps you get your hands on your workforce’s cell phone activity. The features that TheOneSpy provides include GPS tracking, text messages, call logs, contacts, emails, and browsing history monitoring. Both Android and iPhone have these features. 

The high performance of the app is one of the important reasons that contribute to its status as the finest employee monitoring tool. The application’s web-based user interface makes dashboard navigating extremely simple. 

The app enables the employers to monitor email, internet, social media, phone logs, contact list, multimedia files, keylogger, remote listening and tracking of the location of the employee. 


Hubstaff is an app for managing remote teams and their work. With the app an employer can keep an eye on their employees and see how productive they are. This app can be installed on various devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. You can monitor employees’ real-time location and the time they spend on a task. Hubstaff makes it easy to manage as well as supervise employees. 

The features of the app include, time tracking, GPS tracking, online timesheets, reporting, productivity monitoring, scheduling, geo-fencing and online invoicing. 


Employee monitoring software called ActiveTrack can be installed on desktops and laptops. Managers and employers can use the app to monitor their employees’ day-to-day activities and be sure their work is being done effectively. One of the most interesting features of the app is that it helps identify issues like cybersecurity issues. The plan creates risk assessments and informs employers so that they can take appropriate action. 


Teramind monitors all employee, remote user, and contractor computer operations and gives administrators access to their daily activities as well as historical data. 

In real time, it monitors almost all user behavior including web pages, programs, email, file transfers, networks and more. Employees, contractors and remote customers can all be tracked. To comply with GDPR and other privacy laws, you can change the monitoring and recording settings.

If a user violates company policies, Teramind will proactively prevent any unwanted behavior by automatically warning, notifying, blocking, or locking the user. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers in-depth analysis of how time is spent during the workday. You can view websites and programs used while working, as well as snapshots of the computer screen taken every few minutes. The app helps employees stay focused by gently nudging them when they are distracted from work. 


PeopleForce assists employers in creating a high-performance culture inside their organization. To make all of their HR operations easier, use an end-to-end cloud solution for all of your workers and prospects. Run powerful functionality to manage personnel as well as their effectiveness. The employers can define and monitor OKR objectives in the PeoplePerform module, discuss them in 1-on-1 meetings with employees, and preserve all information in the system thereafter. These apps can work wonders for your workplace and enhance company profits. For, these are some of the best Android spying software that you can use to track the activity of your employees.

Unique WordPress Web Development Service for Business Banding

We are a well-established top WordPress web development company in India. We build up your WordPress websites which must have the terrific potentiality to cope with any competitive websites like BBC America and the New York Times. We have the awesome teamwork to create innovative web traffic-driven websites with the superb WordPress plug-in to do better content management.

To achieve the goal, we turbocharge your dynamic websites increasing their functionalities and performance. Therefore, your well-built multifunctional framework will be the only destination for consumers to hit for having the qualitative information. So, it will be your best platform to have a continuous flow of earning leads for sales-generating.

Here, we have none to challenge due to our vast network equipped with a body of excellent technical experts including WordPress developers, top content analyzers, and coders to pack the long-term projects easily. 

Like top Lipozene reviews, there are more informative articles and blogs based on WordPress website development service to read for having a guide. 

Who Is Benefited by Us 

 We are proud of running our organization to serve millions of people around the world. Our best WordPress development services are manned to various top business set-ups, government, semi-government aided companies, big enterprises, retailers, and new start-up agencies.

Based on the needs of the clients, we design high-caliber masterpiece responsive websites for faster customer engagement to promote your brands online. After the necessary website sculpting, it will be your best device for social communication, digital marketing, and business branding, and regular business deals.

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What Type of WordPress Website do We Like to Build up?

We are near you with an arsenal of ultra-modern website development tools, theories, formulae and innovative WordPress site optimization strategies to provide on-demand. That means you will get us complete technical assistance to prepare the websites for your different online business promotion campaigns. In short, we have a higher level of superiority and expertise in developing sites like real estate, e-magazine, e-newspaper, blogs, online forums and listing websites.

Same way, we are masters to optimize custom sidebars, WordPress theme options panels, and short-code generating systems. Hotels, online restaurants, wholesalers, and academic websites are also excellently handled by our team. So, we are only reliable for you to grow the business at supersonic speed. 

Where Do We Not Compromise?

If your website has poor layouts, and content to manage, it is a disaster-like botched nose job for a start-up organization. So, we are highly committed to the strong resolution of maintaining 100 percent of quality to improve your WordPress sites. It will have awe-inspiring stability with long-lasting visibility on the internet. We do not put our customers in a quagmire by giving false assurance. We are always fair and honest when we proceed to implement your costly projects. 

Higher Expertise in DevOps 

Our elegant elite WordPress web developers and website analyzers are employed to keep in touch with the current release of any new feature to upgrade the WordPress plug-in. Due to our experience in DevOps, it is easy for us to modify and tune up the basic to complicated websites for supporting that powerful technical feature successfully. We do such a quick add-on to enhance mobility in data processing and content protection. 

A-List of Top WordPress Development Services We Offer 

  1. API Integration & Site Customization
  2. WordPress Maintenance with live support
  3. WordPress website optimization 
  4. Responsive Website Development
  5. Conversion from PSD to WordPress 
  6. WordPress Theme Development
  7. WordPress Blog Development
  8. Custom WordPress Development
  9. WordPress migration and content management 
  10. HTML to WordPress Conversion
  11. WordPress eCommerce development 
  12. WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Development
  13. WordPress custom widget Development
  14. WordPress website testing and instant maintenance guide 
  • Browser Compatibility: WordPress is an excellent cross-browser-compatible CMS. Whether you have Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari, feel comfortable doing the website designing with our upgraded version of WordPress plug-in. We ensure that it generates easy codes for search engine optimization. 
  • Business Scalability: Experts turn your basic website into a superfast content management system which enhances the balance between the content uploading and the speed to share data. The uptime is always a matter for online marketing and data processing. WordPress plug-ins for website development are quite functional to improve the page loading speed restoring the potentiality of the website. Here, we are always available to assist you for faster improvement in business scalability. 
  • Improve SEO : For regular improvement in the flow of web traffic to have a high ROI to outrank others, choose our advanced WordPress CMS software to add competitive keywords, Meta tags, and heading tags to your website. The start of your online lead generation program for customers engagement will be flawless due to the proper content management. Team of  wordpress developers analyzes the individual websites for betterment. Experienced WordPress developers select the best codes to implement SEO works.

