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5 Things You Should Know About DownloadGram Instagram Downloader

Today, we are going to talk about 5 things about the best Instagram downloader that we call DownloadGram. In brief, DownloadGram is a tool that users can use to download photos and videos from Instagram. For the reason that Instagram does not have a way to download media, having a third-party tool like DownloadGram Instagram Downloader is great. And having a user-friendly tool is more important. And also, it is a free offer. So, what we found as a DownloadGram Instagram Downloader can be introduced is perfect. If you still have not caught it, just try.

Anyway, here is the whole thing you ought to know about DownloadGram Instagram Downloader. Here we go.

How to download DownloadGram Instagram Downloader?

We should use third-party tools to save Instagram videos or photographs because of the copyright rules of Instagram. Though download is a definitive option in many social media platforms, Instagram is far away from that. Consequently, we have to find a way to accomplish it without difficulty.

DownloadGram is a tool that can be used as a third-party Instagram download option. Unlike mobile apps or desktop-based applications, DownloadGram Instagram Downloader cannot download on devices. It is a web-based tool that simply opens using a web browser. Therefore, DownloadGram is a pretty simple submission for anyone. Once the website is open, the tool is ready to use. No registration or sign-up.

Users can easily download photos and videos using links of Instagram posts. DownloadGram accepts any kind of media file that is displayed on Instagram. Whatever the photo or video should be a public post. It processes using the URL and saves files to devices in minutes.

What are the compatible devices?

Compatible devices and operating systems that a tool can be used as well an important fact. But it is not a big deal at all when it moves toward DownloadGram Instagram Downloader. The main reason behind it is that DownloadGram is an online method. What it simply means is, it is compatible with any device running any operating system. The most important thing is, it does not matter if you are with a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can use DownloadGram without installing.

Experts say DownloadGram Instagram Downloader can open using any web browser. So you can come across Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge or whatever. Moreover, there is no distinctive reason that keeps you away from DownloadGram Instagram Downloader because of your operating system. The device can be Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows or whatsoever.

Is it safe?

Yes, of course. Obviously, DownloadGram Instagram Downloader is a safe and sound tool. Because it is an online tool, there is nothing to worry about installing to the device. And even DownloadGram Downloader will not suggest you or download any other file without your permission. The interface is quite simple, so users will not get something wrong.

Furthermore, copyright rules of Instagram do not apply to DownloadGram Instagram Downloader. And the tool does not record downloads, your IP address or any single thing that put you in trouble. The Instagram photograph or the video that the user requests will be the only file that saves to the device.

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos?

Downloading Instagram photos and videos using DownloadGram Instagram Downloader is not complicated.

  • First of all, find the photo or the video that shared on Instagram
  • Go to its options list and copy the relevant URL
  • After that, go to the web browser and search DownloadGram Instagram Downloader web page
  • Open the correct web page and paste the URL that was copied earlier
  • Tap the “Download Now” button
  • Keep your eyes closer to see the preview of the photo or video that DownloadGram prepared to download
  • Tap the “Download” button again

That’s it.


  • Users can use the Instagram mobile app or the web version
  • Users who are using a PC can use two tabs in the same web browser to open Instagram and DownloadGram Instagram Downloader tool
  • Finding an old post is not difficult when using hashtags or the profile name rather than
  • Options of all Instagram posts are on the top right corner of the post
  • The download bar that users have to paste the URL of the post can find out from the top of the DownloadGram Instagram Downloader Website
  • Do not close the website after clicking the first “Download Now” option. Stay a few seconds until the preview is displayed. Check the preview and confirm that the URL you gave is correct. And then tap the second “Download” button
  • If the preview is wrong, it means you did not copy the correct URL. Go back to the Instagram account and copy the accurate link. And then start to download it
  • Files that download will save to usual folders or to the gallery
  • If DownloadGram Instagram Downloader cannot save the file to the device, check your internet connection and if the storage is full

Can I download any file using DownloadGram?

Unquestionably, users can download any photograph or video using DownloadGram Instagram Downloader. But, it does not mean DownloadGram stands for any media download. It was specifically designed as an Instagram downloader. The DownloadGram team clearly points out that the tool is designed and tested to download any public media file that is posted on Instagram. Photographs, video clips and IGTV videos can be saved to devices simply using their respective URLs.

What’s more?

At last but not least, there are a few things that cannot be neglected.

DownloadGram Instagram Downloader is a completely third-party offer of a team of developers. And do not forget that this is a free service. It lets you download uncountable photos and videos. The tool is based on a simple web page. So the page can easily load. Once the page is open, users can see the download bar and the download button. DownloadGram Instagram Downloader perfectly works behind a stable internet connection. If the internet connection is steady, it can perform more rapidly. 

How To Write A Reminder Email To Get Best Results?

A reminder email is an essential part of business communication and must be on the top of the list of marketing strategies. When crafted the right way, a reminder email can fetch you great results. Not only will it get you an affirmative response, but it will also help you build a long-lasting relationship with potential customers.

You have to keep some points in mind while writing reminder emails and follow a few guidelines while sending them. 

Different Reasons For Sending A Reminder Email

Before we head to finding out how to write a reminder email, you should know the different purposes of sending it,

1. To remind prospects about upcoming milestones.

2. To get customer testimonials and feedback 

3. To inform customers about new developments.

4. To draw the attention of prospects to events and upcoming offers.

5. To seek opportunities to upsell.

How To Write A Reminder Email?

