Marketing Appeals Used For Selling More Gift Items

Custom Gift Boxes


With the advancement in technology, competition in everything is increasing day by day. These days, we can even start a business by having a limited budget. People are using new ideas, strategy and planning to increase their sales. And that is the reason why almost every product is getting modified. If we were to talk about a cell phone, we all see how much it has updated. Each company is trying its best to provide their customer an efficient product. In the same manner, the first-ever packaging box was made in 1817 in England. But since then, it has been updated. And it got modified according to the client’s preferences and sellers’ requirements.

Many people think that custom gift boxesare only getting used to secure the product, but it’s just a misconception. Not only the appearance of packaging boxes has been updated but so does its purpose.

We not only use packages to secure a product from external hard. But we also use it to attract and impress our clients and to increase our sales. But to do so, we must customize it accordingly. And can make them look elegant and professional. There’s a type of packaging boxes that are getting used for expensive products. This packaging box can get many manufactured in many shapes and sizes. It could also get fabricated according to the client’s preferences.

Such a packaging box is known as a gift boxand gets customized elegantly. Do you want to enhance the appearance of your packaging boxes? Do you want to attract and impress your clients? If yes, then keep reading because we would be discussing how you can make your custom gift boxes more elegant and charming.

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What is Marketing Appeal and Its Types?

Marketing is an art, and not every person has the talent to draw a piece of artwork. But with the advancements of technology, it’s not that difficult anymore. These days all you need is the right pieces of equipment and a unique idea. There are many ways to promote a brand and a product. But, sometimes, we would need a strategy. Some marketing appeals are getting sued to attract and impress the clients. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes emotional. But the goal is the same, which is to attract new clients and impress the regular ones.

  • In logos appeal, we give logical reasoning to the clients. And we try to appear professional and more reasonable.
  • In ethos appeal, we try to deliver a lot of information about a product. And in this way, we tell the client what exactly they would need to have the commodity.
  • In pathos appeals, we try to create an emotional response. We could see such types of claims in an awareness video.

1.   Emotional Appeal:

We all have seen the video where we see an emotional scene or a picture. Such types of appeals are getting used to winning an argument. In this type of promotion, some catchy and sentimental sentences get written on the packaging boxes. And in this way, they affect the client and can increase their sales.

2.   Fear Appeal:

Fear is one thing that keeps us going. We do some tasks to get rid of the consequences. But how we customize our packaging boxes with the fear appeal. How about using an organic box and telling the customers about the dangers of plastic. In this way, not only does your brand look professional, but also it attracts customers. 

  • With a fear appeal, we force people to take some actions. We change their way of thinking. And allow them to consider the worst-case scenario.

3.   Endorsement Appeal:

Who wouldn’t love to purchase an item when their favorite celebrity picture is on it. That’s right, each day, we see many products getting customized this way. Whether it’s a rising star or our favorite football player, we could pay extra for a customized product. Just like that, we see that kids always get attracted to the toys whose packaging has their favorite cartoon character imprinted on it.

4.   Brand Appeal:

Have you ever wondered why we spend a lot of bucks on a product from a luxurious brand? We not only pay for the product but also the little logo imprinted on gift boxes. Many famous brands do not even bother to customize any additional designs on the box. All they do is print their logo on the box. And clients would buy it having no second thoughts.

5.   Scarcity Appeal:

Who would not buy a limited item? Have you ever wondered why some brands even produce limited products? It is a strategy to attract clients and make them buy the item. The sellers use the scarcity approach to build fear in clients whether they could find the product in the market or not.

6.   Reward Appeal:

We purchase an item because its packaging says we could win a reward. We buy the item and open the product, and look for the price. Sometimes, we get lucky and receive little rewards. And sometimes, we are out of luck. But in both cases, we purchased the item, and the seller quickly sold its product. It is the reward appeal.

7.   Humor Appeal:

Who wouldn’t want to read a catchy and funny sentence? We often find it entertaining to read a hilarious sentence on the box. But it is a strategy for marketing. In this way, they not only attract the passer-by. But it also forces them to at least try the product.

8.   Logical Appeal:

In the logical appeal, we represent facts and figures to win an argument. We do not play bluntly and describe our product in a straightforward manner by using custom gift boxes.