SEO Lead Generation Tips to Grow Your Business

When it comes to creating an effective marketing plan for your business, no matter the size, lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO) are crucial.

Lead generation is essentially where you work to create interest in your business by gathering a list of possible clients (or “leads”) that is ongoing. While Local SEO is where you work to refine the web pages to rank high in search engines.

And while SEO and lead generation are two different things, they can be used together for some very effective tactics for your business.

How Does SEO Affect Lead Generation?

Before we get right into the meat of the SEO lead generation tips, let’s take a brief moment to understand how SEO impacts lead generation. SEO on its own is important. It serves as a way to have your website ranking as high as possible in search engines – meaning that it will reach your potential customers.

SEO is centered around editing existing content with appropriate keywords and adding in new, relevant content to your site to ensure that it continues to rank high.

So what does SEO have to do with lead generation? SEO strategy can be a great way to complement your lead generation efforts by helping to push awareness of your business and services through the organic traffic that SEO brings to your website.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at SEO lead-generation tips to grow your business.

Update Existing Website Content

SEO is a very effective way to guide people to your website through their online searches. Typically, visitors will be on the lookout foruseful content that offers them something. This might be answers to a question or just general information about what you and your business can offer them.

One way to get the most out of SEO lead generation is to take the time to go back through your existing content. This can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Informational pages such as your About Us page
  • Video and photo captions

Consider if the information on each page needs to be revamped at all and if there are any new, relevant keywords that could be worked into the content.

Adjusting the layout of content can also be helpful! A good rule of thumb for SEO is to make content easily scannable while still offering engaging information. Adding in things such as headers, subheadings, and bulleted lists can create easily scannable pages.

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Create A Blog with SEO Optimized Content

While your website most likely has existing content already, considering creating a blog if you do not already have one. Creating and maintaining an active blog that makes use of SEO is a fantastic way to generate more leads – potential customers that are on the look for your business or services.

An active blog is essentially free real estate for you to share value to your potential customers. You can utilize SEO to work keywords into each blog post, backlink to other relevant posts on your site, and create readable and accessible blog formats.

For example, if you are a car dealership, your blog might be focused around providing tips to potential customers about what to look for in a new car and how the car buying process works. Once they have finished reading, these potential leads may continue on to other posts or to look more closely at your business.

Make Use of Local SEO Keywords

If your business has a physical location, you will want to ensure that your website is making the most of local SEO keywords. This is a prime opportunity to really make your website visible to locals through SEO lead generation.

While your online presence is reachable to anyone in the world, there are plenty of local potential leads in your area as well.

Keyword research will be helpful in determining your local SEO keywords. Alongside keyword research, you can also do the following to help optimize your local SEO footprint:

  • Make sure that you have claimed listings in online directories.
  • Create content like blog posts and landing pages that are specifically focused on local searches.
  • Include reviews on your site that mention location.

An individual digital marketer or an SEO company for professional SEO  can help to determine local SEO keywords.

Include Call To Actions

A call to action (CTA) is going to be a useful SEO tool across your website. A CTA is going to be a part of your content on your website that encourages your potential clients and customers to follow through on looking more at what you have to offer.

A CTA can be as simple as asking them to book a consultation or to buy a particular product that was mentioned in a blog post on your website.

By including CTA’s in your content, you are describing what exactly it is that the potential client will gain by following the CTA. CTA’s are a very effective part of the SEO lead generation combination that works to turn potential clients into actual clients.

Lead generation paired with SEO is an effective pairing that can result in more website traffic that turn into potential and actual clients for your business. And you should have the best hosting service provider, like Hostpapa, to load your website faster.