When you are writing a reminder email, you must focus on each element of it. Following is what you must try to pay attention to,

1. Choose your subject line carefully

The fate of your email is in the hands of the subject line. After all, it is the first thing that recipients see. When the subject line is attractive, you can expect more email opens. There are several ways to grab the recipient’s attention. Use phrases like ‘Gentle Reminder’ and ‘Response needed’. You can also create a sense of urgency by saying things like ‘Offer ends in 1 hour’. This FOMO tactic works most often. 

2. Use the right tone

The tone of your reminder email depends on the industry you are in and your target audience. If you are sending emails to the younger generation, it is better to use a casual tone to resonate well with them. On the contrary, if you are addressing the CEO or managing director of a company, you have to be a little formal. Set the tone of the email right from the greeting. 

3. Focus on the email body 

After you are done with greeting the recipient, you have to shift focus to the email body. 

It is better to divide the message into two parts – the reminder and the call to action.

In the first part of the email body, come straight to the point. Remind the recipient about the issues for which you reached out to them in clear and short sentences. Also, ensure that the message is easy to understand. 

In the second part, you can add the CTA or Call to action button or link so that recipients are aware of what they should do next. Not having a clear CTA can confuse the recipient. However, don’t add more than one CTA in an email.

4. Finishing off appropriately

After you have finished writing the message, you can thank the recipient for spending their valuable time reading the email. Sign off with your name so that the recipient knows that it is coming from a human and not a robot. Also, having a clear email closing and using a professional-looking email signature will make you look more trustworthy in the eyes of the recipient. 

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Best Practices To Send A Reminder Email 

To send a reminder email, you have to follow specific guidelines to enjoy a higher response rate. Find them below.

1. Always reply in the same email thread

As people get many emails every day, it gets challenging to keep track of each of them. That holds good for your recipients too. Sending an email in a new thread can therefore make it difficult for them to find your email. It will be a lot easier for them when you reply in the same email thread. 

Apart from making your sales outreach emails lesser in number, the recipient would also know the context as they can look at the previous emails without moving back and forth. It makes it easy to move ahead with the conversation, and there is a lesser likelihood of missing out on something important. 

Choosing to send your reminder email in the same email thread will increase your chances of getting a reply from the recipient, as your email will seem important.

2. Keep the message short and sweet.

You have to try your best in keeping the message as concise as possible because the recipient may find such emails easy to read. You can add a greeting in the email to make it look real. Keep the tone of the email friendly and non-intrusive. Try to convey as much as you can in a few lines. Remember to value the time of the recipient who may not have all day to read lengthy paragraphs. 

3. Add a CTA

While you are sending a gentle reminder, there is a chance of engaging the recipient as well. As already mentioned above, adding a simple CTA or call-to-action in your reminder email will tell the recipient what they should do next. It will help them understand what you expect them to do, which removes the suspense.

4. Send it at the right time.

When you send an email is as important as what is in an email. The reminder email must serve its purpose. It is OK to send a late payment reminder one day after the lapse of a due date. Waiting for too long to send a reminder email will be of no use. You have to remind a person to do something on time. 

5. Use the opportunity to market your product.

You can make the most of your reminder email by adding images of your product or service along with their links. You can also promote the latest offers. By doing so, the recipient may get interested in your product or service. However, you have to be careful with this tactic and use it only when it seems relevant. 

The Final Takeaway

Reminder emails are essential when you want to build long-lasting relationships with prospects. Though you may send them for different purposes, you have to maintain a friendly and affirmative tone throughout. You can write effective reminder emails by following the tips and guidelines mentioned above. They will help you get affirmative responses from prospects and help in boosting sales. 

Virtual router Vs normal WiFi router: Which One Should I use?

A virtual router is more powerful than a normal WiFi router. A virtual router software-based framework allows the host machine to act as a hardware router in a local area network.

A virtual router is a software application that performs network and packet routing functions on a computer/server. VRRP can use virtual routers to improve network dependability. The default gateway is advertised by a virtual router backed by an honest router group.

One router will eventually kill the other. The “Virtual Router” demonstrates carrier-grade network performance and power. A virtual router can accomplish everything a physical router can do, plus more!

For example:

  • Unicast and multicast in IPV4/IPV6.
  • L3VPNs
  • VPNs at Layer 2
  • TCP/IP Deep Packet
  • Stateful FW

Virtual Router Vs Normal WiFi Router

Virtual routers are essentially physical routers, except that they do not exist in the physical space entirely. The true essence of a virtual router is that the hardware and software components do not exist under a single vendor, allowing each to function together and separately from each other such that disruption of one does not entirely affect the other.

Currently, the virtual routers more powerful than physical ones are those we employ on small scale-in homes, shops, and companies that do not need to transmit that many Gigabytes of data. For Core routers, the case is entirely different because virtual routers that can transmit hundreds of gigabytes of data without failure have not been developed.

For Personal Computers, there are a couple of advantages of using virtual routers over physical routers, and they are:

Flexibility: Unlike with physical routers where one would need to purchase a bigger router should there be a need to connect even more devices on its services, the software component of virtual routers can be easily upgraded in real-time. If there is a need for a downgrade as well, maybe due to any number of financial reasons, you can simply remove some PCs from the server.

