6 Actionable Tips To Create Killer Instagram Bio In 2020

Instagram Marketing

Want to write a perfect Instagram bio?

This is the ultimate guide to create your Instagram bio in 2020.

Why Instagram Bio Matter:

When it comes to the word “bio” is a small word but it holds a lot of weight on your entire social media account.

Many people seek solutions to their problems, if your profile meets their requirements they usually follow back you.

They might follow you as long as you and there is a chance to unfollow you it all depends on your bio.

Especially if you are a marketer, bio is a challenging stage because it represents you and your brand online.

You have to impress others with only 150 characters. So Bio still matters and let’s discuss how to create the perfect Bio for your Instagram profile.

Few Insights to make your Bio More Powerful:

  • Easy to read :-> The language you used in the bio should be easy to read and simple.
  • Add Bit of humor :-> Don’t write serious statements or any other boring stuff. Add some humor to your statements.
  • Add Information :-> Educate your followers and give some valuable information.

Best practices for creating Stunning Instagram Bio:

Use Emojis: 

 Emojis are a must-use tool for your Instagram efforts. It captures the attention of others.


Emotions are an incredible method to illuminate a discussion, particularly while messaging a friend. This is a similar effect it will have on your potential customer when they collaborate with your Instagram account.

Every instagrammer intention is to get more followers and get more exposure to their brand. In this process emojis  also play a vital role. Adding some emojis with cool colorful visual treats makes you something special.

Emojis makes your profile attractive and it would help you get more followers.

Have you seen a lot of emojis on Instagram and do you know which are the most used emojis?

If you don’t, let me update here, According to 2017 statistics most used emojis were the camera emoji.

Not have much excitement right? The reason is simple because emojis’ basic rule is to support what you say in the text. Try now the pikdo Instagram is the best web browser for all about sharing Instagram images, So camera emoji makes sense right.

Add Hashtag:

A hashtag is a mark utilized in social media that makes it simpler to discover data with a subject or explicit content. Hashtags urge online social media clients to explore content that gets their attention. Association can utilize hashtags to arrive at their intended interest group and to assist individuals with filtering data.


Hashtags are a significant way to grow your Instagram followers. Exactly when you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. … Individuals can likewise decide to follow hashtags, which implies they could see your hashtagged post in their feed regardless of whether they don’t follow you (yet)

While there’s no restriction to the number of hashtags you can utilize, simply ensure you have the correct blend. These can likewise change with time contingent upon the season or campaign.

The Most Important “Bio” section:

An Instagram bio is a little summary, found underneath your username, about yourself or your business. In your Instagram bio, you can incorporate a short portrayal, contact info, emojis, and then some, if you hold it under 150 characters.

This is where you add some ‘meat’ to your Instagram profile. It is the segment under your business name where you clarify what your brand is all about. You have at any rate 150 characters to communicate and tell your potential customers what is your business and brand.

It is in this segment that you will persuade potential customers that they ought to follow you for an opportunity to experience what your image offers. Taking into account that you don’t have a great deal of room to compose a more drawn out bio, it gets urgent to locate the ideal blend of words to showcase your image successfully utilizing not many words.

Adding Website URL:

This is the main piece of your profile that permits you to add links that are clickable for your clients to explore further on the off chance that they need more information. Since you can’t add clickable links in posts, this is the main piece of your Instagram bio! 


Exploit this space and make ideal content on the bio that would make clients need to find out about your business or association.

Call To Action:

Although there is an alternative to add a call to action button, you can likewise pick to incorporate it as a feature of your profile. This way it’s more visible and you can utilize it to express the activity you might want your followers to take. 

Call to Action

This can be something like ‘Follow Us’ or even ‘Purchase Now’. Adding a source of inspiration in your profile essentially allows you to catch your client’s consideration by clearly indicating the expectation of the content. It propels your clients to act such that will impact their shopping experience and eventually advantage you through a deal.

Contact Information:   

At long last, your visitors may increase interest in your image and what you offer and want to get further details. Guarantee you give utilitarian contact information — a phone number or an email address that you can answer quickly.

Contact Information


Every individual and marketer uses different strategies on  Instagram to make their profile unique and something special from others. Creating an Instagram bio is simple and applying different strategies that work and maintaining users’ trust level is different.

One of the simplest tips for writing a killer Instagram bio is knowing what your goal is. Ensure you have a clear sense of direction before you string words together. Your Instagram bio is that the very first thing users will notice once they inherit contact together with your account.

Have a transparent goal and layout before you begin to write down. Keep the data up so far and if you would like to include a link, confirm it’s clickable.