The best WordPress website development company offers a smart solution for representing your brand online. This WordPress website development service provider in India shares top ideas, examples, and unbeaten WordPress themes to renew your website to expect the record-breaking SERP rates within a month. For customizable WordPress widgets integration, SEO works, and mobile apps upgrade,  you should find us for immediate WordPress solutions.

Reach Your Agency Goals With White Label Web Development

Digital Marketing can be really tricky since it’s ever-changing due to customer demands and opportunities that arise on any given day.

So when your client needs a website developed, one created from scratch you’ll want someone there every step of the way!

Working as an independent or growing digital marketing agency can be challenging or impossible at times.

When we find ourselves in the position of not being able to deliver on every aspect of client projects due to a lack of resources and expertise it just sucks.

The best way to make sure you get the perfect website is by using a White Label Web Development Agency. 

A White Label Web Development Agency offers all kinds of services, including SEO so that your site can be seen above everyone else’s on Google searches!

The importance of having an optimized online presence cannot be underestimated in today’s market. 

To ensure success with search engine optimization requires more than just building a website, and once you are done, there is more to a website than pretty images. 

You and your team may already offer web development services but are they real solutions? 

On the flip side, you may not offer web development services that your clients want and need. 

What to do? 

What to leverage? 

Do you feel like your agency is stagnating? 

You may be blocked by walls that are holding back the growth of your business. You can remove these obstacles with a White Label Web Development Agency!

Innovative entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to reach their goals. You’re an innovative entrepreneur, right? Ready to get the inside scoop that can help you find your way and achieve all those agency goals!

Small Investment BIG Results.

The diversity of tasks that clients request is not always easy to accommodate. 

Imagine, for example, if you’re an agency specializing in SEO and a client needs their website redesigned or upgraded.

it may be more practical to refer the project out than it would be scaling up your team just for one or two odd projects.

Outsourcing your website design to a professional can make managing the project much easier. 

For example, outsourcing will create less coordination in billing and time spent trying to figure out who is doing what on the team. 

White Label Web Development Agencies are also available for consultations if you need help deciding which services they offer or how best it would work with your current company needs.

The client is looking for a one-stop-shop, but turning them down carries risk. 

What if your business misses out on good clients because you don’t have the in-house expertise? 

Thankfully there’s an alternative – hire a White Label Web Development  Agency to take care of web development while yours focuses on sales! 

This way everyone wins as both companies grow their businesses into something even better together.

The W.L.W.D Agency Does The Work & Your Agency Gets The Credit.

If you are looking for a way that your company can dominate in the digital market, without having to spend money on web development, design, advertising, or marketing campaigns then hiring a White Label Web Development Agency is just what you need. 

White Label Web Development Agencies provide agencies like yours with an opportunity. 

You can have your client’s website created and operational, while still maintaining its own brand identity through the creation of design and content creation.

A key benefit behind these relationships is trust.

As your clients will not know where the services came from and they will be pleased with the outcome of all the experts. 

Such as graphic designers, techies etcetera so there shouldn’t really be any worry about how well work gets done when using this service!

You know your client’s goals inside and out, so it’s up to you to make sure that the White Label Web Development Agency is on their A-game. 

This includes making sure all your client’s requests, needs, wants, and desires are being heard by the White Label Web Development Agency. 

You are basically making sure they have a website that follows your client’s branding guidelines as well as takes into account how easy or difficult updating will be. 

You are your client’s ‘go-to’, so relationship building and hand-holding are your jobs. 

Now there are White Label Web Development Agencies who will do some hand-holding for you. 

Many of these agencies take into account that their client (you) may have absolutely no background in web development. 

Many White Label Web Development Agencies are more than happy to directly deal with and answer questions that your clients have, to make things run smoother on both ends.

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You Get The Best Of The Best In Expertise.

When looking for new hires at any company but especially those in digital marketing or tech-based industries such as robotics engineering or software development.

It makes sense that millennials would be among your first considerations. 

For these companies specifically, you want someone equipped not only with some solid experience under their belt but also a wealth of knowledge about what’s trending. 

One of the most critical aspects when it comes to a successful White Label Web Development Agency is they have top talent. 

A team comprising both seasoned professionals with proven track records and young whizzes who come armed with fresh ideas, energy, and are themselves voracious consumers of the latest social media platforms can create one seriously powerful combination!

These professionals have a diverse array of skills and expertise to deliver the best content for their clients. 

They are able to offer both graphic design services as well as SEO advertising, making them invaluable when it comes to getting your business where you want it in today’s highly competitive marketplace. 

You’ll find the best industry experts working on your client’s projects without undertaking any of their hassles.

Creating Better Value For Your Agency 

Hiring a White Label Web Development Agency can help you take on more ambitious projects and expand your revenue.

There will be a solid focus on the strategic innovation needed to deliver more value for clients. 

Hiring an expert takes care of all those pesky web development tasks that might distract from bigger goals in business-like strategy or product design.

It’s not enough to think about just the present when it comes to business. 

You need a plan for tomorrow, and that starts with considering what may happen in your future so you can avoid having too much of an emotional response if something big goes wrong. 

That means taking on more risk by investing time into creative thinking now so those open spaces don’t start hurting productivity later down the line.

Creative brainstorming is all about expanding mindsets while reducing stress levels at work. 

This will help employees be able to provide high-quality services without breaking their heads over strategic advances or potential new service opportunities they should chase after immediately before someone else does!

Reach Your Goals.

With a white label web design agency partner, you can offer more than just key services. 

