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10 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Business

Introductory words

All the newly ecommerce business now focuses intensely on content marketing ideas to promote their business initially and to create brand awareness. It is found that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer the brand that is authentic and has a good reputation on different social networks.

So, investing in content marketing seems the only logical thing to do while launching a new one or an existing ecommerce business.

10 creative content making ideas for ecommerce business

There are different sorts of content marketing ways that any business can embrace while continuing their content marketing campaigns. However, we have picked the ten most popular and shared content marketing ideas for an ecommerce business.

Let’s dive in;

1. Product videos

Product videos are another significant type of content marketing for ecommerce. This sort of content marketing is even more effective when the product comes with different unique features.

So many brands have YouTube channels of their own to show their existing and coming products. A high-quality video can trick the minds of the viewers into feeling like they are experiencing the product even before getting the product. And YouTube thumbnail also has importance in this, how attractive the thumbnail is. And size of YouTube thumbnail also matters.

The YouTube channel of Apple is an excellent example of it. They show all the features of all their products through this channel. You can also embed YouTube videos on websites to showcase the YouTube videos right on your website.

2. Product guides

You can spice up your content marketing strategies by creating product guides for your own products. By creating product guides, you get the opportunity to educate your potential customers. Product guides are a very essential and creative tool for content marketing. In the ecommerce business, it is prevalent.

You can create a how-to guide for different ranges of products in multiple steps with proper visuals. It would make the audience understand the usage of the product more. Ultimately, as a result of it, they would convert more.

3. User-generated content

It is a modern concept of marketing content. Here the users create content and publish it on social media platforms to share their opinions. Hence, it helps brands to significantly raise brand awareness.

Here different ecommerce businesses can arrange contests on various social media to post content while having their products with a particular hashtag. This way, the online world gets flooded with the content of one specific ecommerce brand.

GoPro camera marketing strategies perfectly demonstrates the ideal example of utilizing user-generated content for marketing purposes.

You can then integrate Social media Feeds into your website to showcase content created by users. Eventually, display social proof, increase social reach, build brand trust and loyalty, drive sales and conversions for your business.

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4. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest content marketing tactics. Yet it is still not obsolete. They know that according to the data of Campaign Monitor, every 1 USD spent for email marketing generates $38 ROI.

There are different ways to carry on an email marketing campaign. You can send mail in PHP like welcome mail or promotional emails according to your offers. Promotional or holiday offer themed emails significantly boost the sale.

The average open rate of email marketing is 22.86% in the year 2019. Ignoring it entirely would be not so good to take an ecommerce business to the next level.

5. Blog posts

For any ecommerce business, it is quite challenging to get inbound links for their sites through a guest blog. So you can create valuable and engaging blog post content for your website. Also, you can outreach for guest posts to the blogs of the same industry.

Doing so, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website, and you will get a higher rank on the organic search result of different search engines. Creating longer posts are most likely to get more preference on the search engines while preparing blog posts it should be kept in mind.

6. Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is nowadays the most powerful way of gaining the attention of prospective buyers. It is a way to connect with the target audience for an ecommerce brand by getting traffic and so many social shares.

But before rooting for a digital storytelling sort of content, you have to acknowledge your target audience well. Only this way you will be able to add an emotional element to the story,

7. Influencer’s marketing

Online influencers are the people who have a significant amount of followers online. They consistently create content online that provides value to their followers. These influencers can be blogger, vlogger, celebrities, public figures and so on.

Ecommerce businesses can approach them to promote business. It is quite common to the ecommerce businesses to embrace influencer’s marketing during the launch of the business to build brand awareness quickly. 

8. Creative music videos

The music grabs the attention of people quicker than anything else. So creating music videos and releasing it online is an impactful content marketing idea for an ecommerce business.

So, creating a video with a proper message about the business and then uploading that video in a different medium like YouTube after perfect optimization will reach so many people.

9. Content publish on different magazines

Magazines still haven’t lost their appeal. Having high-quality visuals, headlines, and relevant editorials are what make magazines lucrative to the readers. So, having a subscription-based magazine is an excellent way of nurturing a relationship with the target audience.

For an ecommerce brand magazine can play a massive role in building brand loyalty and strengthening bonding with the customers. By publishing content on different websites, it helps you buy quality backlinks for your website.

10. Sending newsletter

People nowadays are pretty busy. Usually, they do not have the time to go to an online ecommerce store all the time. So to remind them of new or limited edition products, ecommerce business owners can send them newsletter directly to the customer’s inbox.

Most of the times, customers this newsletter very warmly as those help them to remain updated about your store’s newest products.

Wrapping up

The content marketing arena is continually changing. In today’s world, the most challenging work to do is to grab the attention of the people. Content marketers are bringing newer ways to do do the job.

Content marketing can have a significant impact on taking an ecommerce business to a whole new level. By focusing on content marketing, ecommerce businesses are now trying to sustain their business in such a competitive environment.

So, people truly say content is the king in today’s world if you want your business to thrive.