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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing is the part of advertising which uses modern digital technology including web and mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and social networking platforms to advertise goods and services. It includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Email Marketing. SEM refers to the process of collecting data on visitors to websites to analyze what keywords they used to arrive at the site, which then gives information on targeted marketing. SEM includes pay-per-click advertising, sponsored search engine advertisements, and display advertising, which are all digital marketing tools.

Channels of Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing involves sending unsolicited bulk or commercial messages via email. These are sometimes called ‘junk mail’, because many times the content of these spam messages can be very annoying and often contains viruses or spyware that is a threat to the users. There have been efforts in recent years by various governments and intelligence agencies around the world to reduce the number of spam messages sent online. The best way to get rid of junk mail and make sure your website is safe is to invest in quality email marketing software. When you use this form of digital marketing it is important that your website has a responsive web page and you have a responsive autoresponder

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing involves creating and promoting online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. These are networks that allow you to interact with your customers. Social media marketing campaigns can be for one particular product or more than one product. For instance, if you sell shoes you could use Pinterest to advertise and share your promotions and discounts with all the users on this social network. You could also run advertising campaigns across all of the social media sites but the most successful campaigns tend to focus on a smaller number of social media sites.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Another very effective way of promoting a business is through the use of pay per click advertising. With this form of digital marketing, you pay a small fee to have Google track your advertisements. Every time a person clicks on your ad you will be charged a small fee. In turn, this allows you to see which advertisements are working for you and which ones aren’t – which is crucial because you want to improve the number of visitors to your website.

There are a number of digital channels that can be used to drive traffic to your website. The most popular of these are e-mail, e-commerce websites and Google’s organic search engine. The first type of channel requires you to build an email list which you can do by offering free reports, tips and tricks or general information about your niche. Once you have a list, you need to build a relationship with this list by sending out regular newsletters. You can use either a free newsletter or an opt-in page. You can also use a free report to drive customers to a particular offer on your website or blog.


Alternatively, you can use digital channels that will convert your site visitors into sales. This can be done through pay per click advertising where you are charged a small fee every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your website. You can also make sales from your organic search engine results. You need to have relevant content and offer something of value to your visitors in order to achieve conversions – this will earn you money and improve your website’s ranking – both of which are powerful digital marketing channels.

How to Promote Website to Social Media for Free

There are several companies on the market that provide likes, subscribers, tweets, and web traffic, but there is one company, in particular, that has been able to stand out due to providing these services and others with professionalism, effectiveness, and at a low price: LinkCollider.

This company has become the go-to option for numerous individuals around the globe who want to boost their online presence. You might be a YouTuber just starting out and thus want to get as many subscribers as possible, or you might want your Facebook account to grow in popularity; whatever you are trying to achieve, LinkCollider can help you in a very meaningful way.

Must Know Tools – Site Audit Tools

Extensive List of Services

Ever since LinkCollider stepped into the market, it has been able to garner numerous positive reviews, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to change anytime soon. Its popularity keeps augmenting as the days go by.

It provides a variety of different services, including providing Facebook likes and shares, Twitter followers and retweets, increase of pinterest followers and pins, WordPress posts, Blogger posts, Stumbleupon likes, Tumblr posts, increase of website traffic, augmentation of YouTube subscribers, and even improvement of website’s SEO. On top of all of this, LinkCollider provides tools for bloggers and blogs. This company can help boost website traffic for free if you are a blogger.

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LinkCollider Values Your Time

Another factor that sets LinkCollider apart from the competition is that its friendly and knowledgeable staff undertakes every service promptly and gives you results in a timely fashion manner, which is one of the main reasons why people who want to boost their online presence opt for it. They simply deliver everything to a ‘T.’ The staff that constructs LinkCollider is aware that time is very valuable, and thus, they get right to work to provide satisfaction in every aspect to every client.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a service that tends to be one of the most requested at LinkCollider, as they have different SEO tools in order to provide successful results. They provide a drop link tool, search engine submission, bookmark submission, directory submission, keyword tools, article rewriter, character counter, sitemap generators, link shortener, article spinner, link building, and spintax tester. With these SEO tools, you can rest assured that you will get a lot of web traffic.