You’ll be able to confidently pitch these exceptional campaigns and the invaluable expertise with your other digital marketing offerings. 

Offering an array of different service options will help make sure that prospective clients know why their needs are best fulfilled by working with you as opposed to any one particular provider on its own.

It is your goal to provide the best digital marketing services for clients, and with a White Label Web Development Agency, you can do so. 

You are able to offer all of their client’s needs without having them go through different companies or face high prices! 

With a White Label Web Development Agency, they will provide your clients with quality websites. 

Having these resources makes it easier for the agency because all of your client needs are met in one place which makes both parties happier and less stressed about what tasks need completing next. 

This will definitely bring in the income and help you reach your agency goals and new levels of success.

Disney Plus on TV Big screen

20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic are the few top-notch exclusive quality content along with a few upcoming originals like Disney Plus Movies and even TV Shows. Loci’s first-ever show on the platform created history with huge viewers at any single point in time. Why waste any more seconds, and shift to the most happening Over The Top(OTT) streaming services of all time.

Exclusive Disney Plus subscription Plans are quite simple and affordable. The monthly plan costs $7.99 and the yearly one costs you $79.99 with all content that no one can digest even on empty stomach. If you want to save more then we have many combos offers as well. Like ESPN Plus, Disney Plus and Hulu will cost you $13.99 for a month, saving $8 every month if you opt for this plan. There are more such plans in the market you can opt for any legal plan that can suit your need.

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Steps to enjoy the best OTT content on your big screen and with your family and friends

  • To begin Disney Plus on Smart TV Visit or
  • Open the latest version of the Disney plus application on your smart TV. Or if you have various streaming devices such as Xbox, Apple TV, Mi TV etc. the application is supported by many platforms. Just make sure that you are using the latest Operating System and that of the application.
  • Any genuine casting devices can also be used to accomplish the goal.
  • There is an option of opting out of the Bundled offers if you purchased one, once you opt out and want to use the options that you left again. You have to simply log in again to continue the services.
  • All you have to
  • When you have selected the plan and paid for it using your payment method, like Credit, Debit Card, or any other way you feel like.
  • You are then requested to authenticate the code or One Time Password (OTP) that you get on your registered phone number or registered email, with the TV application, means the TV and Phone Application must be in sync.
  • You are all set to enjoy the most premium and exclusive content on the planet.
  • Keep this in mind that there is no refund policy. So, make sure that you are extracting all you can from the each penny used purchasing the plan.

One account can be shared among many, by creating many user profiles, those can be your friends or your family members.

Best Wix Referral Networks in 2021

This article is about the best Wix referral networks. These networks are designed to help website owners and marketers get their projects done faster by utilizing the incredible power of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Referral Networks can be an excellent way for users to find new clients and gain new customers who may not know about you yet. Some of these networks offer incentives for referring others, and some allow you to share your referral’s profits with them!

OSI Affiliate Software 

OSI Affiliate Software is also known as one of the best referral marketing software on the internet. Referral marketing is a subset of affiliate marketing in which company affiliates receive commissions for referring a potential customer to another company.

Typically, the affiliate will send an email to their leads about the offer and provide links or offers that recipients can redeem. The commission is usually given for sales made by referred customers but doesn’t have to be limited in this manner. This business promotion model has been used since 1997, although it’s now heavily utilized in digital promotions through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Referral bonuses are often built into e-commerce sites with virtual rewards points that allow site users to get rewards from the website.


With Refersion, it is your friends and family that refer you. You need a new marketing plan and content paradigm if you want to reach people who might be less inclined to complete the process themselves.

Refersion brings awareness to the hundreds of millions of members in these communities by using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. The goal here is to generate more trust with potential customers because they know someone they hold in high regard would have recommended their services or products.


Savyour Affiliate Partner

Referral marketing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of online marketing. A referral product partner program like Savvyour Affiliate Partner is a way to get your audience to promote your business for you, with a program that manages the billing and credit card information.

It’s been shown that customers are prepared to spend more on products when they know other people who can vouch for them and payments. Save your Affiliate Partner provides tools such as banners, buttons, and widgets to help their referrers get more rewards. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a service for online marketers that lets you sell other people’s products and services through your affiliate link.

PostAffiliatePro will rotate the names of the vendors and products you are promoting on your site regularly. You can also add bylines to each item that describes why it’s excellent, so the visitors can get to know what each product has in store for them before they click on it. 

Post Affiliates Pro would benefit every internet marketer because there are always new offers coming out. Only a handful of merchants get their hands on first – and when they do, they often have restricted capacity or higher costs per sale than what one would find with more established brands.

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GrowthHero is an online platform that connects leaders, founders, and executives with highly qualified mentors who help them get the most out of their startups. They’re committed to helping their customers achieve their life-long goals, whether they are a business founder or just starting their careers.

Membership on Growth Hero allows you to choose a mentor from their community of world-class experts in different fields. Your advisor will provide unmediated support for everything you need, from coaching and counseling to technical assistance and introductions to business partners, all for one low monthly fee, delivered through an easy-to-use interface that feels like text messaging!

Sales Team

Sales Team refers customers to a company. Then the company rewards sales individuals by giving them commission or points that they can use towards future purchases with that company as consumers.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it–companies are spending a lot of time and money on marketing campaigns and customer acquisition. Yet, it is still challenging to generate new business. Meanwhile, their employees have access to an enormous network of potential customers through daily interactions at work; all they needed was some encouragement and incentive (cash) to act on their real power–their network. 

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360º Referral Program Suite

360º Referral Program Suite is a suite of apps and tools that will help you create, manage, automate and track your referral programs for ultimate success in the competitive market. You can refer friends using any platform or device at any time while still receiving positive visibility for all referrals sent from those profiles.

Referral marketing programs are a great way to increase sales by empowering customers to sell more like Drum Set Lab was able to do. Customers are now introduced to new developments in an organic manner, with fewer barriers that might turn them off. They see how it’s different from what they’re used to using, usually paid to advertise. The best thing about this type of marketing is that people share their love with your company making it authentic.

