The Best Times to Post Your Social Media Updates in 2021

social media posting

If you’re making content for social media at any scale, it is a fundamental challenge for you to grow above the noise and increase views on the posts. As social media algorithms rapidly run away from the past successive times and move towards a significance-based curation, social media influencers must frequently improve their tactics to design effective content and expand possibilities to gain engagement.

Identifying the time to post on each social platform is a crucial way to move a step forward, and forms a sense of content overload on multiple channels. Follow the intercommunications to analyze and figure out the peak posting hours. It will help you prepare your content with a greater intent to get more engagement with your campaigns. 

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Social media marketers must post on Instagram with a Proper Hashtag, and they should post them according to time. For this, they need to recognize the time when most people remain active and able to see your post. So if a marketer posts their content at the best time, then their followers will also increase, and they will get good results on their post. Moreover, a marketer will also get great results by following a time table according to activity. The best time to post near mid-day (11 am to 1 pm) and in the evening, publish your content after work (7 pm to 9 pm). Most maximum Instagrammers log in through mobile, so they avoid browsing during work hours. Sometimes you feel that your Instagram feed not loading after publishing, but after sometime it will resolve.

  • The most favorable days to post your content on Instagram are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Saturday, the best time to post on Instagram is 5 pm.
  • According to the survey, Wednesdays receive the most significant level of engagement on Instagram.



Twitter is another social network that enables you to write short texts with the aim of communicating something. It is a fast news channel. If used well, the message we want to communicate can reach its target in real-time. It is beneficial for working because this is one of the many platforms that give good results for all work types. If the purpose is to attract new customers, search on Twitter for all the people who talk about your work or lovers of that interest and make them fall in love through your tweets, interact with them (every day) by giving them all the information they need. It is necessary to have the right likes and followers because you will be able to succeed in this mission only thanks to them. If your followers do not seem interested, all your hard work becomes useless, and the results are spoiled; that is why you must keep them updated and try to intrigue and make them curious. So, if a marketer wants a good answer on their Twitter, they have to follow these tips and rules to get better results.

  • Most suitable time to post on Twitter:- 11 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm
  • Excellent days To post on Twitter:- Wednesday or Saturday



Facebook is a social site where a person can reach out to every professional by posting their content at a particular time. For good results, a marketer has to follow both time and day because of this, the advertisement will get great likes, comments, and shares, and it will reach all professional people. Moreover, a marketer also has to precisely address a hashtag precisely because the hashtag is a good platform for a person to get a good outcome. For the highest expression, the most suitable time to post on the Facebook business page is between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. because you will find various Facebook active users browse on their desktops and surf it during work time. The only most suitable time to post on Facebook is a Sunday at 3 p.m.

  • The most suitable days to post on Facebook are Thursday to Sunday. Don’t ever try to post on Facebook on Tuesday.
  • Weekends perceive the most excellent level of active users on Facebook.



LinkedIn is a worldwide social site app that is most widely used by recruiters, people in business, and salespeople during their work hours. You will find many frequently active users on this social site who use it to give an excellent platform. To get better results, you need to follow a suitable time and days. The most appropriate time to post on LinkedIn is near about 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

  • The suitable and best days to post on Linked In are Tuesday to Thursday 
  • After work hours, weekends are the wrongest times to post on LinkedIn because, on weekends, business persons did not use LinkedIn.

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What is the Most Suitable Time to Post on Social Media?

The most appropriate time to post on social media should be a factor in the social platform you are using and most of your customers’ time zone.

Moreover, the times we have discussed in this article are standards; you just need to discover your audience’s time when they are likely to engage. The most reliable method to find the post time for your brand is by experimenting. There is also a social media management tool that helps you schedule posts several times for various weeks to discover the time that works properly with your audience.

Don’t ignore your competitors. Always try to track their growth and always notice when your competitor will get high involvement in their posts.

Don’t ignore your competitors. Always try to track their growth and always notice when your competitor will get high involvement in their posts. The possibilities are that these could work for you also. Check it out or post on that time when your competitors are generally quiet, but keep in mind that every platform is not the same, so check each one individually to get the most beneficial outcomes.


So, with a Course mentor, it is possible to understand how you can achieve your business goal that points to success. All of this is important to provide ourselves more confidence in the work we do, greater success, and good growth.