How To Get The Most Out of Keywords In PPC Advertising?


Brands are always looking to attract a prompt search engine visibility, in case you are one of those brands too then, there is nothing better advertising opportunity for you than the Google Ad-words. However, you may already be aware of the new PPC advertising but most people are still new to it. Even when people know the ins and outs of PPC they still struggle to get the most of it, which is why we at Ingenious Guru are trying to help you out here.

If you think bidding on the right keywords and customizing PPC campaigns is your forte then we have some good news for you! Get ready for the website traffic rolling in for you. One rule that you MUST keep on your fingertips is, that the cornerstone of any effective PPC campaign is keyword research, and going for the best keywords to bid on can get you the most conversions and clicks. However, it is no walk in the park because it is pretty confusing; we would suggest you have a clear mind while you are planning to offer PPC services

Keyword research is both science and art; it’s the perfect fusion of both. It is all about utilizing the myriad tools at your disposal and understanding your customers and forecasting what terms they are using to search for the products and services. That’s the most effective way of ensuring your ads pop up right in front of the potential customer while searching for the products or services you offer.

Following are a few tips to help you get the most of the PPC campaign because a failed PPC campaign can be pretty hard on your pocket and would just break your bank. So do not risk it and make sure you are effectively following every step.

Keyword Research

To rank on top you HAVE to HAVE effective and clear keyword research, it is the key to reach the customers. Failing at this step would unfortunately take your whole PPC campaign down, and we do not want that for you. Keyword research is the most essential step for hundreds of aspects of marketing campaigns however for PPC services; it is your secret weapon to climb up the ladder.

To start with you, you must be familiar with the Keywords Planner of Google Ad-words. Once you have set up your Google Ad-words account, you have a plethora of options to derive the keywords that suit your campaign the best.

Following are a few steps that you must follow to ensure a clear cut keyword research strategy.

  1. In the Keyword Planner make sure you are selecting the “search for new keywords using a website, category or phrase”
  2. The next step is to select “targeting” depending on your locality and geographically. 
  3. Type in some raw keyword ideas and click the “get ideas” in order to have a list of keywords.
  4. When you generate the report you must focus on the following ideas.
  1. Ad groups
  2. Average monthly searches
  3. Competition
  4. Ad impression share
  5. Suggested bid

  It is important to take note of the averages in ad groups and select the ad groups that you want to include in the keyword list. Scan the list and eliminate all the keywords that you think are relevant to your business. It will give you a shorter list of keywords that you can use in your Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Without A Website campaigns. 

Apart from running your ads, you can do a lot with PPC advertising which you can discuss below!

Proof of Concept testing

Consider building an effective and simple landing page and create an Ad-words campaign driving traffic to it for a couple of months. If it results in creating qualified sales and leads you to know you can use it for a long term SEO strategy.

Conversion testing

It is quite unbelievable but still, most of the websites do not have any conversion tracking system. When your conversion data is linked to keywords you have a chance to target your top keywords for SEO success. One of the best features of Ad-words is phone conversion tracking and yet people do not take much advantage of it. It’s time you do your business a little favour and set that up today if you have not already done so.

Click through rate testing

With the help of Google Ad-words, you have an option to experiment with your PPC ad copy that can help you optimize your ads with the CTR. The higher your CTR is the better your ranking results will be on Google. 

CTA testing

Ad-words are the perfect way to test CTAs on your website; you can see which platform is the best to get you the optimal results.

Following your competitors

Ad-words can help you follow your competitors and crush your competition online. While you do not have the liberty to put your competitors’ name in your copy without their consent, you can bid on their trademark to use as one of your keywords. When your customers are searching for your competitors online, your name will appear at the top of SERP.

Going to the basics

While you are setting up your Ad-words, Google will guide you to overspend [this is their trick of extracting some extra money] therefore you need to make some adjustments to generate an extensive ROI. It would not be wrong to say that Ad-words setting up is pretty intimidating particularly if you are doing it for the first time. It’s better to hire professionals like Ingenious Guru for this job. 

Nevertheless, if you are still planning to do it all on your own here are a few tips for you!

  1. If you are a local business, choose your geographic territory so that ads only show up for people in your area. Be sure you are selecting the people that live in your targeted area otherwise you may get interested people who do not really live in your area.
  2. Be chosen with your keywords and keyword phrases. 
  3. Make sure you are using the negative keywords feature.
  4. Get the best use of free ad extensions for our copy expansion.
  5. Connect your account to your Google My Business page to get complete access to the additional information of your business. 
  6. The final step is to use retargeting features of Ad-words.

SEO and Ad-words

Ad-words are generally a better investment than other forms of traditional advertising. Your dollars will go much further if you get the perfect combination of both. However, nothing beats the top organic Google ranking when it comes to ROI. Nevertheless, even with the most effective SEO campaign in place, it is not really possible to rank on the first page of SERP for all the variation of targeted keyword phrases. While ad-words help in getting clicks on tricky keywords, SEO can get you organic traffic to your website. Using both is the ideal way of marketing.