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10 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Business

Introductory words

All the newly ecommerce business now focuses intensely on content marketing ideas to promote their business initially and to create brand awareness. It is found that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer the brand that is authentic and has a good reputation on different social networks.

So, investing in content marketing seems the only logical thing to do while launching a new one or an existing ecommerce business.

10 creative content making ideas for ecommerce business

There are different sorts of content marketing ways that any business can embrace while continuing their content marketing campaigns. However, we have picked the ten most popular and shared content marketing ideas for an ecommerce business.

Let’s dive in;

1. Product videos

Product videos are another significant type of content marketing for ecommerce. This sort of content marketing is even more effective when the product comes with different unique features.

So many brands have YouTube channels of their own to show their existing and coming products. A high-quality video can trick the minds of the viewers into feeling like they are experiencing the product even before getting the product.

The YouTube channel of Apple is an excellent example of it. They show all the features of all their products through this channel. You can also embed YouTube videos on websites to showcase the YouTube videos right on your website.

2. Product guides

You can spice up your content marketing strategies by creating product guides for your own products. By creating product guides, you get the opportunity to educate your potential customers. Product guides are a very essential and creative tool for content marketing. In the ecommerce business, it is prevalent.

You can create a how-to guide for different ranges of products in multiple steps with proper visuals. It would make the audience understand the usage of the product more. Ultimately, as a result of it, they would convert more.

3. User-generated content

It is a modern concept of marketing content. Here the users create content and publish it on social media platforms to share their opinions. Hence, it helps brands to significantly raise brand awareness.

Here different ecommerce businesses can arrange contests on various social media to post content while having their products with a particular hashtag. This way, the online world gets flooded with the content of one specific ecommerce brand.

GoPro camera marketing strategies perfectly demonstrates the ideal example of utilizing user-generated content for marketing purposes.

You can then integrate Social media Feeds into your website to showcase content created by users. Eventually, display social proof, increase social reach, build brand trust and loyalty, drive sales and conversions for your business.

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4. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest content marketing tactics. Yet it is still not obsolete. They know that according to the data of Campaign Monitor, every 1 USD spent for email marketing generates $38 ROI.

There are different ways to carry on an email marketing campaign. You can send personalized mail like welcome mail or promotional emails according to your offers. Promotional or holiday offer themed emails significantly boost the sale.

The average open rate of email marketing is 22.86% in the year 2019. Ignoring it entirely would be not so good to take an ecommerce business to the next level.

5. Blog posts

For any ecommerce business, it is quite challenging to get inbound links for their sites through a guest blog. So you can create valuable and engaging blog post content for your website. Also, you can outreach for guest posts to the blogs of the same industry.

Doing so, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website, and you will get a higher rank on the organic search result of different search engines. Creating longer posts are most likely to get more preference on the search engines while preparing blog posts it should be kept in mind.

6. Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is nowadays the most powerful way of gaining the attention of prospective buyers. It is a way to connect with the target audience for an ecommerce brand by getting traffic and so many social shares.

But before rooting for a digital storytelling sort of content, you have to acknowledge your target audience well. Only this way you will be able to add an emotional element to the story,

7. Influencer’s marketing

Online influencers are the people who have a significant amount of followers online. They consistently create content online that provides value to their followers. These influencers can be blogger, vlogger, celebrities, public figures and so on.

Ecommerce businesses can approach them to promote business. It is quite common to the ecommerce businesses to embrace influencer’s marketing during the launch of the business to build brand awareness quickly. 

8. Creative music videos

The music grabs the attention of people quicker than anything else. So creating music videos and releasing it online is an impactful content marketing idea for an ecommerce business.

So, creating a video with a proper message about the business and then uploading that video in a different medium like YouTube after perfect optimization will reach so many people.

9. Content publish on different magazines

Magazines still haven’t lost their appeal. Having high-quality visuals, headlines, and relevant editorials are what make magazines lucrative to the readers. So, having a subscription-based magazine is an excellent way of nurturing a relationship with the target audience.

For an ecommerce brand magazine can play a massive role in building brand loyalty and strengthening bonding with the customers.

10. Sending newsletter

People nowadays are pretty busy. Usually, they do not have the time to go to an online ecommerce store all the time. So to remind them of new or limited edition products, ecommerce business owners can send them newsletter directly to the customer’s inbox.

Most of the times, customers this newsletter very warmly as those help them to remain updated about your store’s newest products.

Wrapping up

The content marketing arena is continually changing. In today’s world, the most challenging work to do is to grab the attention of the people. Content marketers are bringing newer ways to do do the job.

Content marketing can have a significant impact on taking an ecommerce business to a whole new level. By focusing on content marketing, ecommerce businesses are now trying to sustain their business in such a competitive environment.

So, people truly say content is the king in today’s world if you want your business to thrive.

Marketing Appeals Used For Selling More Gift Items


With the advancement in technology, competition in everything is increasing day by day. These days, we can even start a business by having a limited budget. People are using new ideas, strategy and planning to increase their sales. And that is the reason why almost every product is getting modified. If we were to talk about a cell phone, we all see how much it has updated. Each company is trying its best to provide their customer an efficient product. In the same manner, the first-ever packaging box was made in 1817 in England. But since then, it has been updated. And it got modified according to the client’s preferences and sellers’ requirements.

Many people think that custom gift boxesare only getting used to secure the product, but it’s just a misconception. Not only the appearance of packaging boxes has been updated but so does its purpose.

We not only use packages to secure a product from external hard. But we also use it to attract and impress our clients and to increase our sales. But to do so, we must customize it accordingly. And can make them look elegant and professional. There’s a type of packaging boxes that are getting used for expensive products. This packaging box can get many manufactured in many shapes and sizes. It could also get fabricated according to the client’s preferences.

