Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Podcasts?

How to locate and draw in your target demographic

Social media is a must for promoting just about anything these days, and your branded podcast is no different.

In light of this, you should approach the production of your series and everything else your team does to promote growth with the same strategic planning that you do when promoting your podcast.

Even though trial and error and A/B testing are both valid and useful parts of the marketing process, a smart brand creator doesn’t just throw resources at a wall and see what sticks.

Most shows choose to advertise on many different channels, but you can increase your chances of success by coming up with a plan that works for your target audience.

To perfect your approach, you need to know which platforms your brand’s target audience uses the most.

Sure, common sense tells us that your Facebook “happy retirement” series will surely perform well, but a Reddit cryptocurrency deep dive might go better.

We can also expect that Baby Boomers will use Facebook more than TikTok and that most Gen-Z will be dead before they use the social media sites their parents like.

I have generated a list of podcast sites where you can create or upload podcasts instantly.

Can we go further than that, though? Do our predictions match the actual statistics, too?

In this article, we look at the most recent studies on how people use social platforms. This is useful information that can help you promote your program, get more people to watch it, and grow your business over time.

Common Platforms Used By Podcast Listeners

Here are the stats…

  • 68% use Facebook.
  • 64% of people use Instagram.
  • 45% use TikTok.
  • 38% use Pinterest
  • 38% use Twitter
  • 35% use Snapchat
  • And 34% use LinkedIn

Let’s analyze the data.

The most basic correlation between podcast listeners and social media users is that each platform draws at least a third of the regular listeners surveyed.

By itself, this information should make it clear that social media is a great tool for businesses that want to use branded podcasts to target, draw in, and grow their audience.

We can also see that those who listen to podcasts are considerably more likely to use Instagram.

So please go and interpret this as your cue to…

  • Boost your series’ Instagram presence.
  • Make a variety of image and video resources.
  • Possibly even start a separate account only for your podcast.

Final Thoughts

Having said all of this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, while the statistics are undoubtedly useful, you will want to take your podcast’s format into account as you develop your social strategy.

B2B brands, as we already indicated, are probably going to do well on LinkedIn.

Or maybe you have a podcast about food or photography. In that case, Instagram might be your best bet.

Making a DIY or home decor series? Perhaps it’s time to show Pinterest a little more affection.

In the end, market research is important, but you should also learn about your target audience, what channels they prefer, and what really drives them.