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6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Social Media in 2021

Nowadays, social media is excellent through which you can carry great traffic to your blog or business website. Today, there are numerous such organizations and sites. They are totally subject to social media to direct people to their sites and to develop their business.

The quantity of worldwide social media users is huge and is expected to become bigger, every year. So, presently you can envision the amount you can develop your blog or business with the assistance of online media.

Be that as it may! Getting individuals to your blog or business page through social media is a tad interesting. If you don’t think regarding how to draw in a crowd and change them into your audience or client.

Let us take a look at how to increase social media traffic. With the help of these tips, you can carry traffic to your blog or business site with the assistance of social media.

Tips to Drive more traffic from Social Media

In case, you are simply entering the social media world for your business, and if you don’t have a lot of ideas regarding how to draw in a crowd or assemble a social media profile, then, it’s alright.

Not every person knows this as of now. But rather, now you need to begin and get familiar with all the things about social media, assuming you need to develop your business.

Here we go and check out 5 unique routes through which you can develop traffic to your business page with the assistance of social media.

Know when your audience is active

If you don’t perceive and make posts when your crowd is active, you will fire off blanks. You will create predictable posts via social media and still get appalling collaboration from your adherents. After settling on what to post to get the interest of your audience, know when to post them. The best time is known as the peak period.

To decide your crowd’s peak period, you need to do some examination. Post your site links on various occasions during the day and focus on the occasions you had the most participation. This will most likely be your crowds’ peak period. A while later, you can assemble your promotion strategies around this period. Then again, rather than physically doing this examination, some tools can assist with deciding your peak period. Essentially discover and use them.

Add relevant hashtags to your posts

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Hashtags are significant when you need to expand your brand’s reach and bring issues to light. They assist people who are not your supporters with your post all the more easily. So utilizing hashtags could assist you with boosting your social media traffic.

Notwithstanding, try to utilize hashtags that are pertinent to your brand and industry so you can draw in the right crowd.

Hashtags are more reasonable and applicable for informal organizations like Twitter and Instagram. Guarantee that you don’t overstuff your posts with an excessive number of hashtags. Utilize close to three hashtags per post on Twitter. Be that as it may, on Instagram, you can utilize around 30 hashtags in one post.

Additionally, recall to not utilize just the most famous hashtags as huge loads of others will utilize them. So it very well might be hard to acquire perceivability with those hashtags because of an undeniable degree of rivalry.

In any case, how might you discover hashtags?

To track down the most reasonable hashtags, you can rapidly check out the thing your rivals are utilizing. This will give you some point of view concerning which hashtags are working and which ones are not working.

You can likewise utilize hashtag generator tools to rapidly discover a list of applicable hashtags for any keywords. Another extraordinary hashtag technique is to make brand explicit or campaign explicit hashtags.

Thinking about what these are?

These are hashtags that either utilize your image name or mission name and are explicit to your image or mission. For instance, if you dispatch another item, you can utilize the product name as a hashtag for your whole launch campaign to promote the product.

It will assist intrigued purchasers with tracking down your social media posts and links on a purchase of that product. Hence driving social media traffic to your site.

Quizzes and contests

Utilizing social media tests and contests is an old stunt to drive crowd engagement and even increase more followers.

In any case, did you realize that you can utilize these to drive social media traffic to your site?

All things considered, you can. You can advance your contests via social media. Yet direct individuals to your site (generally a particular welcome page) to take an interest.

You can run an online contest easily to drive more traffic to your website through referrals and social shares.

Contests and giveaways give sufficient motivation to individuals to visit your site, perhaps fill a form, and partake.

Additionally, you can promote a test in your story or social media posts. Yet direct individuals to your site to finish it and see the outcomes.

Utilize strong and compelling CTAs

A strong call to action is possibly the best way of expanding social media traffic for your brand. Constantly finish your social media posts and videos with a solid CTA.

Regardless of whether you can’t add links in Instagram captions, you can request your crowd plays out specific activities like clicking on the link in your profile.

For stories, you can add “Swipe Up” or “Find out More” buttons and for live videos, you can stick a message and perhaps add a link that you need your crowd to click.

How you can add a CTA might vary by the content platform and format. But the key thing is to utilize CTAs with all your online media content. Fundamentally, direct your social media crowd to the subsequent step, assuming you need to drive online media traffic to your website.