Such a packaging box is known as a gift boxand gets customized elegantly. Do you want to enhance the appearance of your packaging boxes? Do you want to attract and impress your clients? If yes, then keep reading because we would be discussing how you can make your custom gift boxes more elegant and charming.

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What is Marketing Appeal and Its Types?

Marketing is an art, and not every person has the talent to draw a piece of artwork. But with the advancements of technology, it’s not that difficult anymore. These days all you need is the right pieces of equipment and a unique idea. There are many ways to promote a brand and a product. But, sometimes, we would need a strategy. Some marketing appeals are getting sued to attract and impress the clients. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes emotional. But the goal is the same, which is to attract new clients and impress the regular ones.

  • In logos appeal, we give logical reasoning to the clients. And we try to appear professional and more reasonable.
  • In ethos appeal, we try to deliver a lot of information about a product. And in this way, we tell the client what exactly they would need to have the commodity.
  • In pathos appeals, we try to create an emotional response. We could see such types of claims in an awareness video.

1.   Emotional Appeal:

We all have seen the video where we see an emotional scene or a picture. Such types of appeals are getting used to winning an argument. In this type of promotion, some catchy and sentimental sentences get written on the packaging boxes. And in this way, they affect the client and can increase their sales.

2.   Fear Appeal:

Fear is one thing that keeps us going. We do some tasks to get rid of the consequences. But how we customize our packaging boxes with the fear appeal. How about using an organic box and telling the customers about the dangers of plastic. In this way, not only does your brand look professional, but also it attracts customers. 

  • With a fear appeal, we force people to take some actions. We change their way of thinking. And allow them to consider the worst-case scenario.

3.   Endorsement Appeal:

Who wouldn’t love to purchase an item when their favorite celebrity picture is on it. That’s right, each day, we see many products getting customized this way. Whether it’s a rising star or our favorite football player, we could pay extra for a customized product. Just like that, we see that kids always get attracted to the toys whose packaging has their favorite cartoon character imprinted on it.

4.   Brand Appeal:

Have you ever wondered why we spend a lot of bucks on a product from a luxurious brand? We not only pay for the product but also the little logo imprinted on gift boxes. Many famous brands do not even bother to customize any additional designs on the box. All they do is print their logo on the box. And clients would buy it having no second thoughts.

5.   Scarcity Appeal:

Who would not buy a limited item? Have you ever wondered why some brands even produce limited products? It is a strategy to attract clients and make them buy the item. The sellers use the scarcity approach to build fear in clients whether they could find the product in the market or not.

6.   Reward Appeal:

We purchase an item because its packaging says we could win a reward. We buy the item and open the product, and look for the price. Sometimes, we get lucky and receive little rewards. And sometimes, we are out of luck. But in both cases, we purchased the item, and the seller quickly sold its product. It is the reward appeal.

7.   Humor Appeal:

Who wouldn’t want to read a catchy and funny sentence? We often find it entertaining to read a hilarious sentence on the box. But it is a strategy for marketing. In this way, they not only attract the passer-by. But it also forces them to at least try the product.

8.   Logical Appeal:

In the logical appeal, we represent facts and figures to win an argument. We do not play bluntly and describe our product in a straightforward manner by using custom gift boxes.

How To Get The Most Out of Keywords In PPC Advertising?

Brands are always looking to attract a prompt search engine visibility, in case you are one of those brands too then, there is nothing better advertising opportunity for you than the Google Ad-words. However, you may already be aware of the new PPC advertising but most people are still new to it. Even when people know the ins and outs of PPC they still struggle to get the most of it, which is why we at Ingenious Guru are trying to help you out here.

If you think bidding on the right keywords and customizing PPC campaigns is your forte then we have some good news for you! Get ready for the website traffic rolling in for you. One rule that you MUST keep on your fingertips is, that the cornerstone of any effective PPC campaign is keyword research, and going for the best keywords to bid on can get you the most conversions and clicks. However, it is no walk in the park because it is pretty confusing; we would suggest you have a clear mind while you are planning to offer PPC services

Keyword research is both science and art; it’s the perfect fusion of both. It is all about utilizing the myriad tools at your disposal and understanding your customers and forecasting what terms they are using to search for the products and services. That’s the most effective way of ensuring your ads pop up right in front of the potential customer while searching for the products or services you offer.

Following are a few tips to help you get the most of the PPC campaign because a failed PPC campaign can be pretty hard on your pocket and would just break your bank. So do not risk it and make sure you are effectively following every step.

Keyword Research

To rank on top you HAVE to HAVE effective and clear keyword research, it is the key to reach the customers. Failing at this step would unfortunately take your whole PPC campaign down, and we do not want that for you. Keyword research is the most essential step for hundreds of aspects of marketing campaigns however for PPC services; it is your secret weapon to climb up the ladder.

To start with you, you must be familiar with the Keywords Planner of Google Ad-words. Once you have set up your Google Ad-words account, you have a plethora of options to derive the keywords that suit your campaign the best.

Following are a few steps that you must follow to ensure a clear cut keyword research strategy.

  1. In the Keyword Planner make sure you are selecting the “search for new keywords using a website, category or phrase”
  2. The next step is to select “targeting” depending on your locality and geographically. 
  3. Type in some raw keyword ideas and click the “get ideas” in order to have a list of keywords.
  4. When you generate the report you must focus on the following ideas.
  1. Ad groups
  2. Average monthly searches
  3. Competition
  4. Ad impression share
  5. Suggested bid

  It is important to take note of the averages in ad groups and select the ad groups that you want to include in the keyword list. Scan the list and eliminate all the keywords that you think are relevant to your business. It will give you a shorter list of keywords that you can use in your Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs Without A Website campaigns. 