Scaling: owing to the dissection of software and hardware router components, we virtual router owners can navigate control functions, and upgrade their device license through a simple upgrade, rather than having to rely on a vendor.

There are some reasons why should use Virtual Router:

1. One of the main reasons is virtual router allows you to connect with friends and relatives by voice. With the help of their smartphones, users will be able to make video calls or voice calls with their contacts. This feature can be easily available in any other WiFi router but this time it’s not available in normal routers. It will make your life easier especially when you are meeting family members or business partners.

2. It can watch videos or listen to music without any restrictions. It is hard to find a website that is available in your country, but you can feel free to watch it in your own country. In a normal WiFi router, you might have to face many restrictions. In a virtual router, there are no restrictions for doing these things.

3. The main thing is that it can access all of your favorite sites and social media applications without any limitations. Normally, the internet connection in your country may block some of them if you don’t have a virtual router in your computer. A virtual router will make you able to access all sites and apps through a single click on your laptop or mobile device.

4. It can use a VPN connection and this feature will make your connection faster than other WiFi routers.

5. Multiple Networks: The physical router has a single network whereas the virtual router supports multiple networks precisely.

6.  Virtualization: Using the Virtual router you can implement virtualization for the routing process with the help of VRF technology.

7.  Enhances reliability while establishing the connection

8.  Virtual routers are also known as backup routers and they are in the static form and it becomes active only if the first router fails to provide service.

9.  It has an efficient authentication strategy

10. It operates in three modes like Backup, Master, and Initialize states.

These features outrun the physical routers and there is the possibility to quickly replace them in near future.

Virtual routers usually come with more powerful features than the standard WiFi router. These features include the likes of content filtering as well as cloud management. Standard WiFi routers do not come with features such as these and you will be stuck with the factory features that come with the router’s firmware.

Portability is another strong feature of virtual routers over WiFi routers. Virtual routers are inside your PC so you do not have to carry around bulky routers when traveling while needing to stay connected.

Final Thought

Virtual routers are trending as they are quick and keeps tedious installation at bay. I have recently replaced a physical router with a virtual router and have experienced a great difference. It acts as a backup for the physical router and supports it if the original router goes down. Without spending a lot of amounts, you get to enjoy all the functionalities of a physical router using the software application. It’s free from any kind of physical damages and can be accessed from anywhere.

Subscribing to Visuals in SEO Strategy

Nowadays the user behavior is most talked about when any site prepares to set up its SEO objectives. However, it may not be as easy to define the audience each time, but seeing the quirks of today’s customers it becomes far more important to rule out the world of designing a great shopping environment for them. All the strategies should be result-oriented marketing strategies. How visuals go so well with SEO strategy, let’s learn more about it.

Visual Trading in SEO Strategy

Whether it’s the process of learning, communicating, or the information transfer in social media, visuals are doing their best in gaining extra points everywhere. Visuals are fast in capturing users’ attention and telling them to see more of it.
For an advanced SEO market, users are already slicing up the visual world with the help of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The use of cameras on their mobile phones is doing the most of this job. Therefore, customer acquisition can be achieved better and faster through visuals-based content.

No Language Barrier

Users are completely bowled over by the images and moving pictures, and approaching things that are visually driven. Having no bar to any language, visuals happen to be the latest and easiest way for quick information transfer to the brain.
Visuals require less time to read through and understand. They support different kinds of experiences for different users and therefore convey information to great possibility.

Fetish Consumer Behavior

Not many users are giving more than 10 to 20 seconds on a webpage. This finding has drawn a ruckus among the SEO industry where much is spent in terms of content and designing of a website. But why?
Because this is exactly even when the users are not in a hurry, they wouldn’t give their time. If you really want them to stay on your page, you must give them something interesting. Remember, only if they get, they can buy your lines.

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Zoom Visibility

Visuals design a riding experience for the users with the help of pictures, graphics, cartoons, diagrams, Infographics, pictorial flow charts, illustrations, etc. This helps in getting the raw traffic convert into active participants.
You can compare it with a TV commercial that works along similar lines to an SEO strategy. You would like to see an ad only if it rides you. Or else, you would prefer to leave your couch.

More Mileage Over Words

Visuals are a power pack as compared to words. The superiority is visible for many such websites that have chosen visuals in their content. The message conveyed through visuals builds up user perceptions and defines their purchase behavior.

Pro-Social Media Marketing

Visuals have two kinds of effects on the users: the current effect and the carryover effect. It is the carryover effect that brings the audience back.
While the strategy makers are relying on the visual weight, the audience gets to experience the enhanced levels of exposure. As a matter of fact, visual content has already grown as a vital force of communication on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Pulling to Action

Users like to draw fascinating findings around visuals. Their response is quick as visuals are fun and exciting to get associated with. The active participants by now decide to be the real users of your services.
Your visuals must tell the users to proceed with an action. This is even when you are not selling and just pitching your presence; visuals play a definite role in viral marketing.

