Tumblr Spy App Best Bet To Protect Your Teen’s Privacy

tumbler spy

In the start, it was all about the famous Facebook and how it was the coolest trendy thing to be a social media user. With time the Instagram took its place and then you can add your photo with more attractive filters and thus this updated version of the previous social media app was on the rise in-game and fame. Now you have dozens of social media platforms who share some of the common features like it’s here to make you the capital investment and brainwash you to manipulate as they want, other than that everyone offers a single or two unique features to get a sincere sole audience restricted to that specific app. So now we are divided.

Some prefer to waste time on Facebook, others like to do it in a more fancy way through Instagram or Snapchat and some like to give it an artistic touch and like Tumblr.

Tumblr is a social media app that is like a scrapbook for status or texts, images, video files, gifs, and many other things just like any other social media platform. It is like the commo of a typical blog and Twitter feed as one can share their opinion, ideas and talent through the Tumblr feed and can like others with the same interest and hobbies. Just like Twitter where everyone gets famous from any viral tweet and retweets, here we are happy if our post gets reblogged by any humble user.  No need to make the account by real name you can start by any funky or mysterious username to attract more followers and this my friend is the start of a nightmare story called Tumblr. Another breaking news about this social media platform is that by default it lets every profile open to the public. Meaning if your teen has a Tumblr account and he or she is lazy enough to go to the Tumblr website and then change some setting to make the profile private then you are in trouble. Open to public profile means anyone can watch, visit and reshare your teen post and that is not a good sign from a teen’s perspective. 

So what are the odds then one can know about their teen Tumblr blog post and can even find them in the social media platform in the sea of anonymous user names. Well, I will say let’s just not go on to that path. Let’s make it simple and easy once and for all. No need to make an account, no need to search for a username or blog details why not simply get the Tumblr spy app and get over it in one big step. 

Know About Their Username:

Well whether your kid likes to stay anonymous on the social media platform or not use the Tumblr spy app and it will let you know right away. You can know about their profile details along with every blog and post remotely with the help of the TheOneSpy app. 

Worried About Easy Access To Mature Content:

It is a lot easier to access mature content on this social media app. But no need to panic or to be worried. With a little help from the Tumblr spy app, you can keep an eye on the search and reblog posts of your teen and know about their state of mind and interest. A timely notice of any kind of weird habit can help the parents to nip the evil in the bud and that’s how a spy app can help the parents and be like their secret guardian angel. 

Check Out Their Blog Content :

You can easily check out the blog and other updated content of your teen on the Tumblr feed by using the Tumblr app. The remote access to the teen’s account can help parents to know more and in detail about the teen through its blog content. Whether it is in text form, an image or video file, a gif, or an audio clip all is in the easy remote access of the parents. The app records every social media activity of the target for the parents and upload s the recording on the web portal of the app. 

Don’t get drowned in the deep sea of social media apps. Take help from TheOneSpy.