LinkCollider: The Ideal Company to Effectively and Successfully Boost Your Online Presence Today

There is no negative aspect that accompanies any of the services that LinkCollider offers. They are simply first class, definitely making them worth a try. The LinkCollider’s team strives every day for every one of their clients to be satisfied with their work.

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Customer satisfaction is extremely important to them. They always prompt their clients to provide their two cents regarding their overall service, which is definitely something that not a lot of companies do.

They are always at your service, as they want to see you succeed in meaningful measure on the Internet. With LinkCollider, you have nothing to lose . . . just a lot of traffic to gain!

How To Add Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

Around 22% of the global population uses Facebook. Such a large number of user-base suggests that Facebook truly has the potential to make any type of content from photos, videos and news go viral within a matter of a few seconds.

Probably the reason as to why businesses focus primarily on Facebook than any other social media channel for marketing campaigns.

With a million numbers of daily active users, Facebook to this day remains the most popular social media platform. Facebook marketing never gets out of trend as the platform is constantly evolving to make it more user friendly.

But, because of the regular changes, businesses find it hard to pin a singular marketing strategy that would always reap them profits. Well, there is one way through which brands can shine on Facebook and brings brands visibility to their business.

It is known as embedding Facebook feed on the website. Though Fb widget can be added to any kind of website, in this piece we are solely focusing on WordPress Websites.

How To Add Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

#1 Using A Social Media Aggregator Tool

One of the best ways to embed Facebook feed on a WordPress website is via a social media aggregation. This can be done by a smart social media aggregator tool.

A Social media aggregator tool like Taggbox gathers raw user-generated social media content across various social media accounts and creates an attractive feed to be displayed on the website.

It also helps with moderating the content to remove any unwanted pics and assists in customizing the feed to go with the website layout. The feed is updated in real-time. Social media aggregator tools also give campaign analytics and insights on consumers’ behavior.

By using social media aggregator tools to build a Facebook feed, businesses can compel the audience to engage and communicate with their brand. They could also promote the latest offers and discounts through the same feed on the website.

The embedding of Facebook posts on WordPress websites through social media aggregator tools is easy and effective. The tool generates the embed code which can be placed in the WordPress backend and the Facebook feed is ready and live to be displayed.

#2 By Using Facebook Embed Feature

The simplest way to embed Facebook feed on the WordPress website is by using the embed option from Facebook itself. The feature is available with every post, be it images, videos, stories or comments.

By clicking on the menu of the selected post that you want to include on the website, you will find an embed option. As soon as you hit the embed, a code will be displayed.

You just need to copy and paste it in the website backend and the post will be added to the website. Ensure that Facebook feed embedded through this method is done using the Facebook web and not via the Facebook app. For further information, one can go through Facebook for Developers section.

However, there is one major limitation with this feature is that you have to repeat the entire process every time you feel like adding a Facebook post to the website.

#3 Using Plugin And Widgets

There are a variety of WordPress plugins and widgets available in the market to choose from. The plugins and widgets are similar to social media aggregator tools sharing the same features except the only difference is the way they display Facebook feed only on the WordPress website.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feeds

1. Boost website engagement

Facebook photos could easily grab users’ attention. The user-generated content from Facebook engages the website audience as they find Facebook posts easy to relate with.

The visual appeal of the website to gets increased and visitors spend more time knowing about brands’ products and services.

2. Builds Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that impacts the shopping decisions of the target audience by showcasing the customer satisfaction with the brands.

When website visitors see how happy your existing consumers are with your products, by the result of their human nature, they too will buy your products. The Facebook pictures of satisfied consumers’ around their product experience enhance the social proof of a brand and boosts sales.

3. Enhances Brand Trust

Facebook feed when embedded over the website ensures the customers about product quality and overcomes trust issues. As trust is the primary key to any business’s success in today’s world, using UGC Facebook posts on websites will help in that area.

4. Improves website’s ranking

Visual content drives more organic traffic to the website than any other form and by adding a Facebook feed, brands can achieve that easily. Also, the photos and videos engage the people and they spend a long time on the website scrolling through the posts before jumping back to search results.