Why Visuals are Unique in Many Ways

Visuals are a crisp and creative version of the essential information to be conveyed to the users. The active participants by now decide to be the real users of your services. Let’s know-how.
⦁ They catch the immediate attention of the users.
⦁ They help in visualizing a concept for them and rousing their interests.
⦁ They increase user engagement and encourage sharing.
⦁ The symbolic visuals are capable of turning a neutral response into a positive response.
⦁ A visual recall is long and prominent.


Visuals are very effective in fetching a direct and better response from the audience. They are great for building up long-term imagery in users’ minds. From its attention-grabbing to attention-holding capacity, visual content is surely a good ingredient for an SEO strategy. One must think of adopting them for raising a better audience.

What to Know Before Changing Website Design in 2021?

Are you planning to change your website design? Eager to start with new things! If yes, that’s great! A new website design is quite exciting but you must never be in a hurry when designing the website.

In fact, the majority of people prefer browsing a beautifully designed website. So, before changing your website design ensures to keep few points in mind to get the desired outcomes as per your expectations. Yugasa is a web and mobile app company that you can choose if you are planning to change your website design. 

Below given are few facts about the website design that one must check before changing the website design:

  • It takes just seconds for the customer to form a perception about your website
  • Majority of users not recommend business if the website is not mobile friendly
  • Many online shoppers won’t return back to website because of bad UX

Let’s dive into the things one needs to know before changing website design in 2021. Happy Reading!

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Review Your Existing Website

It’s vital to first review your current website to analyze the things that you like and the ones you don’t like. If you love few things in your website then ask yourself few questions like can they still remain on your new website? Do they increase your business value?

Make a list of things you hate. Ask yourself; can those things be removed easily without affecting the business? Can they be restructured in something better? Do they hamper functionality and so on? Asking all such questions from yourself will only help you in designing a better website. Yugasa can assist you in designing a responsive website design. 

Know your Audience

If you are planning to change your website design then the foremost thing you need to keep in mind is your target audience. For instance, what will work better for the generation of smartphone users will not at all work for 50+ age group of people; isn’t it? Since, they will require more guidance as well as more likely to read the things you write.

On the other hand, for smartphone users, they will just look, like and proceed with the option of buying.

Your Business Objectives

Before changing your website design, ensure to set realistic goals. Even in this year 2021, SMART model matters too.

Below given are few instances of SMART site goals for the website:

  • Marketing goals: incorporate driving traffic to site, generating leads, increasing engagement
  • Customer support goals: incorporate enhancing user’s overall experience
  • Timely goals: incorporate setting accurate dates and deadlines for achieving the tasks

Minimalistic and Organized Design

The reality is that people love to visit the website if it is uncluttered and organized. No one wants to visit a website that is overwhelmed by crowded design.

You can select few fonts and make use of them in different sizes so as to attain the perfect effect. Details like colour pallets, highlights, shadows, gradients have the power for giving your website a professional look.

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Mobile Friendliness

Do you know poor website design can affect conversion and sales? The site that is unattractive needs a change!

Your website must work great on mobile devices too which is quite important in today’s fast paced world of challenging business. This way you will get more traffic to your website.

Also, it’s a perfect strategy so as to rank on the top of search engines. Most importantly, you must give much attention to the website’s loading time, user interface, navigation, other design elements etc that can enhance your mobile functionality.

Restructure the Content

Do you know the content on website is something that has the power to persuade customers towards your website? So, for this reason, the content must represent professional images, combination of animation as well as other factors that attract your visitors.

Decrease Loading Time

There’s no doubt in saying that you will lose an audience if your website will take much time to load. Today, people want to go through a website that loads instantly.

So, try to include new elements in your website design that can improve your website loading time on browsers as well as mobile devices. Your site design layout elements determine your landing page load time. So, ensure to have a look on inner pages too that may have intricate user navigation.

Pay Attention to SEO Mechanics

When it’s about changing the website design, your first priority should be SEO. The fact is that elements of website design can impact meta tags, your site content as well as SEO mechanics.

In such cases, trick is to simply combine your efforts of website designing with the tactics of SEO.

Your Competitors

Go through your competitors website and try to find out what things work well for them, and what don’t. Are there some trends they have adopted? If yes, what features do they make use of? 

Keep in mind that things which are not working well for your competitors’ site will not work on your website too.

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Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the things you need to keep in mind before changing the website design in 2021. Remember, there’s not a single design; your site needs constant maintenance as well as touch ups. In reality, the backbone of your site relies on it only. 

By doing proper planning and investing some time in research to implement the above-given tips on the website can surely bring dramatic change. This, in turn, can help enhance performance, experience as well as your website user conversion rates.

Yugasa is a mobile app development company who boast a proficient team of developers and possess years of experience in the same. 

Marketing Strategies to fuel the growth of Export business in 2021

Showcasing is the aid of any business it is utilized for the advancement of merchandise and the administrations an organization is giving, for the brand mindfulness, to build the deals, for business development and to keep the correspondence with the clients.

Why Marketing is significant for the fare business:-

To Provide the Information about the merchandise/benefits an organization is advertising:-

It is valuable to give the data about the merchandise/administrations to the intended interest groups by utilizing different advanced stages, for purchasing the products or administrations clients ought to have the strong comprehension of how the products or administrations can be useful for them and advertising is the most ideal approach to speak with them to know their necessity and to give the merchandise and administration as indicated by their prerequisite. So in case you are wanting to extend your business and need to realize the clients request you should focus on the promotion as well.