Apart from running your ads, you can do a lot with PPC advertising which you can discuss below!

Proof of Concept testing

Consider building an effective and simple landing page and create an Ad-words campaign driving traffic to it for a couple of months. If it results in creating qualified sales and leads you to know you can use it for a long term SEO strategy.

Conversion testing

It is quite unbelievable but still, most of the websites do not have any conversion tracking system. When your conversion data is linked to keywords you have a chance to target your top keywords for SEO success. One of the best features of Ad-words is phone conversion tracking and yet people do not take much advantage of it. It’s time you do your business a little favour and set that up today if you have not already done so.

Click through rate testing

With the help of Google Ad-words, you have an option to experiment with your PPC ad copy that can help you optimize your ads with the CTR. The higher your CTR is the better your ranking results will be on Google. 

CTA testing

Ad-words are the perfect way to test CTAs on your website; you can see which platform is the best to get you the optimal results.

Following your competitors

Ad-words can help you follow your competitors and crush your competition online. While you do not have the liberty to put your competitors’ name in your copy without their consent, you can bid on their trademark to use as one of your keywords. When your customers are searching for your competitors online, your name will appear at the top of SERP.

Going to the basics

While you are setting up your Ad-words, Google will guide you to overspend [this is their trick of extracting some extra money] therefore you need to make some adjustments to generate an extensive ROI. It would not be wrong to say that Ad-words setting up is pretty intimidating particularly if you are doing it for the first time. It’s better to hire professionals like Ingenious Guru for this job. 

Nevertheless, if you are still planning to do it all on your own here are a few tips for you!

  1. If you are a local business, choose your geographic territory so that ads only show up for people in your area. Be sure you are selecting the people that live in your targeted area otherwise you may get interested people who do not really live in your area.
  2. Be chosen with your keywords and keyword phrases. 
  3. Make sure you are using the negative keywords feature.
  4. Get the best use of free ad extensions for our copy expansion.
  5. Connect your account to your Google My Business page to get complete access to the additional information of your business. 
  6. The final step is to use retargeting features of Ad-words.

SEO and Ad-words

Ad-words are generally a better investment than other forms of traditional advertising. Your dollars will go much further if you get the perfect combination of both. However, nothing beats the top organic Google ranking when it comes to ROI. Nevertheless, even with the most effective SEO campaign in place, it is not really possible to rank on the first page of SERP for all the variation of targeted keyword phrases. While ad-words help in getting clicks on tricky keywords, SEO can get you organic traffic to your website. Using both is the ideal way of marketing.

Learning to Avoid Common Test Automation Mistakes

Humanity has been using technology to evolve and make processes better than ever. The current news shares that automation testing is the new trend in the world of technology and every independent software testing company is moving towards it. It is because of the benefits it has to offer to the companies and their clients. However, a few companies have shared that they did not feel any change in their processes and progress even after using automation testing. Where did they go wrong? Let’s discover together some of the biggest mistake’s companies make while using automation testing.

Focusing on User Interface

A lot of automation testing tutorials you would come across will tell you to open the user interface and connect it to the back end of the app or the software and run it. It seems pretty easy but in reality, it is very slow. It seems to do really great in the beginning but with the passage of time, things slow down and the independent software testing gives up on automation testing. So instead of just relying on the interface testing, companies should follow two or more sorts of testing.

Build, Test and Deploy Pipeline

The majority of the software testing companies prefer to follow build, test, and deploy pipelines. In the struggle to follow this process, the companies forget to focus on a dozen other activities that are equally important. So, instead of just focusing on creating test cases, releasing new builds, and deploying the final changes, companies should take account of selecting and setting up an environment, defining proper design for the tests, developing a strategy, collecting test data, and a lot of other things.

Keeping Development & Testing Separate

The majority of the software and mobile application testing companies believe that software must be completely ready before testing it. However, this approach does not only take a lot of time but at times the chunks working yesterday stop working a day after. This creates a situation of panic and stress that neither benefits the development team not the testing team. Instead of following this approach, testing teams should test the code from the very beginning to ensure nothing goes wrong in the end. This also fastens up the process of editing the software and moving towards the final version.

Depending on Testing Tools

Almost every independent software testing company believes that once it shifts to automation testing, the duty of the testers is done. They believe that everything will be done by the software and tools so the testers would be putting in the least effort or zero effort. This approach is entirely wrong as the tools used for testing are no more than a few lines of codes and there will always be room for improvement and issues in code. No software is perfect so the testers must put in some effort too. It does not mean that you should do manual testing after automation testing but it means that you keep an eye if the processes are going right or not. The technology link with the people in every step to keep the process easy and advanced.

Learn the Basics of Quality Link Building

Even if it is a brand-new business on the internet block or an old fellow, link building guide is essential. Be it offline or online. SEO has a vast scope for applying modification and various tools to your business. Therefore, it is critical to learn about building quality link building and implementing high-quality approaches. This guide will help you find something or the other useful thing for your business. regardless if you’re just starting a new website, or if you’ve been in the game for a while.

Link Building:

It is a method of earning other website’s hyperlink on your website. Often more, referred to as only “link” is a definite way to intensify the usability while switching between webpages on the internet. The search engines make use of these links to crawl around your website. Plus, the links on the website. There are several techniques to enhance the link-building across the website using these. Many SEOs will agree with the fact that building links is an arduous job to do.

Why Link Building is Critical for SEO?

Dig in deeper to understand how links work for the website’s good. How the search engine perceives the link and crawls like these:

<a href=>SEO Link Building Service (Keywords Optimization Service)</a>

1. Link Tag Start:

Link Tag Start is often referred to as anchor tag noted as “a”. Which felicitate the link tag and let the search engine know what a link to something means. 