Pongo Affiliate

Pongo Affiliate is a referral marketing service that helps online stores get publicity in social media, build their email list and generate more sales.

Working with big influencers on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram mean you reach their audience of millions who see your product for free without ever clicking through to a competitor’s website. And because they trust the influencer’s opinion, you effortlessly dominate their feed, getting seen by an engaged audience before they even click your links to buy.

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Vwa. la 

Vwa. la is a company that provides referral marketing for Health and Beauty brands.

The average customer spends $700 when shopping at an online retailer like Amazon or Macy’s, which means the potential to earn money comes in large quantities, especially with long sales cycles. 

With Vwa. la, you can advertise your favorite brands and get rewarded for their success – without any upfront cost to you! You tell your friends about our site, they make purchases on your referral link or promotion code, and gives YOU a commission for that purchase. It is that easy.


ShareSomeFriends is a referral marketing site where you can use your friends, family, and fans to get customers for free.

ShareSomeFriends allows you to offer valuable incentives to referrers in exchange for spreading the word about your company. It’s an inexpensive way of building up a loyal customer base through strong interpersonal connections that have been tested by social proofing. It’s just another great way to build up our list of happy clients.

We get it; you’re a small business owner looking to grow your online presence. You want more customers and more sales for your products like Hunting Bow Lab but don’t have the time or resources for marketing your company. 

Wix has an answer for that with its referral network program, which allows businesses of any size to tap into new customer leads and referrals from other companies on their platform. 

The best part? It doesn’t cost anything! If you’re interested in tapping into this great opportunity, comment below. 

Integration Testing in Software Testing

Integration testing is regarded as the kind of QA services in which different software modules get integrated logically, after which it gets tested as the group. The typical software project comprises different software modules, which are coded by various programmers. The ultimate objective of this kind of testing is exposing and finding different defects within the interactions between such software modules as they are integrated.

 The integration testing is known to check the data communication among such modules. You are sure to reap a lot of benefits as you opt for integration testing. First, it assures that different integrated modules work properly, catering to the needs. The integration tester begins testing with the availability of the modules which need to be tested. 

It is known to diagnose different errors related to the specific interface present between different modules. It is useful to the modules in interacting with APIs and different third-party tools. It is known to cover the system’s large volume. Hence, it is considered to be more efficient. It enhances the test coverage, thereby improving the test reliability.

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Reasons to execute integration testing

Though every software module is unit tested, different defects exist for different reasons. The module gets designed by the individual software developer, who has a unique programming logic and understanding, which is different from other programmers. The integration testing has become the need of the hour as it helps in verifying and validating the software modules, thereby working in unity. 

During the module development time, there are chances that there is a change in the needs of the clients. Such new requirements are not unit testing. Owing to this, integration testing becomes crucial. The software modules interface along with the database might prove to be erroneous. The lack of exception handling might result in different problems.

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Kinds of integration testing

There are different kinds of integration testing, which include Big Bang Integration testing, Top-down integration testing, Incremental integration testing, Bottom-up integration testing, sandwich integration testing, to name a few.

Speaking of the Big Bang Integration Testing, as different modules get tested and developed individually, they get integrated at once, after which they get tested. The best thing about this kind of testing is that it is considered to be the ideal option for smaller systems. The incremental testing is executed as two different modules which are logically related get connected.

At the later time, the modules get added and tested to ensure the prerequisite functionality. It is accomplished as the modules are tested and integrated in a successful manner. It is further categorized as Bottom-up approach, top-down approach, and sandwich approach.

In the top-down integration testing, you need to test different topmost modules, after which you should move to the modules lowest set at once. The testing begins from top to down after following the software system’s control flow. 

There are chances that the lower-level modules are not developed. During the testing of different modules, we should make the right use of different stubs in the ready modules. Speaking of the simpler apps, the stubs require returning the control to the specific supreme modules. On the other hand, complicated apps require simulating a vast array of responses.

There are different benefits of integration testing. It involves the detection of the crucial design flaws at an early phase. The critical modules of the integration testing should be tested upon priority. In addition to this, it is essential that the studs are written in reduced time than the drivers. The test product is known to be really constant. The fault localization becomes really easy with the execution of the integration testing.

The bottom-up integration testing involves testing the least app units, after which it moves one after one upwards. The testing is going to take place from the control flow bottom part to the upward direction. There are chances that the higher-level modules are not developed, by the time, at which different lower modules get tested. 

In these cases, we require simulating the missing module’s functionality with the aid of the drivers. Such drivers execute a wide assortment of tasks, like passing test data, receiving output data, and invoking the module under the prerequisite test. One of the primary benefits of this kind of testing is that it allows the execution of testing and development, which assures that the product is highly efficient. In addition to this, it facilitates hassle-free test conditions.

If you intend to avoid the limitations and reap the benefits of the bottom-up and top-down approach, you should make sure to opt for the integration testing’s hybrid approach. It is also referred to as mixed integration testing or sandwich integration testing. 

The system gets viewed as the three primary layers. The primary target layer remains in the middle, whereas the other layer is present on the target layer. The last layer, on the other hand, is present under the target layer.

 It will help if you remember that the Bottom-up approach is an effective choice for the layer, coming to the middle from the Bottom. The top-down approach is considered to be a suitable choice to the middle layer from the upper part. The big bang approach is known to be the prerequisite option for modules present within the middle.

It is possible to execute the Bottom-up and top-down testing techniques after each other or parallel. It is believed to be a suitable choice for massive projects and large enterprises, which have a bunch of different subprojects. Integration testing involves testing different individual components, after which it assesses the app’s performance. 

Such components are known to be combined to understand different modules operated as the singular unit. The Integration testing approach depends on the modules testing, starting after which it continues towards the specific lower levels. Integration testing is considered to be an integral part of the software testing life cycle.

GUTENTOR – Gutenberg Based Page Builder

Gutentor is one of the best and amazing WordPress Page Building Gutenberg Blocks collections. It is a Gutenberg Based Page Builder that comes with unlimited ways to design a webpage. Gutentor is designed for building a professional elegant website using the new WordPress editor easily without coding knowledge. Using Gutentor, a page builder can experience advanced capabilities and elegant design that has never been seen before on any Page Builder. 