An organization supports by applying the Marketing methodologies:-

Showcasing is critical to fabricate dependable connection with the client which needs to be made and kept up with on a consistent schedule. It shouldn’t be fixed that the showcasing interaction ought to be a continuous cycle in the organization which is the main factor to support an organization for the extensive stretch of time.

Work age:-

It is extremely mind boggling instrument which includes in excess of a man to play out any assignment, for example, advancing, selling, purchasing, financing, bookkeeping, transport, warehousing, hazard bearing and so on At each stage every one of the capacities are performed by different many individuals and people, thus it has critical job in business age in a country. There are practically 40% – 45% individuals who are subject to the promotion to procure their meat and potatoes.

For a persistent development in any organization or for any country there ought to be ceaseless showcasing. Then, at that point just a significant degree of supportability can be accomplished.

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Promoting utilized for the selling of products/administrations:-

Advertising procedures ought to be carried out so that they guarantee the development of the organization and present clients ought to consistently be on the primary need. Promoting assists with growing the base. Sharing on Facebook, promoting through offline media, including 3D banners, posters, and flyers, connected in or other web-based media stages about the labor and products can be a powerful method of promotion at modest expense.

It draws in with the current clients:-

Customer commitment ought to be on the need list for any effective organizations, it gives the arrangement of how to hold your clients. Update your clients by sending ordinary mail for the offers organization can give, or dispatching of new products or administrations.

Government drive to advance the fares:-

To Promote the fares, the government has dispatched different plans to give them a motivating force as a saleable permit. Under Advance Authorisation Scheme an exporter is permitted to import obligatory free sources of info needed to fabricate the fare merchandise by taking the development permit with the state of fare commitment. Fare Obligation must be satisfied by the exporter by doing the fare in the given time span.

Under MEIS Scheme products exporters can profit from the advantages as permits which can be utilized in installment of customs obligation. To get the advantages under MEIS application exporter needs to apply online on DGFT entryway by appending required reports like Shipping charges, eBRc, Valid duplicate of RCMC, DGFT audit the application and issue the permit if every one of the archives and application submitted online discovered great.if any issue in online business reported calls on my site

EPCG Scheme was acquainted under unfamiliar exchange strategy with issue the permit for bringing in capital merchandise without paying any custom obligations to make the fare products with the state of fare commitment (EO), under EPCG Scheme there are two sorts of fare commitment – 1) Average Export Obligation, 2) Specific Export Obligation.

The fare commitment can be gotten by doing the fare of multiple times the obligation saved sum on capital merchandise in the time of six years. The Government might give long term expansion to satisfy the fare commitment.

The point of presenting these plans under an unfamiliar exchange strategy is to make products cost serious in the International Market and coordinate the worldwide norm of the quality in the worldwide market.

There are different capacities associated with promoting like purchasing and selling of products, financing, transportation, warehousing and so on It is considered as the extraordinary method of creating work in light of the fact that to play out the total capacity of promoting huge number of individuals is required.SEIS Scheme was dispatched to work with administration exporters.

Promoting methodologies an exporter can use for the development of their organizations:-

  • Utilizing the Social Media
  • By making video instructional exercise and transferring it on Youtube channel
  • Fostering an upgraded site
  • Utilization of Email Marketing and selling

Legislature dispatched Advance Authorisation SEIS Scheme which permits the obligation free import of crude materials needed to produce the fare merchandise, EPC helps exporters for profiting the Advance License under the Advance Authorisation plot.

Mobile phones

Best Instagram Feed App For Shopify

If you have a Shopify store and are searching for an amazing marketing strategy, your search ends here. In this blog, we will be discussing one of the finest marketing strategies.

In this era of cross-promotion marketing, brands are emphasizing on having integration. And regarding the recent popularity, Instagram stands as the best platform for integration. 

According to stats, Shopify has over 820,000 merchants on the platform. Hence, to stand out from them, you need to have that X-factor for your store that not only attracts more people but also enhances their browsing experience. And you can achieve them by adding the Instagram feed on your Shopify website.

Although you can embed the posts one by one by copying the link and pasting it on the backend of your website, it is a time-consuming process and has a lot of limitations. Hence you can always use Shopify apps to ease your process. Talking about embedding itself, you can use the Shopify Instagram Feed app by Tagembed, which you can easily find on the Shopify app store. The app is absolutely free, easy to download, and provides great features.

Benefits for Shopify store:

  • Increases the vibrancy of your shopify store – carry the vibe of Instagram contents straight to your website.
  • Provides social proofs – Build your customer base by displaying images, videos and more to your visitors.
  • Boost user generated content – Display content from your users and encourage them to produce content for your website.
  • Builds social media strength – Provide a sneak into your Instagram presence, and grow your followers
  • Helps in conversions – Showcases social proofs, reviews and more and convert your visitors into your customers.