Ensure you utilize a basic and clear call to action and that it really guides your crowd straightaway. For a much greater effect, utilize dynamic words and keep your CTAs short and direct.

Make your content easily shareable

If you go through the cycle of concocting splendid content on your site, individuals will get to see and access it. Be that as it may, the range of your content will be dictated by the number of individuals willing to impart it to other people.

The more offers you have, the better arrive at you’ll get. Accordingly, it will be irrational not to embed a social sharing tool.

Make it simple for your guests to share your content via social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. For example, Twitter. Embedding a click to tweet button can encourage a guest to impart your content. Hence, the link will coordinate any invested individual back to your site, expanding your traffic.

Additionally, urge your guests to share your content. Advise your guests to impart the post to their companions and followers toward the finish of each post.

Create visually appealing content

Unquestionably, visual content like pictures, videos, and so on produces a greater number of responses than texts. Along these lines, you invest more energy in making those. While sharing content from your site, focus on utilizing generally visual content with the goal that a potential guest can get intrigued.

Using social media, the visual content is more than multiple times bound to be shared. A follower will be more boosted to share your content via social media in case there is visual content.

Besides, when making your post on your site, utilize different visual content. Social media is a place where visual content is everything. This will be exhausted for a guest if they can’t track down something similar on your site.


There is no enchantment stunt to get traffic from social media to your site. There are simply straightforward steps that, when applied reliably, will yield the ideal outcomes. Each of the ideas above is a natural method for working on your site’s scope via social media. In any case, you can choose to attempt paid promotion in addition to the tips above. At the point when all fizzles, paid publicizing can support your conversion rate from social media to your site.

6 Must Use Shopify Apps to Engage, Influence & Convert Users

With the ease of the internet, people made a huge shift towards online marketing and purchase, and hence we witnessed a huge growth in eCommerce websites. And as businesses are establishing their online presence by building their online store, Shopify stands as one of the trusted CMS website building platforms to help businesses.

With over 800,000 merchants on the platform, Shopify boasts of a huge user base. However, another aspect that makes Shopify an amazing platform is its apps. Shopify apps help to add functionality to the website and, at the same time, enhance the beauty as well.

Due to such high competition, businesses use Shopify apps that help them capture the audience’s attention and eventually convert their visitors into their customers. Shopify app stores have around 3200 apps (source) that provide great help to businesses.

For your convenience, we list some of the best apps that can help you attract, engage, influence, and convert your customers. You can easily find these apps on the Shopify store, and with their easy usage, you can operate them like a pro.

6 Must Use Shopify Apps That Every Store Owner Should Own

#1 Instagram Feed + Tiktok by Tagembed 

How about sharing a social media feed on the website that increases the vibrancy of the website and at the same time provides social proof to your visitors. Sounds rewarding, right? And this is where the Tagembed Shopify app jumps in. Tagembed is a social media aggregator that helps you aggregate social media feeds from the desired source of your desired platform and then display them on your website. It brings the same magic to its Shopify app and helps you easily embed social media feeds on your Shopify store. 

It is compatible with 15+ social media platforms and provides a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to the screen type. You can use this app to show user-generated content related to your business on the website and engage your visitors. Moreover, you can also use the app to showcase your customer posts that act as social proof to your visitors. This social proof establishes your credibility and helps consumers in their purchase decision.

You can even integrate posts related to your business, so your visitors get a sneak into your social media presence, and it eventually strengthens your social presence and increases your brand recognition.

#2 Poptin – Exit Intent, Pop Ups and Email Forms

You might have huge web traffic, but that doesn’t mean you’re converting them well enough. To optimize conversion rate, you can use these not-so-secret-weapon, pop ups! Poptin is a free pop up builder that enables users to create engaging pop ups and embedded forms. They’re highly effective in converting visitors into leads, subscribers, and customers. You can create lightbox pop ups, overlays, video popups, pop up timer, and more, and add enticing offerings so you can add value to their cart and improve their overall shopping experience. 
With Poptin, it’s a lot easier to reduce shopping cart abandonment, generate leads, drive more email signups, interact with more visitors, and increase engagement. 

#3 Reviewbit

Reviewbit enables Shopify businesses to engage with clients after they’ve made a purchase through social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Businesses can collect feedback from each order by using instant messaging services to send an automatic review request. Assists businesses in providing prompt customer care for bad reviews and upselling their products to satisfied or loyal customers, as well as increasing sales by upselling and cross-selling products by sending offers and promo coupons while gathering feedback via chat platforms. This app helps merchants maintain existing consumers while also converting new clients into loyal ones. In comparison to other review collection platforms such as email, reviewbit guarantees a review collection conversion rate of more than 30%.