Gutentor reached out to the Gutenberg editor with different beautiful blocks. The blocks can be switched later to build and design your dream web pages with only a few clicks. This feature helps to create and to design the content very flexibly. It helps to reduce the limitations of any page builder and helps to add boundless possibilities so that the user can build any kind of website. Gutentor has been built by experts with all the necessary customization features for blocks to accomplish any possible layout and design of web-page content with Gutenberg block editor. Gutentor helps to design any type of website, whether basic or simple, just as simple as a few clicks.

Gutentor Team has introduced Gutenberg Templates to kick start your project, simply import pre-designed templates and change content and image to build a website instantly.

Gutentor is a highly optimized plugin. It is lightweight and is optimized for performance.  In this plugin, both External or Internal CSS files for dynamic CSS are introduced for enhancement.

New Features on Gutentor

  • Comes with webpage building blocks 
  • Highly Optimized and Faster site load
  • SEO friendly and helps your web page rank in search engines
  • Comes with One-click Demo Templates Library for ready-made templates and blocks
  • Faster learning and Designing Experience
  • Extremely simple and ready to use
  • Consists of a repeater field to create items inside blocks with drag and drop reorder, edit, delete options
  • Highly customizable row/columns options available for passionate designers
  • Consists of  advanced options on each block including HTML Tag, Background, Border, Box-shadow, Margin-Padding, Svg shape divider, and built-in animations
  • Block Template module on each block and Single block multiple design Template
  • Individual elements come with full styling options
  • Highly responsive with major electronic devices
  • Consists of Advanced Typography Options which includes all available google fonts and systems fonts
  • Includes Video background Options
  • Highly Optimized and is Performance focused
  • Includes Inline, Internal or External CSS files for dynamic CSS

While you employ Template Library features of Gutentor, Gutentor collects screenshots, images, and templates(demo) JSON files from Gutentor Demo Library, and after your template library images, links are from the external site. You have to vary the pictures after you import templates and blocks. This helps you to import templates easily You should accept terms and privacy to use Gutentor Template Library Features.

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What is different about Gutentor?

  • Consists of Dynamic Columns and Advanced Columns
  • Comes with Gutentor Elements,Gutentor Modules,Gutentor Posts,Gutentor Terms (New),and Gutentor Widgets
  • Consists of 100+ ready-made Templates and Blocks to free import
  • Highly Impressive slider and carousel
  •  Responsive and SEO friendly
  • JS/CSS Framework only loads if the block is familiar on the post and page
  • Comes with top quality support service

Gutentor Blocks are classified into 5 different types:

1.Gutentor Elements

  • Advanced Text
  • Button
  • Counter
  • Divider
  • Google Map
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Advanced List
  • Pricing
  • Progress Bar
  • Rating
  • Simple Text
  • Video Popup

2.Gutentor Modules

  • Advanced Columns
  • Button Group
  • Carousel
  • Container/Cover
  • Dynamic Columns
  • Slider
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Icon Group
  • Form Wrapper
  • Gallery
  • Filter
  • Quote
  • Table of Contents

3.Gutentor Post (Post Type)

  • Post (Type) Feature
  • Advanced Post (Type)
  • Post (Type) Carousel
  • Post (Type) News Ticker
  • Duplex Post (Type)

4.Gutentor Terms

  • Term (Category)
  • Term (Category) Feature
  • Term (Category) Carousel

5. Gutentor Widgets

  • About Widget
  • Accordion Widget
  • Advanced Columns Widget
  • Advanced List Widget
  • Author Profile Widget
  • Post Widget
  • Call to Action Widget
  • Content Widget
  • Countdown Widget
  • Counter Widget
  • Featured Widget
  • Gallery Widget
  • Google Map Widget
  • Icon Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Image Slider Widget
  • Notification Widget
  • Opening Hours Widget
  • Pricing Widget
  • Progress Bar Widget
  • Restaurant Menu Widget
  • Social Links Widget
  • Show More Widget
  • Tabs Widget
  • Team Widget
  • Testimonial Widget
  • Timeline Widget
  • Video Popup Widget

1. Gutentor Elements

Gutentor elements are explicated to use inside the Gutentor Modules. But these elements can be used anywhere on your editor. Gutentor elements are regarded as a small part of Gutenberg that comes with design options, combining gutentor elements you’ll be able to move up to the elegant blocks, sections, and page.

Advanced Text:  Insert text with modern options.

Button: Evokes visitors to take action with attractive buttons.

Counter: Fits an animated number to display the counter number.

Divider: Graphically distinguish sections with divider using SVG shape or border.

Google Map: Helps to display a Google Map on your website with Google Map API.

Icon: Insert an icon to signify the text.

Image: Insert an image to create value on the content.

Advanced List: Represent the paragraphs in the tabbed method.

Pricing: Insert the pricing to display the price of the product.

Progress Bar: Showcase the advancement of the work in an animated form.

Rating: Insert the rating element to showcase the rating from 1-5 stars.

Simple Text: Insert text with minimal but major options.

Video Popup: Insert video on your webpage

2. Gutentor Modules

Gutentor modules are designed and developed in such the simplest way that you just can construct a more complex structure on your web in an exceedingly simple way. Most of the gutentor modules are made up of gutentor elements or used as a vessel of gutentor elements.

Advanced Columns: Insert new/modern columns to make customizable columns within the page.

Button Group: Insert button group and add limitless buttons.

Carousel: Put the carousel column and add elements inside the columns.

Container/Cover: Insert the whole block of one container on the page.

Dynamic Columns:  insert dynamic columns to put in boundless columns with advanced options.

Slider: Put on a slider with modern options which enable you to add any elements within the slide like text, image, button, video, and every one gutentor element.

Accordion: Accordion Module enables to design of Accordion ( Collapse ) Items and tacks any Gutentor Elements on Accordion Body. Accordion Panel ( Heading ) is made with Texts and Icons including different design options. 