Features of Shopify Instagram Feed:

  • Display variety of content – Besides Instagram, the app is also compatible with 15+ other social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all major platforms. It means you can showcase different content and keep your visitors engaged.
  • Compatible to stream videos – While it can display various content from various platforms, it can easily stream images and videos on your website without any trouble without affecting its speed.
  • Customization – While you are at Shopify, you need to have an attractive website to attract people. And to make that possible, the app helps you in different ways, and one of them is by allowing you to customize the feed and match according to your website’s style.
  • Moderation – You can monitor people who post online, but here you can monitor your feed on your website and filter out all unwanted and irrelevant feed from your website
  • Auto-updates – While many tools struggle to show all latest posts, this app displays the content as soon as it is uploaded on Instagram, you don’t even have to refresh the feed manually.
  • CTA: Tagembed Instagram Feed Shopify app provides CTA feature that allows you to add your product link directly to the post to boost conversion and fil ultimate goal of your business.

Other than these major features, the app provides various other features which make it an ideal tool. 

Now if you are thinking  – such features, that are too free of cost, the app must be difficult to run or install. Then you are highly mistaken, friend. The app is very easy to install. You just have to follow 4 major steps and inside a minute you can embed the feed on your Shopify website.  

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How to Add Instagram feed To Shopify website

So if you want to experience the above-mentioned benefits with the Tagembed Instagram Shopify app, then just follow 5 steps that allow you to add Instagram feed to Shopify store. 

  1. Go to Shopify app store and Install Tagembed’s Shopify app on your website.
  2. Create your widget and select Instagram to fetch feeds from various connection types such as #hashtags, @handle, tags, mentions, etc to get desired feeds.
  3. Personalize your feeds with amazing themes, color, font style, banner, card, etc & give them a rich look. 
  4. Moderate the fees to filter out unwanted post before displaying on Shopify store
  5. CLick on Embed Widget and Add Instagram Feed to Shopify store .

Over To You..

Rise of social media platforms in recent times has opened gates for innovative marketing around the world. Marketers are now considering cross-platform marketing as their key weapon and this is where embedding feeds jumps in, while Instagram shares its fair share of popularity. Integrating Instagram feed with your Shopify can be a smart way to attain more customers and get more audience on the website. 

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing is the part of advertising which uses modern digital technology including web and mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and social networking platforms to advertise goods and services. It includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Email Marketing. SEM refers to the process of collecting data on visitors to websites to analyze what keywords they used to arrive at the site, which then gives information on targeted marketing. SEM includes pay-per-click advertising, sponsored search engine advertisements, and display advertising, which are all digital marketing tools.

Channels of Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing involves sending unsolicited bulk or commercial messages via email. These are sometimes called ‘junk mail’, because many times the content of these spam messages can be very annoying and often contains viruses or spyware that is a threat to the users. There have been efforts in recent years by various governments and intelligence agencies around the world to reduce the number of spam messages sent online. The best way to get rid of junk mail and make sure your website is safe is to invest in quality email marketing software. When you use this form of digital marketing it is important that your website has a responsive web page and you have a responsive autoresponder

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves creating and promoting online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. These are networks that allow you to interact with your customers. Social media marketing campaigns can be for one particular product or more than one product. For instance, if you sell shoes you could use Pinterest to advertise and share your promotions and discounts with all the users on this social network. You could also run advertising campaigns across all of the social media sites but the most successful campaigns tend to focus on a smaller number of social media sites.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Another very effective way of promoting a business is through the use of pay per click advertising. With this form of digital marketing, you pay a small fee to have Google track your advertisements. Every time a person clicks on your ad you will be charged a small fee. In turn, this allows you to see which advertisements are working for you and which ones aren’t – which is crucial because you want to improve the number of visitors to your website.

There are a number of digital channels that can be used to drive traffic to your website. The most popular of these are e-mail, e-commerce websites and Google’s organic search engine. The first type of channel requires you to build an email list which you can do by offering free reports, tips and tricks or general information about your niche. Once you have a list, you need to build a relationship with this list by sending out regular newsletters. You can use either a free newsletter or an opt-in page. You can also use a free report to drive customers to a particular offer on your website or blog.


Alternatively, you can use digital channels that will convert your site visitors into sales. This can be done through pay per click advertising where you are charged a small fee every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your website. You can also make sales from your organic search engine results. You need to have relevant content and offer something of value to your visitors in order to achieve conversions – this will earn you money and improve your website’s ranking – both of which are powerful digital marketing channels.

7 Video Marketing Best Practices for 2021

Given the fact that you clicked on this blog post, it would be fair to assume that you are already convinced by the power and impact of video marketing on businesses. 

Nowadays brands can no longer make an impact or engage with their consumers with conventional marketing practices such as using text, images, and basic videos. Consumers are now used to being wooed and pursued with trending videos such as live streaming, 360-degree videos, use of AI chatbots, and conversational marketing among many more. 

Keeping up with these trends is the only way to stay connected with your existing and potential customers. However, the world of marketing is extremely volatile, trends keep changing and always trying to keep abreast with the latest can be extremely overwhelming. 

This is where we come in, in this blog post you will learn about the top seven video marketing best practices that every marketer must use in 2021. 

Always Try Telling a Story 

This is ground rule number one – Never ever create a video that blatantly talks about your product/service. 

The audience will tune out the moment they feel that you are reaching out to them only because you want them to buy something from you. 

The way out is to weave a story that brings out a stronger emotion in your audience. Next, ride on that emotion and prompt them to reach out to you instead. 