#4 Happy hours

One of the main techniques to attain sales is offering deals to the customers; it can be either sale, purchase offer, or any other strategy. But the most important part is that your customer gets to know about it and for that, you need good marketing and scheduler. And therefore, for that, the Shopify store provides your Happy hours Shopify app.

With happy hours you can create a custom sales campaign that attracts and converts customers. You can apply sales on a particular product, or create sales for a product type, automate price discounts, bulk edits, and more.

Sales and regular offers often please the consumers and encourage them to make their purchases. And with the help of this app, you convert your visitors into your customers as you can provide them discounts and offers. Moreover, the app is easy to use, and you can easily install it from the Shopify app store.

#5 Happy Whatsapp chat

Another major factor that can help you convert your customers and win their trust is customer support. Consumers even complain that businesses do not provide any contact details. 

And this is where Happy Whatsapp chat comes to the rescue. It helps your customers establish contact with your business. It provides instant customer support using Whatsapp live. So you resolve all customer support issues and develop a brand reputation. It allows unlimited WhatsApp calls and WhatsApp chats.

Moreover, you customize the widget as per your requirement and make appropriate modifications to match it to your website’s style. It setups in less than 60 seconds and also allows you to add a Call-To-Action button. Also, you don’t require any code to add your theme. You can even set online and offline hours and help your customers with any issue.

#6 Bundler

The main aim for any business is to achieve more sales and reach their desired business goals. Therefore, you can use the strategy of bulk discount to encourage consumers to purchase more products from your business, which eventually helps you attain more sales and increase your customer base.

You can use Bundler to provide some percentage of discount to your customers when they purchase some products together. For example, you can create a bundle with two products and provide a desired discount on the product. It eventually increases the average order value.

Also, it helps you to sell your popular product with your less popular products. And this can eventually increase your sales. Like the apps mentioned above, it is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that eases its operation.

#7 PageFly Landing Page Builder

Creating the first impression is very important for a business. For example, if you own an eCommerce website, it becomes more important that you positively impact the visitor as he visits your website. And this is where you can use this app. It helps you to build store pages based on the design in your mind. It is the best way to win customer’s attention and encourage them to purchase your brand.


Shopify is one of the main ECommerce website builders, and as you have much competition in the market. You need to have the edge over your competitors and establish your brand, and hence you can use Shopify apps for that purpose. The tools mentioned above are some of the best apps available on the store and help you reach your business goals.

Ecommerce SEO: How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

SEO has emerged as a crucial tool to improve traffic like organic traffic over the last couple of decades, helping reach a broader online market segment. It helps bring the scientific art of optimizing your website into reality. Therefore, helping employ specific keywords to rank better and higher in SERP, such as Google.

Optimizing your website ultimately transcribes to creating the best use of keywords for the target audience.

How to do that? Let’s dig in.

#1 Link Building:

Back-links will give your e-commerce platform get better rankings and genuine influence on the web arena. It is complicated and time-consuming for beginners, as these are off-page SEO. However, once you start investing in the practice, you will see positive link-building in no time.

Partner with positively established influencers or you can take advantage of social media influencer apps.

Get positive linking opportunities from broken links on the web portals or buy quality backlinks to generate authority of website.

Study your competitor’s link network and work on acquiring those links for you as well.

#2 Keyword Research:

Make use of various available SEO keyword tools. Find the types of keywords your audience is searching and want on search engines.

#3 Site Architecture:

 Use explicit use of images, videos, and tutorials, or examples to present the most large-scale range of information around your topic. Make sure you keep your approach simple. For example, no page on your website should be taking more than three clicks to get from any other page. Also get Best SSL certificate providers.

#4 Content Marketing:

Content marketing is on the boom for creating an organic traffic surge for your business. Many still are not doing enough to tap the unparallel potential content-marketing. While many still think it is alright to use regular marketing practices, but the following stats can help you make your mind otherwise:

  • 45% of all the marketers now believe content blogging is their #1 strategy.
  • 70% of people would like to learn about a business through an article on the web than an advert.
  • 68% of consumers feel more positive and comfortable with a brand after consuming content from it.