2. Link Referral Location:

The “href” denotes for hyperlink referral with a text inside quotation marks indicates the URL to the pointing link. However, the link does not need to be a webpage all the time. It can be a link to any image or a download link to any file. 

3. Anchor text:

Understand the anchor text as a prompt or a promo of the webpage. In other words, what to expect on the webpage when you click on this link. Anchor text gives an idea of the link that makes it understandable to the reader of the text. Besides, this text is mostly underlined or has the blue color of text to denote user can click on the link. 

4. Closure of the link:

The link tag closure with again using letter “a” indicating the end of the link tag to search engines. 

How Can Link Building Benefit Your Business?

SEO Link building can take your business to newer heights. These links signal the search engine to crawl the website and consider all the high-quality links to enhance ranking. Worthy link building ensures establishing your brand-name among the top of the industry. 

Link building will help outreach to other relevant websites and blogs of your related business industry. Which in turn will also help promote your freshly created content of the website. It can become a trusted relationship building with such links in the long-term run. 


Having trustable link building will help your business to establish itself as an authority in your niche. When you create new content or a blog post, not all will trust your webpage. There are more chances your target audience would listen to the fellow bloggers or industry members promoting the content. 

9 Reasons Why Social Commerce Is Crucial For Brand’s Online Business

In the 21st century, we have seen people getting connected to each other on social media platforms. Social media has become popular for almost every age set of people, whether these are a teenager or older people. People are using social media platforms on regular platforms and it has become a part of their life. They wish to get an update with the social feeds of social media platforms such as Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, Reels & Photos on Instagram.

Do you know that an average person spends nearly 5 years of his/her life on social media?”

And this duration may get an increase in the upcoming years. You can leverage this popularity of social media platforms for your business as well. Social media platforms give you an immense opportunity for your business expansion and increasing sales.

In today’s time, social media is not just limited to connecting people or giving insights into people’s social life, but it can also play a very important role in transforming the online shopping of customers.

Do you know that nearly 10% of online customers check social media for better buying decisions? And 75% of these bought an item as they have seen on social media?

In this article, we will be knowing about almost every aspect of social commerce and why it will be crucial for your e-commerce brand.


  • What is Social Commerce?
  • Why does Social Commerce Work?
  • How to Use Social Media Platforms For Commerce?
  • Popular Social Commerce Platforms
  • 9 Reasons Why Social Commerce is Crucial For Brands

Continue reading this article to know how to leverage social media for your brand…

What Is Social Commerce?

According to Taggbox, When a customer buys, or a merchant sells an item on a social media platform then this activity is termed Social commerce. Many companies are implementing it in various ways. The main thing in social commerce is that purchasing will be done on a social media platform either wholly or partially. There are online retailers who use platforms like Facebook for selling. The buyer can make a purchase directly from there. Generally, the social media platform comprises global or local marketplaces such as huge businesses that can sell millions to the users on their platform. There are many different activities on the platform like learning about a product by direct messages or chat with sellers, making a mobile payment through a social media app, etc.

A few examples of social commerce are:

  • Google Shopping Ads on YouTube and other platforms
  • Product Pins with Prices on Pinterest
  • Chatbox for inquiring about products or services
  •  Forums & Groups for selling items
  • Products for selling on Facebook marketplace
  • Product links, posts, reels, etc. on Instagram

Why Does Social Commerce Work?

There are many reasons for which social commerce works. Fundamentally, it advantages the fact that shopping is a social pleasure. We have observed the removal of the traditional barriers which creates friction, lengthy checkout processes.

Some of the major reasons why social commerce is so powerful and important are:

Makes online shopping smoother:

The users have to click on a few buttons without entering the long details of address or payment details. These details are already stored on the social media platform. As you can check the reviews and comments of the product directly on the platform, then there is no need for research as well.

Online Retailer can reach new markets:

There is great speed and ease for online retailers for testing the new markets. This makes social commerce a viable long-term strategy. E.g. Facebook, is a great platform for advertising across the world, with out-of-the-box targeting and testing features.

Creating buzz and conversation for new products:

As we mentioned, shopping is not just a buying activity but also a social activity. If the retailers can showcase their products directly to the customers on social media platforms then it will create lots of buzz and excitement. It can also create urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Retailers can meet customer needs with streamlined stores:

The retailers can get in-depth analytic reports and tracking tools on the social commerce platforms which they can use to customize their offerings for the customers. The storefronts on social commerce platforms are not having huge customization options unlike in an e-commerce store. Thus, online merchants should be selective about which products may promote. But no worries, there are no negative effects of it. The social audience data will help the retailers to provide only the most relevant and demanding items.

Personalized Customer Experiences like Retargeting:

There are many personalization features on social media platforms such as Facebook retargeting which can improve the efficiency of ads and posts on the platform.

Adds another channel for customers:

Some customers don’t wish to buy from an e-commerce platform but instead prefer to stick to social media apps. Social commerce is a great way to let the retailers reach them on their preferred platform.

 When you analyze all the benefits with the point that social media is one of the top sources of product reviews and the most preferred source for researching a product on the internet, then you can realize the power of social commerce.

How To Use Social Media Platforms For Commerce?

We have already mentioned the benefits of social media platforms for e-commerce. But how can we use them to make the most out of them?

Here are a few ways:

Conjunction with other parts of a social media strategy:

The best social media strategy is to engage users, build relationships, and provide enticing content. Social commerce lays on the foundation of engagement of active users which is more likely to be successful.

Trying new features:

You must give close attention to social media features and test them. It includes shopping-related features, Facebook Messenger Advertising, Instagram story tags, “Shop the Look” on Pinterest, etc. Having knowledge of new feature releases and using them will help you to stay ahead of the competitors.

