10 Tips for Successful Facebook Ads

facebook ads

The use of Facebook ads is now popular, and to many businesses, their ads can bring leads.

Either you just want to increase the number of visitors to your website or to generate sales on the online store, you can target and reach your audience on Facebook.

Facebook provides the right ad format for every goal. 

However, there are a few important points to consider for the ad to be covert well for you.- and here I’ll tell you today.

You should consider the following 10 tips when planning and implementing your Facebook ads. 

Otherwise, a valuable budget will be lost, and your target group will not be reached, says Techpally.

1. Set the Campaign Properly 

Although this point is very broad, what i simply mean here is that – Your campaign goal should be reasonable, and the ad should be set according to the goal. You can use Facebook Ad Maker to design your Ad with perfection.

The campaign goal is the first thing you think about when creating a Facebook ad campaign.

The first question that comes to your mind is ” what goal will the ad achieve.”

Creating a traffic campaign makes little sense if the interactions are actually to be promoted. 

Because depending on the platform – mobile or desktop or the location of the as the ads are delivered differently.

A wrong campaign, therefore, inevitably means that there would be fewer people that’ll be reached. 

2. Use Quality Image that Captures Attention of Viewers 

Most Facebook users are mobile on the social network. That is why the question of the quality image is becoming increasingly important. 

Videos and pictures can also be uploaded to Facebook in square format.

 This has the advantage that the photo or video takes up significantly more space on the screen and thus more attention by the user. 

Also, no more than 20% of the image may consist of text, as otherwise the delivery and thus the performance of the ads could be slowed down.

3. Formulate ad texts appropriately

The text of a Facebook ad should ideally be kept short. 

The interest of the user should be aroused so that he can interact with the ad. 

In terms of language, it is very important to be aware of your target group: 

How do I best address them? She or you? Highly professional or more relaxed?

 A wrong target group is often the reason that an ad does not perform as well. Invisible Grill

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4. Title and description of the Facebook ad

With a link, the title of a Facebook ad is highlighted below the image or video. 

This should be as short as possible and prompt the user to act and attract attention.

If the title is too long, it will be shown on two lines, which should be avoided.

 A short sentence can be added below the title (this is only displayed on the desktop), but mostly there are only a few words that should complete the title.

5. Call to Action

The call to action button prompts you to act. 

This button must fit your goal. If an offer is to be booked, the «Download» button makes absolutely no sense. 

“Book now” would have been more appropriate here.

Therefore, pay particular attention to the choice of your CTA button.

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6. Track the Facebook ad in Google Analytics

The desired link can be modified so that it can be read in Google Analytics, which ads have performed and how. 

This works with the Campaign URL Builder, which automatically creates a new link and makes the ad visible to Google Analytics.

7. Customize the preview URL

Most of the URLs used for Facebook ads do not look particularly appealing in the finished ad. 

That’s why Facebook offers the option of changing the preview URL when creating the ad.

The mechanism of the original link remains, but the link looks much more appealing in the finished ad.

8. Placement of the Ads

When creating the Facebook ad, you can choose where the ads should appear. 

In the news feed? In the right column? In Messenger or even on Instagram? 

It is not advisable to place the ads across all placements, as this often misses the target group.

Go through the placements step by step and think about which placement makes sense for your goal and target group.

9. As Targeting

Targeting is another common stumbling block. Age, place of residence or interests of the target group can be set here.

If you’re targeting people in a country where they speak more than one language, like India, you should pay attention to the diversity of languages.

Is your ad in French? Then it is worth filtering by place of residence or language so that your budget is not delivered to a target group that speaks another language. 

The ad slider on the right helps to see whether the target group is too small or too large.

It is also very important not to run multiple ad groups with the same Targeting at the same time. 

Otherwise, the two groups will compete with each other, and the costs of the Facebook ads will be unnecessarily driven up.

10. Budget and duration of the Facebook ads

Budget and duration are also essential for the success of Facebook ads. There is no general answer here as to how much budget should be used for which goal. 

The fact is that more budget usually produces more results, as long as the ads are otherwise well thought out. 

Because a lot of budgets are of little use if all other settings, such as Targeting, are not correct. 

And another tip: Always double-check whether the term and budget are correct; otherwise, a nasty surprise could be waiting for you.

Do you have any further tips or questions about Facebook ads? For everyone who would like to read more: Our blog has all sorts of valuable tips on the subject of Facebook ads.