There are many brands that uses social media feeds to boost traffic and reach among the globe.

#5 On-Page SEO:

Make use of meta-tags, meta-tags are a crucial aspect when incorporating on-page SEO. It will directly benefit you to ensure search engine crawls your website more efficiently in a faster time possible. Therefore, make sure to keep all the keywords you are targeting are there in the right places. Follow a distinct On-page SEO strategy for all three:

  • Pages on your eCommerce category.
  • ECommerce product range pages.
  • SEO for your niche blog content.

#6 Local SEO:

Local SEO can help you immensely if you have a physical store or business along with your online entity. You can achieve a significant boost in your traffic. How? Follow these strategies:

  • Claiming your Google My Business profile.
  • Intensifying local references.
  • Get local links.

Need help with local SEO Pak Seos team is here to help you.

#7 Measure your SEO Success:

Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click) services, that will give you immediate access to your performance with taken marketing efforts. SEO will take time but, it will establish your e-commerce business to new heights. A small increase in rankings is a good start for your long-term efforts to realize. Keep track using SEO tools and creating an SEO dashboard to keep analytics in check.

Top ways of Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Business in 2021

ECommerce promotion is the key to success for all the companies that sell online. It can help you generate brand awareness, increase the number of conversions and boost your earnings.

To stand out from the audience and outperform your competitors in 2021, Make sure you implement the best eCommerce advertising strategies.

Any business which sells online should utilize the best eCommerce promotion strategies to compete against other brands on the market and stand out there.

So here are the perfect guide and proven eCommerce marketing strategies that boost earnings in 2021.

eCommerce Promoting approaches generates to-

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Educate customers about a brand new product
  • Increase traffic or more sales
  • Increase the Number of prospects
  • Helps to convert more client
  • And much more

The eCommerce market is one of the most competitive ones. And this kind of marketing is the trick to catch your goals and outperforming your competition.

Here are the best eCommerce marketing approaches that help to boost your earnings in 2021-

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Find them here!

7 Greatest eCommerce Marketing Strategies For More Sales In 2021

These are some of the best approaches to boost your online sales this year. Each strategy is done with proper research, so you can learn with great confidence.

The best eCommerce marketing tricks to put money into high-end eCommerce marketing services which may help you accelerate your business development.

Social media are still one of the best ways to grow your new online market. Approximately 3.96 billion people already use social media and this figure will be increasing in the number of accounts.

Here, you will need to have some powerful strategies to set up. And it’s not enough, the demand for online marketing has grown drastically in 2020 because of this COVID-19 outbreak and this tendency will continue in the future.

You need to be well-prepared to fight with greater competition as more companies will start operating online.

Here are the best social networking marketing strategies which you can use in 2021 to grow your eCommerce business- 

Here in this blog, we will discuss, how you can advertise your eCommerce business on social media in 2021 and increase your earnings growth-

So, let’s gets started-

Use Instagram Tools

Instagram has made it easier for users to store collections from their favorite brands. But before using this you will have to check your eligibility before you can make the shop. 

To allow this feature, you have to create your business account for your online shop and connect it to your Facebook Page. After that, you can upload your product catalog and get acceptance for your account. 

Do Partnership with Influencers

It is one of the greatest methods via which you can target your eCommerce store in 2021 on social websites with influencer advertising. You can discover relevant influencers in your market using creative discovery tools and reach them out for partnerships.

Once you’ve partnered with the influencer, they will post content associated with a brand or products on social networking sites. As a result, their highly engaged followers will probably notice your brand, and several may also check out your profile. 

If you further boost the campaigns, you can give a particular coupon or discount code to your influencer so that they may share with their followers. To monitor and track such campaigns, make sure to use affiliate marketing tools. These tools will help you to reach your goals.

Make Live Videos 

Live movies can be a wonderful way that you socialize with your audience and engage them. 

What’s more? 

It enables you to take advantage of influencer marketing and live videos.

Instagram has launched live shopping features that allow you to market your goods via live videos. In this, your viewers will be able to purchase the products directly from Instagram.

Create High-Quality Content 

Another effective way, in which you can increase your e-commerce store’s sales via social media is by creating and submitting high-quality content frequently. 

Whenever you do this, you’ll have the ability to create engagement on social networking sites. It is possible to post a wide array of content like infographics, videos, pictures, and much more.

You need to create a balance between these two and post in moderation. A fantastic way to handle such a program is using social networking automation tools that allow you to schedule your articles. In this way, you’ll be able to do a social networking posting schedule. 

