How to Download Pinterest GIF Directly


We all know that Pinterest is a place where we can find amazing GIFs. But the saddest thing is we can only pin and save them on Pinboards and can never download them to our devices. In this story, we are going to share with you what we found while we were searching for how to download Pinterest GIF. There is a small tool called Pin Downloader. It seems the tool can help us to solve this trouble. Just continue the narration if you too want to know the best answer for how to download Pinterest GIF. It is not another stuff that we are going to add to your smartphone or PC. You can use it as an online download method. And it can support you to download all interesting GIFs from pins.

How to Download Pinterest GIF?

Pinterest is a social media platform where so many members around the world upload their pictures, videos, and GIFs. And there are so many categories. If your friends want to know a place to download GIFs, let them know that Pinboards whatever they need. However, watching GIFs is not enough. Of course, we like to use them on our chats, and other SM platforms too. But, sharing the Pinterest post on them is not possible and even it is not fine. So we have to know if there is a proper way to download Pinterest GIF. If you know about the Pin Downloader tool. It is the best of the bests that can help you to download hundreds of GIF files.

Download Pinterest GIF with URL is truly easy with the Pin Downloader. It goes through the CDN server of the platform and saves the file offline. Unless all we can do with Pinterest posts is just save them on our Home and create Pinboards to specifically pin them. But, thanks to this Online Pinterest GIF Downloader, we can bring any file to the gallery and watch them many times without wasting our mobile data. Of course, you can visit your Pinboards. But you have to turn on data or Wi-Fi for that. And also, you can use those unique GIFs on other platforms as well from now.

Complete Guide to Download Pinterest GIF

Guide to using Pin Downloader on desktop

  • Go to your Mac or Windows machine and open the browser
  • Search the Pinterest web page on the first tab and open another tab and search the Pin Downloader there
  • Then, go back to the Pinterest page and sign up
  • If you already have a Pinterest GIF, open the post right now
  • Use the link or share icon and copy its URL. If it is easy for you, go to the address bar of the browser and copy the link there
  • Now go to the other tab
  • Do not scroll down the tool page. On the top there, you can see the place where you have to enter the URL
  • Paste it right away and click the download button also
  • The preview will come into view. You can go to the chart that opened and select the file size you wish. If it is ok to download the GIF in its original size, do not go to the chart. Just click the download button and go on

Guide for Using the Pin Downloader on smartphones

If you are using an Android or iPhone or iPad, you can copy the Pinterest GIF URL using the Pinterest mobile app. It is the only difference between these two step guides.

And when you want to copy the GIF link, it will be easy to tap on the Copy link or the share post icons. The link can copy to the clipboard easily.

When you are ready to download Pinterest GIF with the link, open Safari, Google Chrome, or any web browser on your smart device and paste it to the tool.

If you are using a smartphone to Download Pinterest GIF with URLs, it is good to check your storage space. If it is not enough, the tool will fail to download the file.

Note: Using the tool on your desktop or smartphone cannot make a difference. Choosing the device is in the user’s hand. Pin Downloader can download Pinterest GIF on whatever device. All the user has to worry about is connecting with proper internet access. So, Download Pinterest GIF Free is not slower at all.

What’s more?

In addition, to download Pinterest GIF files, this Online Pinterest GIF Downloader can download pictures and videos as well but only if they are from Pinterest. The significance of the tool is it is an exclusive method for Pinterest users. And even thousands of files too can download for absolutely free.

However, this is a very safe method that only uses CDN servers of the platform. This means the Pin Downloader uses the link that the user submitted and goes through CDN servers. It is the only way that it can download files for you.


Hope you got the answer to how to download Pinterest GIF directly. Do not waste your data watching videos, GIFs, and pictures on your Pinboards. Download and save your data if there is something interesting. The tool is ready to download and even ready to convert into readable files as well. You do not have to pay a single $ for that. The Pin Downloader is such a simple fellow that even comes as an online tool. You can open it when you want to download and close it when you have finished. It is such a simple deal without updates and managing like often apps. Even though this is not the official announcement of the Pinterest team, do not doubt suggest it to your friends who want to know how to download Pinterest GIF directly for free. You can guide them to copy and paste their GIF URL to the Pin Downloader download section. It does not matter whether the deal is about a photo or video because the method is the same.