Remove Low-quality Pages from Google Index

As Seo experts, we spend a good time searching for ways through which better ranking can be there of our content on search engines like Google. Attaining a good ranking on Google is impossible by just adding new pages, but the deletion of some pages from Google is a must. 

Some issues in content lead to a situation where removing pages will be an advisable option. After the concept of deleting a page is clear, you can work on specific steps and complete the removal process of page removal from Google. You can also hire the Columbus local SEO company to identify low-quality content and remove them from your blog.

Reasons I Prefer to Remove Page from Google Index

While searching for content on online platforms, users click on a website from SERP. Search engine results pages help to interact with content that answers all queries you are searching for. Here Google also performs the function of indexing pages that are not a good option for display.

There is some form of pages that I prefer to remove from the Google index as they will reduce the rating of the website. Selections of content that must be added and removed from Google affect the website’s success rate.

Low-Quality Content

The crucial thing in the marketing SEO world is posting high-quality content on the website. High-quality content contains quality keywords, and the entire information contained in the content is informative and can be used to answer all clients’ queries.

If there is any low content, one that is duplicate or outdated content must be removed from the website. Even if there are a high amount of errors in content, it will also be considered low-quality content. 

Private Information

To have a better rating on a search engine, one must try to add sensitive information on different web pages. It does not mean that private information must be added to the site’s front page. Here word confidential information has a specific meaning.

Private information means content that involves all contact information and medical and financial information. Such pages are not so common in demand of people, so the best thing for pages will be to remove them. Personal information is considered as a low quality one mostly.

How can I Remove a Page from Google Index?

Are you facing any of entire problems mentioned above section? In that case, with just having an idea of basic steps, you can easily delete a page from the Google index. As the deletion process is completed, it will surely get deletion from SERPs.

Remove Outdated Content Tool

After you follow the deletion process, pages appear in the search section. Generally, people face various issues, as removing pages involves a long process. Here you can plan to use the remove outdated content tool. Using different tools involves some easy guidance:

  • Visit  remove outdated content page
  • Enter  URLs of the desired page
  • Select an option of request removal

Delete Directly From the Website

Are you finding that your pages need to give the required content to the public? In that case, it’s high time for you just to delete available options. Here you are in no way required to use any form of tool. You can delete content by visiting the page.

All you have to do is visit your dashboard’s page section. It’s high time to select the page that you wish to delete. After deleting a page, even visit trash and delete it permanently. It is a method that will be most suitable for people who are deleting pages for the first time.

URL Removal Request

First, visit the Google search option and then log in to request a URL removal. It is a method that will be most suitable for removing the required pages you wish to hide from the general public.

 At the initial stage, when you will opt for removal, it will last for 90 days; in case you want the removal of the page permanently, then take into consideration some further steps, including:

  • No Index Tag: Various crawlers help to do web analyses and index sites on Google. Their work is at a high level when proper instruction is followed. You can plan to add a no-index tag here; it will help in getting the removal of required pages from sites.
  • Password Protection: A password acts as a protection that will protect you from any form of malware activity. With the help of a password, you can provide complete protection to your page. Ensure to set a username and password that is the best and will offer you high protection.
  • Delete Content: You can directly delete some pages from Google. In the future, an option will not appear for you. Most people choose to delete content that is of low quality.

Is it Reliable to Delete Low-Quality Content from Google Index?

The decision to delete low-quality content from the Google index proves to be a beneficial one. Not only will it help to manage the page better, but also the number of page viewers will increase. Pages with high-quality content mostly have more viewers than those with low-quality content. Removing the low-quality content will help to improve your google ranking.


How Can I Improve Google Indexing?

You can opt for various options to improve the indexing of Google. Having detail of all options will help you to reach a level that will turn out to be a favorable option. Ifa decision is taken after popper analysis, the chances of good results are higher.

How Can I Remove Page From Google Index?

Removing Google indexing involves, first of all, signing up for an account. Now you just have to click on the file you wish to remove, right-click on the page and delete it permanently. Select the remove URL option and enter the URLs you want to remove.

Is It Ok to Disable the Feature of Indexing?

Window search indexer uses an indexer to consume a significant amount of CPU resources. If you are not using an option for indexing, then here better option for you will be just to disable an option and get good results.