Use more sharing buttons

Add sharing buttons for your online eCommerce store is one of the most powerful social networking marketing strategies. While this optimization is done on your site, it can help to improve your traffic and reach. 

Furthermore, you can send promotional messages to those who have interacted with you and drive traffic to your site. 

Use TikTok Advertising 

If you would like to increase your reach beyond this, you have to take the benefits of social media ads. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to run a lot of paid promotions which range from ones aimed at increasing your reach to sales-oriented promotions. 

However, these promotions have been done with high prices. 

Read More: Embed TikTok Videos on Website

Final Thoughts 

Social networking marketing is a must for any eCommerce store and it is perfect to find new products. In case you haven’t done before this, you need to adopt Instagram Shopping and use it to push your sales. It also helps to partner with influencers to give a boost to your reach and earnings. 

What is more? 

You should also use the shopping feature provided by live videos to further drive sales. Posting high-quality content daily can also drive your participation and earnings. 

It’s also important to add social media sharing buttons to your site to make it easy for the customers to discuss your goods on social media.

Finally, using social networking ads and leverage Facebook Messenger help to grow your eCommerce platform store.

Do you have any doubts about the social networking marketing approaches mentioned above? If yes then please share with us.

9 Reasons Why Social Commerce Is Crucial For Brand’s Online Business

In the 21st century, we have seen people getting connected to each other on social media platforms. Social media has become popular for almost every age set of people, whether these are a teenager or older people. People are using social media platforms on regular platforms and it has become a part of their life. They wish to get an update with the social feeds of social media platforms such as Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, Reels & Photos on Instagram.

Do you know that an average person spends nearly 5 years of his/her life on social media?”

And this duration may get an increase in the upcoming years. You can leverage this popularity of social media platforms for your business as well. Social media platforms give you an immense opportunity for your business expansion and increasing sales.

In today’s time, social media is not just limited to connecting people or giving insights into people’s social life, but it can also play a very important role in transforming the online shopping of customers.

Do you know that nearly 10% of online customers check social media for better buying decisions? And 75% of these bought an item as they have seen on social media?

In this article, we will be knowing about almost every aspect of social commerce and why it will be crucial for your e-commerce brand.


  • What is Social Commerce?
  • Why does Social Commerce Work?
  • How to Use Social Media Platforms For Commerce?
  • Popular Social Commerce Platforms
  • 9 Reasons Why Social Commerce is Crucial For Brands

Continue reading this article to know how to leverage social media for your brand…

What Is Social Commerce?

According to Taggbox, When a customer buys, or a merchant sells an item on a social media platform then this activity is termed Social commerce. Many companies are implementing it in various ways. The main thing in social commerce is that purchasing will be done on a social media platform either wholly or partially. There are online retailers who use platforms like Facebook for selling. The buyer can make a purchase directly from there. Generally, the social media platform comprises global or local marketplaces such as huge businesses that can sell millions to the users on their platform. There are many different activities on the platform like learning about a product by direct messages or chat with sellers, making a mobile payment through a social media app, etc.

A few examples of social commerce are:

  • Google Shopping Ads on YouTube and other platforms
  • Product Pins with Prices on Pinterest
  • Chatbox for inquiring about products or services
  •  Forums & Groups for selling items
  • Products for selling on Facebook marketplace
  • Product links, posts, reels, etc. on Instagram

Why Does Social Commerce Work?

There are many reasons for which social commerce works. Fundamentally, it advantages the fact that shopping is a social pleasure. We have observed the removal of the traditional barriers which creates friction, lengthy checkout processes.

Some of the major reasons why social commerce is so powerful and important are:

Makes online shopping smoother:

The users have to click on a few buttons without entering the long details of address or payment details. These details are already stored on the social media platform. As you can check the reviews and comments of the product directly on the platform, then there is no need for research as well.

Online Retailer can reach new markets:

There is great speed and ease for online retailers for testing the new markets. This makes social commerce a viable long-term strategy. E.g. Facebook, is a great platform for advertising across the world, with out-of-the-box targeting and testing features.