For example, Taulia is a cloud-based platform that facilitates payments between supplies and their customers. While this can be a very mundane segment of a business, Taulia created a very fun video, with the tagline – ‘Don’t wind up homeless on the streets: let Taulia automate your early payment discounts.’ 

The video addresses a genuine problem that a lot of B2B organizations face with a fun twist to it that their audience will definitely relate to. Now, this is a smart way to get across a serious message, to a serious segment of professionals in a fun way. What do you say?

Creating a Video Hook Will Take You Long Way

Keeping the audience hooked for the first few seconds into the video is half the battle won. To make the first few seconds count you need to follow the following steps:

  • Write a caption that makes them want to click
  • Ensure that your thumbnail is appealing enough

Pro Tip: You must try different versions of thumbnails for the same video to know what your audience likes the most. This technique is popularly called A/B testing for thumbnails. 

Start the video in a way that makes them want to see the entire video. 

Start with amazing intro video that capture audience attention towards your video and then give them quick guide that they will going to see in this whole video, then after serve your main content and at the last finish of with amazing end screen cards and outro video.

 This structured technique will help you to grab audience attention throughout the whole video. If you don’t know how to make intro & outro videos then use any online video maker tool or you can also use apps like YouTube intro maker or outro maker. The main advantage of this kind of application is that here you will get thousands of predefined videos that are very easy to customize according to your requirements 

For example, Zendesk’s video, ‘Relationships are complicated’ is a perfect example that ticks all the check-boxes of creating a perfect video hook. The cover image shows a scuba diver and an astronaut sitting on the bed together with a laptop. This image along with the caption – ‘Relationships are complicated – SpaceCrap’, definitely will ignite curiosity in the user. 

The video then addresses the fact that relationships between a customer and a client can be complicated. And jokes about the complexity of awkward conventions that generally take place between the two. The video is short, conveys the message, and ends with a solution – Zendesk! Now isn’t that a perfect video?

Captions are Integral

Brands nowadays are working towards increasing video accessibility. The aim is to ensure that irrespective of the viewer’s ability or environment, they are able to engage with the video. The best way to do this? Add captions to your videos!

Captioning your video helps in various ways, the most important ones being:

People with hearing disabilities can engage with your video

According to a report from WHO, over 5% of the world’s population needs help with hearing. Captioning your video ensures that your brand does not leave out this integral part of the audience and caters to them too. Hence expanding your audience reach.

People can engage with your videos in any environment

There can be a situation when your viewers are in an environment where they do not have their earphones and can not play their video out loud. Making sure that your viewers can still engage with your video via captions is always a smart marketing decision.

Closed captions improve SEO

There are two kinds of captions that you can add to your videos: – Closed (can be turned on and off as per the viewer’s preference) and Open (they are a part of the video and can not be turned off).

If you add closed captions to your videos, you ensure that they get indexed by search engines and improve their probability to be found by your customers.

Analytics Should Be Your Bible

The need and the importance of creating a customer avatar are undebatable. But how do you build a perfect avatar? How do you know if everything you have been publishing and are planning to create is what your customers want? The answer is by actively tracking analytics.

Spend time on understanding the user behavior and tweak your video marketing strategy as per the insights you gain. You must absolutely do this for every single video that you publish. 

Adobe, a software company, showcased the importance of analytics in a very creative way. The ‘Click, Baby, Click’ video advertisement created by them was intended to promote Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, a product that would help their clients get insights into their campaigns.

Rather than blatantly talking about the benefits of their product, the organization weaved an extremely hilarious story around the importance of using analytics. The campaign is said to have driven a whopping 25% increase towards their Marketing Cloud Suite.

One Video, One Message

If you give your viewers too much information in a couple of minutes, you are bound to lose their attention. The key to creating a video with maximum clarity is by communicating a targeted message in a video. Even if your brand offers multiple products/services, always break it down, create a series of videos, but always keep them concise and clear. 

The best way to ace this process is to spend time in the planning phase of the video. This is the time when you brainstorm with your team and create a video that resonates with your audience in the best way possible. 

For example, Phillips, a multinational conglomerate, published a video, ‘The Longest Night’ a couple of years back. The creators did not talk about Phillip’s products, the culture of staff, instead in this video they focused on showcasing the life of fishermen and why they need help. The aim was to reach out to the healthcare providers and they directed the video in a way to meet that one goal only.

Creating 360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos are gaining massive traction nowadays because of their ability to make the viewer feel present in the environment that they are viewing on the video. 

Hence, customers can try the product/service/experience virtually before making a purchase. They are also popularly called spherical videos or immersive videos. 

For example, Nike, a popular footwear and apparel company, produced a 360-degree video called, The Neymar Jr. Effect, to promote “The Hypervenom 2 football boots”. Via this video, the user gets a feel of playing the game and moving around the field while stepping into the shoes of Mr. Neymar, a popular Brazilian football player.

Conversational Marketing is the Way Forward

As the name suggests, conversational marketing enables one-to-one, real-time communication between the brand and the customers. While it is obvious that no one wants to wait for a response, reports also state that 82% of consumers are looking for an instant reply when they are looking for an answer. 

Most brands nowadays are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chatbots to make this a reality. These chatbots not just sound intelligent, but are also available for customers throughout the day across time zones. Adopting this trend ensures that you never miss out on attending to any potential customer. 