Streamline with Automation:

If possible, use technology to automate the tasks. Omni-channel e-commerce software is mandatory.


There are huge opportunities with influencers. You can collaborate with an Instagram influencer to promote your brand or products. The ROI will be very high as there will be a huge influx of new customers.

Enticing content creation:

The content should be an amalgam of product recommendations, entertainment, and practical value.

Focus on the best products:

On social commerce, you have limited space to showcase the products. Thus, you must focus on proven products that can appeal to your followers.

Popular Social Commerce Platforms:

The major social media platform which is used for selling products are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We will discuss in detail how you can sell products on each of these platforms.


Facebook is the best social media platform for initiating your social commerce strategy. This platform lets the users buy and shop your products. Buying activity on Facebook centers on Facebook stores. There are native stores on Facebook which the users can access through business and fan pages.

Firstly, you have to set up your store on Facebook. If you are already using well-reputed e-commerce development platforms like Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce, then the process gets smoother. There are many options of automated integrations for uploading the products on these platforms.

After uploading the products to the store, you also have options of tagging products in posts and videos. The users would be able to click on the products to purchase in the stores. You can even advertise the products from your store on Facebook Messenger.

Mostly, the stores prefer to showcase some particular products instead of showing the entire catalog. Organizational features such as collections make the Facebook store navigation easier, but still, they can’t handle huge catalogs. The best approach is to create a mix of posts that can advertise your products on the main site and Facebook store.


Instagram is a great social media platform on which they can create posts & stories about their products and include links to products. Users can see the products on these posts and then click to quickly purchase them.

The Instagram Checkout feature allows to sell the items directly through the app. However, these features are not available everywhere but if you are an English-speaking country, then no worries. For selling products on Instagram, there is a review stage and you have to meet a criterion. But in the end, you have to link your business profile with the catalog. Thereafter, you would be able to create shopping posts and stories.

On clicking “tags” on Instagram posts (which include price & discount information), the users will be navigated to another page with a CTA thanks to links to an e-commerce site.

There is also an Instagram Shopping feature whose functionality is similar but it navigates to direct business e-commerce sites. Instagram ads can also increase your audience. Instagram is having a huge potential for social commerce in the future.


Twitter is a highly popular platform which is most used by celebrities, businessmen, sportsmen, film stars, influencers, etc. It also enables businesses to sell products. Your followers can easily purchase the products on this platform.

When you tweet about any product on Twitter, you can also add a buy button. So, whenever a user will check the photo of the product on your tweet, they can also click on the button and then buy. The customer doesn’t even have to leave Twitter for purchasing the product.

Just like Facebook, it is possible to run promoted tweets on Twitter for showcasing your products.


Pinterest is a photo-based platform but quite different from Instagram. On Pinterest, you can easily integrate the photos of the products for selling to potential leads. There are “Product Pins”, “Shopping Ads”, “Shop the Look” pins, for showcasing multiple products on a single image.

Firstly, you have to create a business account and then link it with the catalog of your product. Thereafter, you have to show the product’s images along with their price & stock level. There will be a CTA below the image where the users can click.

The audience of Pinterest is made up of genres that are highly profitable for e-commerce retailers, especially in the fashion industry.

9 Reasons why Social Commerce is Crucial For Brands:

Here are the major reasons why you should initiate your business on social media platforms:

Higher Search Engine Rankings:

The engagement of users on your social media page will be not just limited to the transaction. Any SEO analyst will tell you that social commerce can also increase the traffic on your e-commerce store which can influence your search engine rankings. If you share the links of your website on social media content, then this will be an excellent way to drive traffic. Social commerce also allows the audience to engage with a comment, like, or share for a larger audience.

Authentic Engagement and Traffic:

As we mentioned above, increasing your social media reach will be the first in eventually making conversions. Social media gives a great level of engagement and reach that online businesses get whenever they share content. By coming up in the feed of your follower regularly, you are becoming a part of a powerful branding opportunity. People who regularly see a brand are more likely to purchase and recommend that brand.

Social commerce gives people to connect with a brand through 2-way communication. The customers will not just engage with a brand but can leverage the efficient customer service on the channel for solving problems.

Customers Loyalty and Retention:

While using social commerce, you are not just trying to sell the products and promote your brand but are also aiming for building good relationships with potential customers. You can build and maintain customer relationships for deepening trust and loyalty. This will lead to creating happy customers which are satisfied with your service. These customers would remain your regular patrons with repeated purchases. Remember, treat the first time buyers and repeated buyers in the same way. It is incredibly important.

Business Metrics From Social Media Platforms:

 In business marketing, you have to constantly and check whether you are getting positive ROI results. You must create a marketing campaign of which you can measure the value. The objective of this campaign must be aligned with your organization’s key performance indicators.

It is easy to evaluate the performance using Social media commerce. There are built-in metrics for impressions, engagements, reach, etc. on Facebook pages, Instagram business accounts, and Twitter tweets. Apart from this, you can also measure traffic by social media posts on your website through website click counts. The other metrics for determining positive ROI are the total number of followers on social media accounts, likes, and overall sentiment of interactions.

Partner with influencers:

Mouth publicity of your brand is responsible for 26-50% of purchasing decisions. When you get a presence in the words of people on social media, you create brand awareness and credibility and can increase sales.

The best way for mouth publicity is collaboration or partnership with influencers. Influencers have a huge following on social media platforms. They can draw the attention of those followers to your brand. Research from Nielsen, Carat, and YouTube states that partnership with an influencer can give your business 4 times more lift in brand familiarity in comparison to a celebrity collaboration.

