One Piece: 7 Shortest Arcs In The Manga, Ranked 2020

One Piece Arcs

1bettor login is a manga known to be very long and has arcs that can once in a while range more than 100 sections. Being one of the best manga ever, it’s implied that every one of the arcs in One Piece filler is incredibly composed and their length is regularly what makes them exceptional.

In any case, the manga additionally has loads of short arcs that fill in as the development to an all-encompassing subject of an adventure. While not long, these arcs are still very charming, with some of them being among the absolute best in the arrangement.

Post-War Arc (17 Chapters): This Arc Covers The Aftermath Of The Paramount War

The Post-War curve happens straightforwardly after Shanks stops the Paranormal conflict and sees the absolute most significant stuff in the story occur. As the world experiences a convergence of privateers after Whitebeard’s passing, the Marines make an honest effort to look after control.

In the interim, Luffy recuperates from the conflict on Amazon Lily and fans will see a flashback of his youth with Ace and Sabo. Waking up from his torment, Luffy is in the long run comforted by Jinbe and afterwards prepared by Rayleigh.

The Little Garden bend happens after the Straw Hats show up on Whiskey Peak. Not long after withdrawing, they land on Little Garden which is an island stuck on schedule and is home to ancient creatures and plants.

There, the group likewise meets Dory and Broggy, two monsters from Elbaf. The circular segment sees the Straw Hats rout Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek and afterwards cruising on to Alabasta to stop the Rebel Army.

8Orange Town Arc (14 Chapters): Nami Is Introduced and Buggy Makes His Entrance

Orange Town is the second bend of the One Piece arcs arrangement and sees Luffy and Zoro set out on their first appropriate experience in the wake of turning out to be crewmates. Showing up at Orange Town accidentally, the two conflict with Buggy the Clown, a privateer who is known to have been to the Grand Line.

All the more significantly, Luffy discovers Nami and needs her to be the guide of his team. In the wake of managing Buggy and taking his guide, the Straw Hats sail on towards the Grand Line.

7Amazon Lily (11 Chapters): Luffy Is Sent To The Women’s Island

After the partition of the Straw Hat team at Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy ends up on Amazon Lily, an island in the Calm Belt brimming with resilient ladies fighters. Their chief, Boa Hancock, turns out to be one of the Shichibukai, and despite the fact that she isn’t attached to Luffy at first, her sentiments towards him change.


Hancock winds up beginning to look all starry eyed at Luffy and therefore, Luffy gets a chance to sail to Impel Down and save Ace.

6Post-Enies Lobby Arc (11 Chapters): The Straw Hats Recuperate At Water 7

After a brutal fight at Enies Lobby, the Straw Hat Pirates wind up resting at Water 7 preceding they’re met with Garp’s abrupt appearance. Significant insights concerning Luffy’s family are uncovered in this circular segment, alongside the data about the four most grounded privateers on the planet, known as the Yonko.

This bend gives an extraordinary set-up to the New World, which is acquainted with the fans by Koby as the ocean where privateers battle to turn into the King.

5Whiskey Peak Arc (9 Chapters): The Straw Hats Arrive On Their First Island In The Grand Line

After at last entering the Grand Line and acquiring a Log Pose, the Straw Hats sail towards Whiskey Peak, an island brimming with abundance trackers and professional killers, a large portion of which work for the Baroque Works.

Battling and beating them all, the team ultimately meets Vivi, who uncovers herself to be the princess of Alabasta and requests their assistance. Consenting to help her, the team sets off towards Alabasta.

The Romance Dawn curve is the principle circular segment of the story and acquaints fans with Monkey D. Luffy as a ten-year-old kid. The privateer Shanks additionally makes his introduction and is the one who saves Luffy and pushes him ahead to turn into a Great Pirate.


This curve additionally shows fans how Devil Fruits work through Luffy’s Gomu no Mi. Afterwards, Luffy discovers Koby, and towards the end, Roronoa Zoro, the Pirate Hunter, turns into his first crewmate.