Worried About Online Security and Privacy? Get Facebook Spy App

Last month one of my kids came to me and informed me about an event they are going to join on the coming weekend. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest. They told me that the Facebook community has arranged it and there are thousands of people who are interested and planning to go to this event. I thought of it as some simple teenager stuff and allowed them to go. But it was not a simple teenage thing. Turns out someone from the group attacked the cops on duty. It was a mess after that. I saw the news on Tv and you can’t even imagine how much I was shocked and worried when the breaking news was about an attack on a cop in a supposed peaceful protest. I was unable to contact either of them for about an hour or two. Those were the longest hours of my life. After two hours when I was about to leave for the target area they called. Apparently, my youngest got injured and was in the hospital for first aid. The catastrophe left many people severely injured.

Thankfully my girl was among those who got discharged after the treatment. I picked them and came back. The whole way home I was quiet. They realized the mistake and thus they did not even say a word as well. We reached home and all I asked them was to give me their phones. Both of them quietly handed me over the gadgets and left. That’s when I decided I am never letting them go to any Facebook or any other event ever. The first step to initiate I planned to get their phone. Now the next step needed was installation of the spy app. 

Yes, the only way that I am not allowing them to any event was I must know about such events. The key to that door was the use of android spy apps like the OgyMogy. The spy app offers tons of features that allow the user to get into Facebook or any other social media account of the target. In case you are not grasping the whole situation, here is a step-by-step guide about how you can know about the online life of your teen. 

Choose The Best App:

The first and most important step is the selection of a suitable app. I chose Ogy ogy as they offer three different kinds of bundles and support multiple platforms. Another major reason behind selecting this app is that it has a very friendly user interface. Everything is simple and even non-techie people like me did not face any problem in using the app.  

Access the Target Gadget:

You need to have physical access to the target gadget for installation. Even if the monitoring is all done and managed remotely, the installation needs physical access. 

About Social Media Monitoring Features:

The app covers many social media and instant messenger chat apps. You can simply get the feature and monitor the online activities of your kid silently. Yes, you can keep the whole spying mission secret from your kid if you don’t want them to know. Keep in mind that the parental control app is simply for safety and wellbeing and not a surveillance or trust issue thing.  

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook spy app gives remote control to the user. You can know about the kid’s online activities, posts, interests, and everything with simple clicks. 

Get Notified About The Facebook Live:

Know when they are going live and check if they are at a safe place. Don’t allow them to go for anything in the run of more likes and followers. Facebook’s spy app allows the parents to keep a checkout of Facebook posts.

Know Who Are They Friend’s With:

You can check their followers and friends list and can track anyone found suspicious. People make fake accounts, sometimes just to stalk or bully others. Know the online community of your kid with the OgyMogy Facebook spy app. 

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Check The Event Details:

In case they post or show interest in any event you can first check the facts and figures. This is only possible if you are a regular user of the android spy app or Facebook app. 

Jump Into The Inbox:

You can even read the text message as well. 

Visit OgyMogy.com and explore other social media monitoring features.