Reputation Management:

The customers are already talking about your brand on social media platforms, regardless of whether you can respond or not. If your team is on the ball, you can gather important social posts about your brand for showcasing the positive and address the negative before it becomes a blunder.

If you come across something which is not true about your brand or business then you must share your side of the story in a polite & professional way.

Customer Service & Customer Support:

Your customers and brand audience expect your presence on social media platforms. For any queries, they want to reach out to you on social media platforms. As per Harvard research, brands that don’t meet such expectations damage their bottom line.

As per an HBR research, that focuses on tweets, the customers who get a response for their tweets are ready to spend more time with your brand on a later purchase, especially if they get a response within 5 minutes.

Consistent audience growth:

In social commerce, the posts and ads on social media can help in driving traffic to your ecommerce store. Sharing relevant, trending, and quality content from your blog or website to social media platforms is amongst the best ways to get an audience as soon as they get published.

Participation in chats such as the weekly chat #HootChat on Twitter can increase brand visibility, get attention from a new audience, showcasing your USP, and drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

Keeping an eye on the competition:

In the e-commerce store, it is important to know what the audience is saying about your competitors. For instance, tracking mentions of your competitors will let you know the pain points with the products that you may reach out to address, winning new customers in the cycle.

Monitoring the competition on social media platforms also makes you aware of when the competitors came up with new products, run promotions, and release new data reports.

Wrapping Up

There are infinite reasons why many brands are leveraging social media platforms and going for social commerce. Social commerce is helping brands to increase sales & building a brand reputation. After reading this article, you must have realized the importance of social commerce for your e-commerce business. The best ecommerce development services in India can build e-commerce stores that would be highly compatible with social commerce from scratch. 

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels

The brand new Instagram reels are the hying trend of the year 2020. Instagram introduced the reel feature in August 2020 and within 6 months, this feature has taken over the world. 

The Instagram reels feature was launched just after the ban of TikTok. Due to which the new feature was constantly compared to TikTok. Though both the applications have very similar features yet they are very different from each other. 

Now, you might be still wondering what is Instagram Reels, and how you can use it in different ways.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows you to make videos of 15 to 30 seconds and do whatever you want to do. This latest feature is available in the US and other 50 countries. The Instagram reels feature is being used worldwide by many established creators as well as budding creators. You can record as well as edit your videos and even select songs for Instagram reels. These Instagram reels can be shared in stories, the reel tab, Explore Feed, and to your page.  

Instagram Reels is a great platform for budding creators who wants to show their talents but are shy to make a long igtv. Reels makes such a good option for them to try their skills and fulfill their dream to be famous. 

In the 21st century, being famous is easy if you the right skill and talent. Applications like Instagram are providing you a huge platform to present yourself in front of the whole world with the comforts of being at your home.  

Instagram has been very regular in updating the reels feature to make it better as well as user-friendly. With the recent update, the Instagram reels have a separate menu in the main navigation bar. This update will help you to gain more and more audience and your content will also receive an amazing engagement. 

From the Reels tab, you can not only see the videos from the accounts you follow instead you will see reels from some popular as well as trendings creators on Instagram. 

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Features of Instagram Reels

The Instagram reels is a whole another world in itself with so many different tricks and trends to follow. There are so many things that you can add to your Instagram Reels to make them look more attractive and trendy. We have listed some of the important features that you must know if you are also making Instagram reels.

The Featured Label

While scrolling down the Reels, you might have noticed a Featured label above the captions of some reels. According to Instagram, the Featured label will help the audience to discover the original content. 

Instagram will also notify you if your reel is Featured. This process is done to motivate the creators as well as to inspire and entertain the audience. 


You can add music to your reels by using the “Use Audio” feature. With the help of this feature, you can add any song, audio, or even a dialogue you like. There are tons of Instagram reels with music and audio on the platform. This will help you make your video clip more innovative and creative. 

For adding music to your reels, you can either select some songs from the Instagram library or use your own original audio. One important thing to know is that some music features might not work on some of the Instagram accounts.

If you find yourself stuck in between because of the music feature, remember that there are many ways to cater to those problems. You can record your own audio and then edit your video clip on some other platforms. After that post it on your Instagram account and voila your work is done!

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Instagram gives you plenty of video editing options. You can record a video directly from Instagram using a video countdown timer or even upload it from your camera roll. After making the video clip, you can trip the video according to your preference. 

Once you have the desired video length, you came many alterations using the Instagram editing tools. You can adjust the speed of the video and use different effects as well. 

Transition videos are such a trend these days, and even you can make it by just following these editing steps on Instagram.

After doing all the editing and adding the music of your choice, you can also add some Stickers using the Instagram sticker section. Along with that you can also create, draw and write texts on your video.

Creating Instagram Reels and editing them is no more a difficult task. You can use these features to make your reel more trendy and innovative. 

Browse as many effects as you can and add them to your reels. Make the most of these features and show your talent in front of the whole world. Remember that, if you think you have a talent then you can be famous and nobody can stop you. 

5 Social Media Aggregator Plugins for WordPress Websites

Searching for the best social media aggregator plugin for WordPress websites? Well, due to so many social media aggregator plugins available for WordPress websites it becomes confusing to choose the best suitable for you. In this article, you will find some of the best social media aggregator plugins available that can be suitable for your WordPress Website.

How to Choose the Best Plugin for Your Website?

Plugins are the additional software installed on a website to enhance the capabilities of the website. But sometimes they start giving problems to a website such as slowing down the website performance due to the loading of additional scripts. So you need to find the balance between performance and additional features. For overcoming these problems here are some of the best social media aggregator plugins for WordPress websites.

Based on the features, productivity and performance here are some of the best plugins:

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a great social media aggregator WordPress plugin for discovering, curating, and embedding feeds on WordPress websites.