Tabs: Enables you to create both vertical and horizontal beautiful and advanced tabs and add any Gutentor Element within the Tab Body. 

Icon Group: Insert many icons within the Icon Group and make social profile links and icon designs using icons.

Form Wrapper: Form Wrapper is designed and developed to use Contact Form shortcode. It enables you to design Form Input Field, Textarea, and Button consistent with your needs.

Gallery: Advanced gallery block that enables you to add any Gutentor Elements as gallery content. It also allows customizing the popup content as image and video.

Filter: Filter block uses Module Gallery block as an inner block. It consists of all features with added primary/secondary filters, items, and searches. 

Quote (New): Quote is the collection of elements that make a beautiful quote design.

Table of Contents (New): Table of Contents(TOC makes it easier to access large contents of a post/page including all the headings.

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3. Gutentor Post(Post Types)

The Gutentor posts category is a collection of blocks associated with WordPress posts and post types. The post block is developed in a way that you simply can create every possible design from post and post types for FREE!!!

  • Perfect to make Blog, News and Magazine Sites
  • Perfect to make WooCommerce Shop, your Online Store
  • Perfect to make Easy Digital Downloads Store
  • Create any Post or Post Type related Design
  • Gutenberg Block in Gutentor Post

Post (Type): Display Blog Post with an inventory and grid view with a special template. Command each block of blog-post like feature image, title, excerpt, meta elements with advanced options, and sort elements.

Post (Type) Feature: – Showcase your Blog Article Post with a beautiful design template. Currently, we’ve 38 unique and wonderful templates available with advanced design options. you’ll create a vast number of stunning blog section designs for your site and customize them as per your need. This block module is specially made for the blog, news, or magazine sites.

Advanced Post (Type): – Advanced Post (Type) is a combination of many blocks like Post (Type), Post Header, and Post Footer. Post Header might be the template combination of Gutentor Simple Text, Term Filter and Navigation. Similarly, Post Footer may be a template combination of Gutentor Simple Text, Term Filter, Pagination, Navigation, and cargo more button. This module is the most advanced block we’ve ever built, try it out and control each element.

Post (Type) Carousel: – Post (Type) Carousel uses Post (Type) as an inner block. You’ve got all Post (Type) options on Post (Type) Carousel with added Advanced Carousel Options. Since we are using the framework Slick Carousel, we’ve added the most possible and useful options associated with the Slick Carousel. Create a gorgeous and unique Post Carousel using our Post (Type) Carousel.

Post (Type) News Ticker: – News Ticker is extremely important for Magazine and News Site. To create a news ticker module on Gutentor, we’ve developed and designed our own jQuery library AcmeTicker. It includes all major and useful options to make News Ticker unique and delightful.

Duplex Post (Type): – This module allows you to style your post in two alternative ways – Feature Post and Normal Post. you’ll use Feature Post design in a method and Normal Post in another way; post design is going to be more beautiful with this Duplex Post (Type).

4. Gutentor Terms

Term (Category): It is almost like a Post (Type) block but in Term (Category) you’ll design any term with a beautiful design.

Term (Category) Feature: – Consists of 38 unique and amazing templates to display your Category and Term almost like Post (Type) Feature. It is very useful to blogs, magazines, and E-commerce sites.

Term (Category) Carousel: – Term (Category) Carousel Block uses Term (Category) as an inner block. You can find almost every option to customize your Term (Category) Carousel.

5. Gutentor Widgets

Gutentor widgets are known as independent blocks. It is a convenient way to create your site sections and blocks. Gutentor widgets include already defined elements.

About Widget:  About block lets, you add titles, photos, descriptions, and buttons to design the about section of your web page. 

Accordion Widget: The accordion block is designed and developed to have collapsible rows to hide or open any content on the page. Also, it is used for FAQs and other informative messages.

Advanced List Widget: The Block helps to represent list items with default HTML list, icon, or image with column and other advanced options.

Author Profile Widget: The author Profile block has been built y for displaying the detailed description of certain authors.

Post Widget: It is used to display a collection of posts with different settings related to post items.

Call to Action Widget: Call to Action block enables users to set a lovely form to make your website interactive and share information between the company and visitors.

Content Widget: Content Block is used to preset plain title, content, and button without image and icon.

Countdown Widget: The countdown block is useful for setting a countdown feature on your website. And is extremely helpful for any event show-related website.

Counter Widget: Counter Block consists of the facts and figures related to any product, item, or product with cool animation, features, and many more amazing templates.

Featured Widget: The Featured block showcases a large section with a photo, title, description, and button. It is mainly used in the header part of the site.

Gallery Widget: The Gallery Block enables a user to create a fascinating gallery of images with a caption to showcase images of portfolio, services, or products.

Google Map Widget: Google Map Block lets users display the location of an organization, company, or any place. This helps your visitors to know where your company is exactly located.

Icon Widget: Icon Block is used to represent any icon of any sort of product on your site.

Image Widget: The Image Block is generated to showcase information with an image standard and advanced. Also, you can add a title, description, and button along with the image.

Image Slider Widget: The Image Slider Block shows an amazing slider with an image, title, description, and a button that can be changed accordingly by available features and functionalities.

Notification Widget: The Notification Block is used to showcase different types of notification like Success, Error, Warning, or Information notification with many options.

Opening Hours Widget: The Opening Hours Block explains details related to the opening schedule of any organization or any place.

Pricing Widget: The Pricing Block represents the pricing details of any product or service on your website. 

Progress Bar Widget: The progress bar block is developed to enable the user to make a customizable bar and/or circle progress counter to represent percentage values.

Restaurant Menu Widget: The Restaurant Menu Block is designed especially for users building websites in restaurants or cafes and is also used for preparing online menus.

Social Links Widget: The Social Links Block helps the user to display the social networks page on a webpage with different templates and many features.

Show More Widget: The Show More Block allows the user to display less text of the content and after clicking the show more button, it will display the full content.