Creating buzz and conversation for new products:

As we mentioned, shopping is not just a buying activity but also a social activity. If the retailers can showcase their products directly to the customers on social media platforms then it will create lots of buzz and excitement. It can also create urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Retailers can meet customer needs with streamlined stores:

The retailers can get in-depth analytic reports and tracking tools on the social commerce platforms which they can use to customize their offerings for the customers. The storefronts on social commerce platforms are not having huge customization options unlike in an e-commerce store. Thus, online merchants should be selective about which products may promote. But no worries, there are no negative effects of it. The social audience data will help the retailers to provide only the most relevant and demanding items.

Personalized Customer Experiences like Retargeting:

There are many personalization features on social media platforms such as Facebook retargeting which can improve the efficiency of ads and posts on the platform.

Adds another channel for customers:

Some customers don’t wish to buy from an e-commerce platform but instead prefer to stick to social media apps. Social commerce is a great way to let the retailers reach them on their preferred platform.

 When you analyze all the benefits with the point that social media is one of the top sources of product reviews and the most preferred source for researching a product on the internet, then you can realize the power of social commerce.

How To Use Social Media Platforms For Commerce?

We have already mentioned the benefits of social media platforms for e-commerce. But how can we use them to make the most out of them?

Here are a few ways:

Conjunction with other parts of a social media strategy:

The best social media strategy is to engage users, build relationships, and provide enticing content. Social commerce lays on the foundation of engagement of active users which is more likely to be successful.

Trying new features:

You must give close attention to social media features and test them. It includes shopping-related features, Facebook Messenger Advertising, Instagram story tags, “Shop the Look” on Pinterest, etc. Having knowledge of new feature releases and using them will help you to stay ahead of the competitors.

Streamline with Automation:

If possible, use technology to automate the tasks. Omni-channel e-commerce software is mandatory.


There are huge opportunities with influencers. You can collaborate with an Instagram influencer to promote your brand or products. The ROI will be very high as there will be a huge influx of new customers.

Enticing content creation:

The content should be an amalgam of product recommendations, entertainment, and practical value.

Focus on the best products:

On social commerce, you have limited space to showcase the products. Thus, you must focus on proven products that can appeal to your followers.

Popular Social Commerce Platforms:

The major social media platform which is used for selling products are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We will discuss in detail how you can sell products on each of these platforms.


Facebook is the best social media platform for initiating your social commerce strategy. This platform lets the users buy and shop your products. Buying activity on Facebook centers on Facebook stores. There are native stores on Facebook which the users can access through business and fan pages.

Firstly, you have to set up your store on Facebook. If you are already using well-reputed e-commerce development platforms like Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce, then the process gets smoother. There are many options of automated integrations for uploading the products on these platforms.

After uploading the products to the store, you also have options of tagging products in posts and videos. The users would be able to click on the products to purchase in the stores. You can even advertise the products from your store on Facebook Messenger.

Mostly, the stores prefer to showcase some particular products instead of showing the entire catalog. Organizational features such as collections make the Facebook store navigation easier, but still, they can’t handle huge catalogs. The best approach is to create a mix of posts that can advertise your products on the main site and Facebook store.


Instagram is a great social media platform on which they can create posts & stories about their products and include links to products. Users can see the products on these posts and then click to quickly purchase them.

The Instagram Checkout feature allows to sell the items directly through the app. However, these features are not available everywhere but if you are an English-speaking country, then no worries. For selling products on Instagram, there is a review stage and you have to meet a criterion. But in the end, you have to link your business profile with the catalog. Thereafter, you would be able to create shopping posts and stories.

On clicking “tags” on Instagram posts (which include price & discount information), the users will be navigated to another page with a CTA thanks to links to an e-commerce site.

There is also an Instagram Shopping feature whose functionality is similar but it navigates to direct business e-commerce sites. Instagram ads can also increase your audience. Instagram is having a huge potential for social commerce in the future.


Twitter is a highly popular platform which is most used by celebrities, businessmen, sportsmen, film stars, influencers, etc. It also enables businesses to sell products. Your followers can easily purchase the products on this platform.

When you tweet about any product on Twitter, you can also add a buy button. So, whenever a user will check the photo of the product on your tweet, they can also click on the button and then buy. The customer doesn’t even have to leave Twitter for purchasing the product.

Just like Facebook, it is possible to run promoted tweets on Twitter for showcasing your products.


Pinterest is a photo-based platform but quite different from Instagram. On Pinterest, you can easily integrate the photos of the products for selling to potential leads. There are “Product Pins”, “Shopping Ads”, “Shop the Look” pins, for showcasing multiple products on a single image.