The below image is an example of a conversational AI dialogue between a customer and an AI chatbot. The conversation ends up getting all relevant details from the customers and then a member from the team can reach out to the customer to close the sales cycle. 

While reaching out to the customer, you can use asynchronous video messages. This kind of communication is widely used nowadays to allow both the clients and customers the liberty to respond at their own time. 

We Hope That Helped

So there you have it, these are the top seven best practices that every marketer must use while creating their video marketing strategy. 

The key to being a successful marketer is to not just constantly stay on top of the latest marketing trends. But to also know what video marketing strategy has worked the best for your brand in the past and how to include that in all your future strategies. 

Content Marketing Tools You Need to Use This Year!

Content marketing is all the rage right now in 2021. Everyone’s trying to find new ways to break into the market, especially through content, so the hunt for new tools and strategies to boost content marketing skills is always on. Content marketers believe in integrating compatible strategies with the right tools to make a difference. 

The variety of content marketing tools is astonishing. The price of the tools is completely dependent on the features they have. Some marketing tools are designed to give ideas for your next brand promotion while some help boost sales. You can download and install these tools with a super-reliable internet service like the new AT&T service and work your magic! 

Here are some of the best content marketing tools you need to use to promote your content the right way!


SimilarWeb is one of those free content marketing tools that can help you get started in the marketing industry. This tool will help you accurately analyze your competition, so you know who you’re up against. With SimilarWeb you can easily work out what your next big marketing strategy should be to get ahead in the competition. SimilarWeb can also track what keywords your competitor’s users searched up the most. 

A free trial of this tool gives you analytical data of your competitors’ traffic and app for 3 months. For more data, you can upgrade to a premium or custom package. If you’re new to the competition, then signing up with SimilarWeb is the best decision you’ll make. This tool is great for starting out as it helps you understand what your competitors offer and what you should offer!


Every brand has some sort of social media presence, and if yours doesn’t, it’s time to establish one right now. Social media presence helps you become more involved with your customers and potential leads. Once your online presence is established, the next thing to do is keep track of your social media activity through analytical data.

Digimind, a social media analytics platform, is one of the best software to use for this purpose. Digimind helps businesses understand and monitor data and keywords related to their brand. The tool also monitors the performance of content shared on different social media accounts of the brand. So, when it comes to optimizing social media content and strategy, Digimind is the perfect pick.


Most content marketers market their content through blogs and articles. It’s important to use the right tools for such forms and this is where WordPress comes in. WordPress is an amazing content marketing tool that can help you create a blog and a website within minutes! This is a free tool and you can upgrade it for a premium plan, which doesn’t include a WordPress domain and has unlimited storage. You can also use WordPress to see your traffic data and content performance.  What’s more, WordPress even offers specialized plugins such as Simple Author Box using which you can credit content creators and bring them closer to your audience.


When it comes to optimizing video content, Loom is the best tool. Loom helps businesses create impactful videos to share with their target audience. Thousands of businesses use video content marketing and they’re very effective in delivering the right message. As always, visuals always catch attention. 

To make it effective, use Loom. Communication through video is now so much easier with the use of Loom. This content marketing tool offers a variety of different services such as GIF Preview, duplicating videos, and much more to bring your vision to life! As for the pricing, Loom has a free package as well as a 14-day free trial if you want to try out what Loom has to offer. It also offers a pro plan for those who want to be limitless with video sharing.

Google Analytics

Google has always been ahead of the game and it offers various apps and services dedicated to helping the content creators’ community. One of those services is Google Analytics, which is popularly used by content marketers. 

Google Analytics is a content marketing tool that provides you firsthand data and digital analytics on your content online. It’s a very simple, yet powerful tool if you know what you’re doing. It gives you in-depth insights and an overview of how your content is doing. Tweaking your content strategy according to Google Analytics is a great way to get ahead of your competition. It offers a great deal of data insight such as user engagement metrics, traffic, and more that help you come up with the best strategy for your next campaign. The best part about Google Analytics is that it’s a free service offered by Google with no loss on the business’ part.


HotJar is a relatively popular tool among content marketers and for good reason too! HotJar is normally used to find what your customers are looking for. As an analytical tool, it offers you many different features that help you improve your content, such as identifying where your content needs improvement, how you can improve your marketing efforts, and a heat map that allows you to see which areas of your content your users are clicking and interested in!

HotJar is completely free with a premium and business plan varying on how many views you get every day.


One tool that content marketers have to try out is Zapier. This tool can help you bring multiple different services into a single standalone service for a very smooth user experience. Zapier, being an integration tool, has many other applications for you to connect your content through and is relatively faster than any other similar tool available on the market. Zapier is a free tool but offers a few premium features, which you can test during a 14-day free trial!


If you’ve ever used images as a marketing strategy, then you understand the dilemma of shortage of storage and how it makes your website load so much slower than it should. Even compressing your images through an online service will result in low-quality images, which are useless for brands. However, with Kraken, an image optimizer, you can easily compress images without facing any quality issues. This also speeds up the website loading time – so it’s a win-win situation for you! Kraken helps you save storage and bandwidth. While it’s not a free service it sure is worth the money!

Work smart, not hard!

Being a content marketer in today’s time is more than just sharing snippets here and there. To make the most of your efforts, use these tools and design a good marketing strategy for the best results!