Tabs Widget: The Tabs Block enables users to show content in a fully tabbed UX which consists of title, description, and buttons with many templates.

Team Widget: Team Block users can make an amazing and sophisticated team section where the team members of their company can be represented professionally.

Testimonial Widget: The Testimonial Block is used to showcase the feedback given by your user which helps site visitors to trust your services and products.

Timeline Widget: The Timeline Block is used to represent the user information or events in chronological order with different styles.

Video Popup Widget: The Video Popup Block is used to display video from YouTube, Vimeo link or custom uploaded video in popup mode with several styles. It comes with advanced video control options.

Final Word

To sum up, Gutentor is one of the incredible plugins for creating the website of your dreams. Gutentor comes with all the necessary features and is very easy to use.

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

Outsourcing is one of the common aspects of business development. Outsourcing can greatly improve a business. This is one of the essential elements entrepreneurs should understand. For a business to be successful, you need to understand the tasks that will complete external and internal skills. These tasks in the form of outsourcing can make a great difference in every business. They can also change the industry’s growth. An outsourcing policy is what you need for a prosperous business building. However, before outsourcing, consider realizing the benefits of game development outsourcing. Here are 5 discussed advantages of outsourcing game development.

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 Any developer or entrepreneur should always find critical ways of saving money. Finding the perfect reason for outsourcing is by developing your game cost-effectively. This will help you cut on some of the less essential expenses, for example using cheaper labor. Also, for effective work, you need to ensure you have a better working environment. Moreover, instead of overspending on hiring resources, consider using the available resources to make a drastic change to your organization. 

Introducing an outsource to your organization can help deliver better work. You can choose to outsource your resources for a minimal time to quit hiring. The challenges that come with hiring are that people have experience on different levels. This makes it hard to deliver quality work on their first day at work. With outsourcing game development, you can easily expand your organization. Additionally, you can outsource some specialists to help you develop your business. Having developers in your team, it is probable they will be overworking on different projects, bringing delays. However, to cut this off, you will need to assign a proficient team for a specified project to prevent delays. 

Time Consuming

Most businesses, especially the small ones, always have the urge to complete most tasks on time. These may include creating products, marketing, building a loyal following, and creating and improving their products. All these aspects need your total attention while still managing your commercial entities. Making tangible achievements in business and witnessing its rapid growth, you will need to free up your time. A developed business might be challenging to run, especially when you are glued to most of the activities. 

Game development outsourcing will help you free up your busy time, allowing you to focus more on self-establishment. With sourcing, you will have quality time to take responsibility for your administrative duties. Also, it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your resources and energy. Generally, you will have enough time to create new business ideas and market them to the targeted groups. 

Increased professionalism

Competition has become the new norm in the business world. This means that professionalism is one thing that will save you from pulling out of the game. Having a skilled team of workers will also give you the reason to stay active in the business. However, the question many entrepreneurs ask is what can be done to keep them glued in business. For increased professionalism in business, you need outsourcing. Outsource game development increases the competition level among your clients, which prevents them from making sacrifices. Also, consider hiring an individual with a high level of skills and experience in game development. With knowledgeable people around, you can easily dodge common mistakes. 

 Like the outsourcing companies, you as an individual entrepreneur need to raise your standards to prevent you from falling. The outsourcing organizations have had their share of challenges. But they’ve ensured that they stay up to the latest development to remain the best. Having a business that trends to date is one of the greatest achievements that prove the worthiness of outsourcing game development.

Risk Management

In businesses, there must be risks. These risks help you realize the loopholes in your field of development. This is one of the essential times you need to put your attention on your business. Having experienced game developers in these times can be of great importance. Introducing game development outsourcing in your business on time will help prevent the problems from getting worse. As outsourcing allows you to come up with great developers as per your requirement, it will help minimize your management’s risks.

Having fewer risks in your business depends on how you carry your activities. Also, the developers you introduce to your business. With professional developers that come with outsourcing, you can make a great change in your organization.  

Market Expansion

Business is one of the greatest things that one would love to get involved with, especially when earning a living. Everything might seem easy, from getting great developers to creating quality projects. However, the main challenge many entrepreneurs face is marketing. How you market your products matters a lot. Also, the targeted group will determine if your projects will include sales out. Every business person would love to see the hard work put into the projects sailing through. This is why you need to seek tangible alternatives to expand your market.

You can consider different options to bring light to your products, i.e., marketing strategy and engaging external developers. When you work closely with external developers, you can easily get a new market. Also, you can learn the thing you are required to attract a greater audience. However, if you are competing with other game developers in marketing, consider seeking other means. In a competitive business environment, you need to have everything planned to outsmart your competitors. In this case, consider game development outsourcing. This will help you increase your product’s quality and reduce the marketing expenditure. 

Final Thoughts

Business companies and organizations that chose to introduce outsourcing game development have positive thoughts to share. Outsourcing will help you run a successful business, and this is why you need to consider them as your scapegoat. Save your money, prevent risks, expand your market, and improve your working time with outsourcing game development services. Making perfect decisions is what it takes to raise up as a successful business person. By choosing this app development, you would have cleared every business mistake, leaving with a conducive environment to work in.

Top 5 Reasons That Make WordPress The Most User-Friendly CMS

The most popular CMS till date is undoubtedly WordPress. It is an open-source platform to create any kind of a website. It is free to use, better SEO-friendly, and offers a wide range of themes and plugins to create a beautiful website.

In this article, I will be covering the top 5 reasons to choose WordPress over other Content Management System (CMS) platforms. 

What is a CMS?

A content management system is a platform that helps create a website with less or no coding skills. With no CMS, websites were and are created using programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or PHP. 

Not everyone can learn a programming language and create a website on their own. This encourages users to hire a WordPress developer and invest a lot of money. 

A CMS like WordPress is also built using PHP language, but the user doesn’t need to write any line of code. 

Some other WordPress alternatives available in the market are Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Squarespace, BigCommerce, and more.

With so many CMS available, why should you choose WordPress, and what makes it different from others?