Using this tool you can discover feeds from around 15+ platforms.

You can use the following methods for aggregating social feeds:

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Mentions (@)
  • Handles (@)
  • Locations
  • Pages
  • Channel URL
  • Playlist
  • Albums
  • Reviews etc.

These aggregating methods almost cover all the social media feeds including Instagram Feeds that are published on the platforms.

You can then use the following features for curating the social feeds:

  • Profanity filter
  • Moderation
  • Themes & Layouts
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Posts
  • CTA
  • Personalization

Using these features you’ll be able to make quality content.

You can also use the REAL-TIME UPDATE option for updating your social feed widget automatically with new posts.

Then just embed the curated content using the Taggbox Widget WordPress plugins.


Tagembed is a free forever social media aggregator tool that lets you collect, organize, and display the social media feeds on websites.

Tagembed is easy to use, all you have to do is collect the feeds in few clicks onto the Tagembed editor and then organize them using the below features:

  • Profanity filter
  • Custom CSS
  • Moderation
  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • Custom Posts
  • CTA

Also, a REAL-TIME UPDATE feature can come in handy for automatically displaying the recently uploaded posts.

Then using the Tagembed WordPress plugin you can effortlessly embed it into the WordPress websites in a few simple clicks.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a wonderful WordPress Plugins for social media platforms to keep the website visitors intact. It is super easy to set up and Install.

Features that make the plugin a wonderful go-to tool for websites:

  • Customize Fonts
  • Responsive Social Feeds
  • Add Like or Follow buttons
  • Load More buttons
  • Display feeds on post, page or sidebar

And many more that can help you make the feeds match your website theme.

Social Blend

Social Blend is a social media feeds aggregator plugin for WordPress websites. It allows you to create an embeddable feed for most of the social media platforms.

A simple shortcode will be created that can be used to embed social feeds on websites.

Features of Social Blend are:

  • Fetch the content using Hashtag and username.
  • Filters
  • Moderation
  • Layouts
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Custom CSS

Using these features you can create a beautiful looking social feeds widget for your website.

Twine Social 

Twine Social is an interactive and engaging plugin for a WordPress website.

Get a beautiful presentation of photos, videos, and other social feeds blended with the website theme.

You can aggregate feeds from almost 10 social media platforms.

Features that makes plugin super interactive are:

  • Aggregate feeds using Hashtags, Usernames etc.
  • Moderation
  • Group content by category.
  • Dynamics Layout
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Customs CSS

These features will help you organize a beautiful social feeds widget for the website.


These are some of the best social media aggregator plugins for a WordPress website that can make the aggregation, curation, and display experience amazing.

Choose the plugin based on your website requirements to grow the engagement on your website.

Different ways to Display Social Media Feeds on Websites

Displaying Social media feeds on websites is now easier than before. In a few simple steps, you can discover, organize, and display the feeds on websites.

There are multiple ways to display social feeds on websites which we would be talking about in the blog. But before that here are different types of social media feeds:

Some of the popular types of Social Media Feeds

Instagram Feeds

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform where users share photos and videos with their family and friends.

These users share their daily activities such as:

  • Achievements
  • Recent Pursuit
  • Project
  • Experiences etc.

Additionally, they can tag and mention their fellow person or other users on the feed to get their attention.

However, to get more visibility they can use relevant Hashtags in their feeds.

Facebook Feeds

Facebook is a global platform with a huge number of users. Users can share feeds in photo, video, text, GIFs etc format to interact with other users. You can share, like, comment and react on the platform feeds.

Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a microblogging platform used to share the opinions of users. The feeds published on the platform are known as tweets. These tweets can be in any form of expression but the text is only allowed up to 140 characters. 

Due to the limitations of characters users only share to the point tweets over the platform.

YouTube Feeds

Youtube is a video-sharing platform. Users upload and view videos for free. It is the largest video-sharing platform. You can find videos from seconds to hours long. The contents available on the platform are music-video, TV shows, short video clips, trailers, educational videos, live streams and many more.

Tumblr Feeds

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that lets users publish multimedia posts and other content in a short-form blog. The platform also provides the option of HTML editing for taking full control over the appearance of the blog. 

The most unique feature of Tumblr is that it lets you schedule the posts for hours and even days.

Apart from these platforms, there are many other social media platforms available. But these are some of the most popular social media platforms & part of best social media marketing.

These feeds can be discovered, organized and then can be embedded into the websites.

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Different ways to display Social Media Feeds on Websites

Some of the methods of embedding these feeds on the websites are:

Social Media Aggregator

Social media Aggregator tools that let you aggregate, organize, and embed feeds into the websites.

Using an aggregator tool makes the following process more simpler and effortless for anyone to embed feeds on the website.

Social media aggregator is a go-to tool for many popular brands to easily discover the feeds based on the following methods:

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Mentions (@)
  • Handles (@)
  • Locations
  • Pages
  • Channel URL
  • Playlist
  • Albums
  • Reviews etc.

Using the above methods you will almost discover all the social media feeds. Brands use the tool for saving their lot of time in discovering and utilizing their resources and time in other business strategies.

And it is worth using a social media aggregator tool, as discovering feeds from the web is time-consuming and importantly you may end up losing top feeds that could make a difference by embedding.

After aggregating feeds, the aggregator allows you to organize the feeds to make it more appealing and attractive using the following features:

  • Moderation
  • Profanity Filter
  • Layouts and Themes
  • Personalization
  • Custom CSS
  • CTA
  • Custom Posts etc.

These features will help you make quality content that matches the theme of your website for embedding.

After discovering and organizing the feeds the last step is to embed the feed widget on the website.

