Xenophage Destiny 2 Guide – Mission Details

Xenophage: Destiny 2 is an intense, fast-paced action/adventure role-playing video game. You play the role of Gabriel, an ex-marine hunter who has been chosen to save the Earth from extinction. Your mission is to find and kill the latest threat in humankind’s race to survive: a massive creature that can absorb the life energy of other organisms and use it to produce deadly toxins. Your decision to save the Earth will decide the fates of many of its residents including; the spider, the lion, the snake and the dolphin.

As you complete missions and quests in-game, you earn credits that can be used to purchase upgrades for your character. Upgrading your character requires acquiring enough skill points, which can be acquired by completing one of two main quests located in the game’s hub city, or by acquiring rare items found in the “Dawn Port”. I’ll give you a little rundown of what each quest entails before we continue. This review of the main quests and areas of the game will provide you with insight on how you can speed up your xenophage destiny 2 experience and achieve your endgame goals.


The first quest in the game provides the first and only chance you have to effectively finish the game. It involves finding and killing an alien called the xenophage. This creature has managed to break free from the intergalactic police force and is now terrorising the human population living in the city of New Delhi. To successfully complete this quest you will need to use words and your investigation skills because the only way to get the valuable information needed by New Delhi is to interrogate and learn all you can about the life of this alien.

The second quest in the game concerns the investigation of the murder of a particular woman inurgaon. This crime scene investigator, Major Jasmine Becket, is asked to track down the killer using her newly found skill to discover the location of the crime and where all the witnesses are located. The method used here is to search every possible place for the victim’s body and discover its DNA sample. This method is very simple but because there is no way of knowing the locations of the witnesses other than asking them, the whole operation takes several days and weeks to complete. Fortunately, there is a way around it, using a special type of software called Xenophage Destiny 2.

Using this software you can cut through the much legwork and research involved in the previous quest. This method allows you to go straight to the focal point, which is the location of the final victim’s body. This way you can skip all the other side quests and cut straight to the meat of the story. This particular quest also ties in with the second major quest in Xenophage Destiny 2. The three major characters in this game all have connections to each other and throughout the game, you will learn who knows what among their relationships. It is this connection that provides this third major focus of the game, uncovering why the main characters have to team up to solve the crime.


The goal of this particular objective is simple, find and bring back the real body of the deceased victim, in this case, the young lady who was killed by the Ripper. Using this information you can then use the Xenophage Destiny 2 exotic quest reward machine gun to dispose of the body. What makes this objective really easy to do is that there are many ways in which this particular quest can be approached. You can either start this quest in just a few hours, which is what happens in the novel or take a couple of days to complete it as certain choices will make the outcome more positive.

Another great part of this quest is the weapon you get as a reward. The new exotic weapon is the Double Edge, heavy damage shooting a machine gun. This weapon in itself is not very challenging to handle and can deal out lots of damage in a short amount of time. This makes the whole object of the adventure all the more worthwhile.

Finally on this list of objectives for this quest we see the final part, which is the recovery of the brain. In the novel, this brain is recovered easily and without any major problems, but in terms of actually getting it into the game, this is one of those areas where the help of an expert comes in handy. Fortunately, this is an optional objective and can be handled by any player of this game. The top two objectives for this quest can be easily completed by any class in the game, including the hardened raider.