So, let us learn more about WordPress and the reasons to choose it over other CMS platforms. 

What is WordPress?

While searching on the internet for WordPress, do not get confused between and is what we are talking about in this article. It is the best CMS used by almost 30% of the websites hosted anywhere around the world. That’s a huge benchmark for any CMS. 

The top bloggers around the world use WordPress to monetize their blog and make money online. 

There are so many free tools available to create a content, table, and insert images, and videos. You can change the font size, color and customize the whole website in a few clicks. 

You can not only create a blog, but also create an online store and start selling anything. 

The only thing required to get started with WordPress is a domain name and WordPress hosting. If you have both, you can install WordPress at one-click via hosting control panel like SeekaPanel. Once you login to your WordPress dashboard, you can install a free theme and plugins. 

You can start creating posts, or pages, and publish at one-click. There are so many reasons that make WordPress way better than other CMS. To keep this article readable & time-saving, let us look at the top 5 reasons. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress Over Other CMS

Easy to Use

What use is a CMS if it doesn’t let you make changes easily to your website? WordPress offers an easy to use interface that helps you create and manage anything on your website. 

You can quickly create a post or a page, edit, and then publish after previewing the content. 

The best part is that you don’t need to hire a professional to manage your website. It is so flexible and simple, that you can manage it on your own by watching tutorials. So, whether it is your dream blog or an eCommerce site, you can create & manage seamlessly with no coding skills required.

WordPress gives you flexibility by creating user roles. If you are the admin, you can assign different roles to your team with access to only a particular section of your site.

Don’t worry about the language. If you want other languages along with English, you can have that too. 

Simply install a WordPress plugin to create a multilingual website so visitors can view your site in native language. Imagine if you had to write lines of code to translate your site in different languages. WordPress has made it simpler for everyone to create a website they desire. 

You can keep juggling around by testing different plugins for customizing your site. You will see that in minutes, you will get well-versed with the platform.

WordPress developers contribute on this platform with different plugins like WooCommerce, and more. Before installing any plugin, keep in mind to check whether the plugin is tested for the latest WordPress version. 

Security and Control

Security is the most important factor when it comes to websites. As websites accept online payments, customer information should be safe and secure. Other than that, login should also be secured.

If your site is prone to hacking and vulnerability, then you will incur a big loss. Customers will leave your site and the bounce rate will be huge. 

WordPress is a secure platform and allows users with enhanced security features. You can protect your website with password and two-factor authentication. 

Free SSL certificates not only protects your website information but also enhances SEO. 

You can install and activate SSL at one-click with free SSL plugins. Once SSL is activated, you can see a padlock on the website. SSL establishes a secure connection between the server and your site.

Unlike other CMS like Shopify, WordPress gives you freedom to control everything on your site. You will never feel stuck as there are plugins for making your tasks easier. 

If you don’t want visitors to copy your site data, you can install a plugin for that too. You can spam comments and make your site spam-free. 

Unlike Shopify that provides its own hosting, you are free to choose a web hosting for WordPress. You can transfer all the data to another web hosting provider by taking backup. For taking manual and automatic backups, you can use the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Bloggers and affiliate marketers choose WordPress to earn online due to its security and flexibility.

SEO Optimized

SEO is a crucial factor and cannot be neglected. To get massive traffic to your WordPress site, SEO plays a vital role. WordPress offers free SEO tools to create SEO optimized sites. 

Instead of free WordPress themes and plugins, you should consider paid ones.  Premium WordPress themes like MyThemeShop offer SEO features that lets search engines recognize each part of your WP site.

For WP posts, you can use Yoast SEO which is a widely used SEO plugin. The plugin allows you to test your site with suggestions and turn the red light into green. The plugin shows whether the article is readable or not. It also tells you if the sentence length is too wide or if there are any grammatical mistakes.

With Yoast SEO, you can analyze your site for targeted keywords and change the meta description. You do not need any technical skills or coding, and within minutes you can learn SEO.

WordPress already takes care of site SEO, you just need to put a little effort into making it better and more accurate.

Customize Freely

Customizing a WordPress site is as easy as Installing it. As already discussed, there are plenty of plugins to help you customize the site the way you want. No coding skills required, simply choose the plugin for the functionality you need, and install it. 

Once the plugin gets installed, you can go to the plugin settings, and customize the parameters. 

Let’s say you want to grab visitors’ information like email address and phone number. You can use a contact form plugin like WPForms or Contact Form7. 

To customize the landing page, you can install Elementor Pro page builder. Elementor Pro offers 100+ widgets and elements to give a professional look and attract more visitors. 

Similarly there are plugins for WooCommerce that help you customize the cart, products, etc.

A pool of over 50,000+ plugins can be found in the WordPress directory. This is huge and more than any of its competitors like Joomla or Drupal. 

There is a great selection of templates in any niche that are mobile-responsive. Simply watch the demo, and then install the theme at one-click.

For WooCommerce, WordPress allows users to integrate payment gateways like RazorPay, CashFree, and more. This allows users to accept payments online via Visa, MasterCard, Wallets, and more.

To check your site performance, it allows you to integrate Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, you can analyze your site and identify from where you are getting more visitors.

Plans & Pricing

WordPress is free to use with free plugins and themes. Some free plugins come with limited features & resources. To get premium support and features, you need to purchase premium themes & plugins. 

The source code is free, so you can easily edit if you have coding knowledge of CSS & HTML. With WordPress, you can save a lot and invest more in purchasing the right theme and plugins. 

The only basic requirement is to have a domain name and web hosting. A domain name can cost you around $10/year and web hosting could be around $2.5/month. There are so many popular web hostings like BlueHost, WPEngine, Kinsta, and more. Choose a hosting as per your budget and the features you are looking for.


WordPress has become more than a blogging platform for millions around the world.

In this article, we covered the top 5 reasons to choose WordPress over other Content Management System (CMS) platforms.

Whether you want to create a blog, dropshipping store, or sell your own products, you can easily do so with WordPress.

Is there anything we missed out?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section and let our visitors learn more about WordPress and its popularity.