For embedding, you need to generate the embedding code from the social media aggregator tool itself. 

After generating the code, login to your website backend and paste the code into the HTML editor and save the changes.No technical knowledge is required for using the tool.

Official Social Media Embed

Officially all of the social media platforms provide the option to embed the feeds on the website.

All you have to do is select the particular feed from different social media platforms and then copy the embed code and paste it into the website.

Whenever you open a post, you’ll find three dots on the top of the post. Click on it and you’ll find an option of “Embed”, on selecting it you’ll be presented with the URL code that can be copied and pasted into your website editor.

Though there’s a drawback to this that you will have to dive into the ocean of data to find the relevant data. 

For organizing the feed you’ll need to have the technical knowledge that can help you make the feeds widget match the theme of your website.

Website Developer

Developers are the backbone of running a website successfully. They can easily use different feeds from different social media platforms and embed them into the website.

With proper technical knowledge, they can create a well-defined feeds widget for your website. That will match the theme of your brand as well.

The only limitation comes in collecting relevant feeds from the social media platform.


These were some of the different ways of displaying social media feeds on websites. Well, all the methods work well with the requirements but the social media aggregator tool is the recommended- way to use for displaying. Cause it’s easier to use and the best way to discover posts from the wide library of feeds.

6 Actionable Tips To Create Killer Instagram Bio In 2020

Want to write a perfect Instagram bio?

This is the ultimate guide to create your Instagram bio in 2020.

Why Instagram Bio Matter:

When it comes to the word “bio” is a small word but it holds a lot of weight on your entire social media account.

Many people seek solutions to their problems, if your profile meets their requirements they usually follow back you.

They might follow you as long as you and there is a chance to unfollow you it all depends on your bio.

Especially if you are a marketer, bio is a challenging stage because it represents you and your brand online.

You have to impress others with only 150 characters. So Bio still matters and let’s discuss how to create the perfect Bio for your Instagram profile.

Few Insights to make your Bio More Powerful:

  • Easy to read :-> The language you used in the bio should be easy to read and simple.
  • Add Bit of humor :-> Don’t write serious statements or any other boring stuff. Add some humor to your statements.
  • Add Information :-> Educate your followers and give some valuable information.

Best practices for creating Stunning Instagram Bio:

Use Emojis: 

 Emojis are a must-use tool for your Instagram efforts. It captures the attention of others.

Emotions are an incredible method to illuminate a discussion, particularly while messaging a friend. This is a similar effect it will have on your potential customer when they collaborate with your Instagram account.

Every instagrammer intention is to get more followers and get more exposure to their brand. In this process emojis  also play a vital role. Adding some emojis with cool colorful visual treats makes you something special.

Emojis makes your profile attractive and it would help you get more followers.

Have you seen a lot of emojis on Instagram and do you know which are the most used emojis?

If you don’t, let me update here, According to 2017 statistics most used emojis were the camera emoji.

Not have much excitement right? The reason is simple because emojis’ basic rule is to support what you say in the text. The platform Instagram is all about sharing images, So camera emoji makes sense right.

Add Hashtag:

A hashtag is a mark utilized in social media that makes it simpler to discover data with a subject or explicit content. Hashtags urge online social media clients to explore content that gets their attention. Association can utilize hashtags to arrive at their intended interest group and to assist individuals with filtering data.

Hashtags are a significant way to grow your Instagram followers. Exactly when you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. … Individuals can likewise decide to follow hashtags, which implies they could see your hashtagged post in their feed regardless of whether they don’t follow you (yet)

While there’s no restriction to the number of hashtags you can utilize, simply ensure you have the correct blend. These can likewise change with time contingent upon the season or campaign.

The Most Important “Bio” section:

An Instagram bio is a little summary, found underneath your username, about yourself or your business. In your Instagram bio, you can incorporate a short portrayal, contact info, emojis, and then some, if you hold it under 150 characters.

This is where you add some ‘meat’ to your Instagram profile. It is the segment under your business name where you clarify what your brand is all about. You have at any rate 150 characters to communicate and tell your potential customers what is your business and brand.

It is in this segment that you will persuade potential customers that they ought to follow you for an opportunity to experience what your image offers. Taking into account that you don’t have a great deal of room to compose a more drawn out bio, it gets urgent to locate the ideal blend of words to showcase your image successfully utilizing not many words.

Adding Website URL:

This is the main piece of your profile that permits you to add links that are clickable for your clients to explore further on the off chance that they need more information. Since you can’t add clickable links in posts, this is the main piece of your Instagram bio! 

Exploit this space and make ideal content on the bio that would make clients need to find out about your business or association.

Call To Action:

Although there is an alternative to add a call to action button, you can likewise pick to incorporate it as a feature of your profile. This way it’s more visible and you can utilize it to express the activity you might want your followers to take. 

This can be something like ‘Follow Us’ or even ‘Purchase Now’. Adding a source of inspiration in your profile essentially allows you to catch your client’s consideration by clearly indicating the expectation of the content. It propels your clients to act such that will impact their shopping experience and eventually advantage you through a deal.

Contact Information:   

At long last, your visitors may increase interest in your image and what you offer and want to get further details. Guarantee you give utilitarian contact information — a phone number or an email address that you can answer quickly.


Every individual and marketer uses different strategies on  Instagram to make their profile unique and something special from others. Creating an Instagram bio is simple and applying different strategies that work and maintaining users’ trust level is different.

One of the simplest tips for writing a killer Instagram bio is knowing what your goal is. Ensure you have a clear sense of direction before you string words together. Your Instagram bio is that the very first thing users will notice once they inherit contact together with your account.

Have a transparent goal and layout before you begin to write down. Keep the data up so far and if you would like to include a link, confirm it’s clickable.