Firstly, you have to create a business account and then link it with the catalog of your product. Thereafter, you have to show the product’s images along with their price & stock level. There will be a CTA below the image where the users can click.

The audience of Pinterest is made up of genres that are highly profitable for e-commerce retailers, especially in the fashion industry.

9 Reasons why Social Commerce is Crucial For Brands:

Here are the major reasons why you should initiate your business on social media platforms:

Higher Search Engine Rankings:

The engagement of users on your social media page will be not just limited to the transaction. Any SEO analyst will tell you that social commerce can also increase the traffic on your e-commerce store which can influence your search engine rankings. If you share the links of your website on social media content, then this will be an excellent way to drive traffic. Social commerce also allows the audience to engage with a comment, like, or share for a larger audience.

Authentic Engagement and Traffic:

As we mentioned above, increasing your social media reach will be the first in eventually making conversions. Social media gives a great level of engagement and reach that online businesses get whenever they share content. By coming up in the feed of your follower regularly, you are becoming a part of a powerful branding opportunity. People who regularly see a brand are more likely to purchase and recommend that brand.

Social commerce gives people to connect with a brand through 2-way communication. The customers will not just engage with a brand but can leverage the efficient customer service on the channel for solving problems.

Customers Loyalty and Retention:

While using social commerce, you are not just trying to sell the products and promote your brand but are also aiming for building good relationships with potential customers. You can build and maintain customer relationships for deepening trust and loyalty. This will lead to creating happy customers which are satisfied with your service. These customers would remain your regular patrons with repeated purchases. Remember, treat the first time buyers and repeated buyers in the same way. It is incredibly important.

Business Metrics From Social Media Platforms:

 In business marketing, you have to constantly and check whether you are getting positive ROI results. You must create a marketing campaign of which you can measure the value. The objective of this campaign must be aligned with your organization’s key performance indicators.

It is easy to evaluate the performance using Social media commerce. There are built-in metrics for impressions, engagements, reach, etc. on Facebook pages, Instagram business accounts, and Twitter tweets. Apart from this, you can also measure traffic by social media posts on your website through website click counts. The other metrics for determining positive ROI are the total number of followers on social media accounts, likes, and overall sentiment of interactions.

Partner with influencers:

Mouth publicity of your brand is responsible for 26-50% of purchasing decisions. When you get a presence in the words of people on social media, you create brand awareness and credibility and can increase sales.

The best way for mouth publicity is collaboration or partnership with influencers. Influencers have a huge following on social media platforms. They can draw the attention of those followers to your brand. Research from Nielsen, Carat, and YouTube states that partnership with an influencer can give your business 4 times more lift in brand familiarity in comparison to a celebrity collaboration.

Reputation Management:

The customers are already talking about your brand on social media platforms, regardless of whether you can respond or not. If your team is on the ball, you can gather important social posts about your brand for showcasing the positive and address the negative before it becomes a blunder.

If you come across something which is not true about your brand or business then you must share your side of the story in a polite & professional way.

Customer Service & Customer Support:

Your customers and brand audience expect your presence on social media platforms. For any queries, they want to reach out to you on social media platforms. As per Harvard research, brands that don’t meet such expectations damage their bottom line.

As per an HBR research, that focuses on tweets, the customers who get a response for their tweets are ready to spend more time with your brand on a later purchase, especially if they get a response within 5 minutes.

Consistent audience growth:

In social commerce, the posts and ads on social media can help in driving traffic to your ecommerce store. Sharing relevant, trending, and quality content from your blog or website to social media platforms is amongst the best ways to get an audience as soon as they get published.

Participation in chats such as the weekly chat #HootChat on Twitter can increase brand visibility, get attention from a new audience, showcasing your USP, and drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

Keeping an eye on the competition:

In the e-commerce store, it is important to know what the audience is saying about your competitors. For instance, tracking mentions of your competitors will let you know the pain points with the products that you may reach out to address, winning new customers in the cycle.

Monitoring the competition on social media platforms also makes you aware of when the competitors came up with new products, run promotions, and release new data reports.

Wrapping Up

There are infinite reasons why many brands are leveraging social media platforms and going for social commerce. Social commerce is helping brands to increase sales & building a brand reputation. After reading this article, you must have realized the importance of social commerce for your e-commerce business. The best ecommerce development services in India can build e-commerce stores that would be highly compatible with social commerce from scratch.