This increases the website’s dwell time and eventually ranking also improves.

5. Better Conversion At Affordable Budget

By embedding Facebook Feed on the brand’s website, marketers can garner high ROI and that too at next to nothing investment. Also, the content creation budget too gets cut down as now the brand is using content created by its users for promoting itself.

The Power of Data to Win Customer Engagement

Significant insights about your potential customers can unleash the doorways to strengthen long-term relationships with them. From making informed decisions to serve them a personalized experience, the data can essentially help in many ways. If you have the right data, you can win customers’ trust and provide them multiple valid inferences to make a purchase from your business. 

Want to explore how data can help to win customer engagement? 

Read on, and you will get your answer. 

Here we are uncovering how the data can help to win customer engagement. 

Customer engagement is the new buzzword during the increased online business practices. The more customers are engaged with a brand; the more revenue can be generated. 

In the current scenario, businesses focus on strengthening customer engagement to have more brand loyal customers. 

Benefits of customer engagement

When you emphasize strengthening customer engagement, you can have the advantages such as;

  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Foster opportunity to cross-sell/up-sell
  • Relatively shorter purchase cycle
  • Get more brand advocates
  • Stronger customer relationships

But, how can data be a powerful tool to win customer engagement?

Present unique ways to engage

It’s essential to stay connected with your audience once they have made a purchase or showed interest in your brand. By using data, you can estimate how and when customers are active and which customers are inactive. 

So, based on the data, you can determine the unique and personalized way to boost engagement with potential customers.

Also, you can encourage the customers who are becoming uninterested or bored with your message or product by incentivizing their actions.  

Plus, another good way to keep buyers engaged is to ask them to provide feedback about their experience with your business. This also helps in getting more data and insight into your business along with engaging satisfied customers.

Loyalty program management

Offering rewards through a loyalty program is a great way to keep potential buyers doing frequent business with your products or services. 

When you have a loyalty program solution, you can get insightful data such as when customers prefer to buy, which products they like, what rewards are in demand, and so on. 

Customer data through loyalty program management software can open up new doorways to win more customers. It also helps in delivering a personalized experience, which naturally attracts customers for a longer time.

Monitor customer behavior patterns

If you know when, how, what about your customers’ shopping experience, you can serve them improved services. Currently, high-quality products are not enough to keep customers attracted to your business. You must be offering something of value to them in order to foster customer engagement. 

Hence, pay attention to specific triggers that will signal you when a customer acts, such as following you on social media, subscribing to your newsletter, or liking, sharing a post. 

You should then spend time analyzing these customers’ behavioral patterns, which will assist you in using predictive analytics to determine what they will do next. This specifically helps in determining strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Presenting upgrades or rewards

Another vital way to keep customers engaged is through proposing upgrades to the products or additional rewards through the loyalty program. 

You should inform them about the upgrades of the products/services they might be interested in and emphasize engaging them with the same. 

Besides, when you offer rewards, be sure to offer them unique incentives rather than mediocre giveaways. Of the customers who found value in what you are offering to them, they will willingly stay connected with your brand.

Utilizing the right data 

Now you know the power of data that boosts customer engagement. But above all, it is crucial to use the right data at the right time for an impactful result. 

For instance, if you know that certain locations contribute more to promoting business growth, you should launch a specialized scheme for such locations only.

Likewise, when satisfied customers have a bitter experience with the product, you should immediately approach them with a valid justification. Also, you can provide rewards to convert the negative experience into a positive one. 

Overall, customer data are essential to take business growth to a new level. Fostering strong customer engagement and encouraging them to make frequent purchases help businesses to boost ROI and sustain market competition. 

Among all the possible ways to harness the power of data, efficient loyalty program management can reveal fruitful results. The loyalty program solutions can provide many vital insights about your customers, from product preferences to purchase season. 

Hence, you should prefer a loyalty management program to promote a positive customer experience and strengthen customer engagement for your products or services. 

The Foolproof Keyword Research Process for SEO Campaigns

Finding crucial keywords, understanding audience intent, and competition analysis play a vital role in planning keywords as well as content strategy.  

Here’re steps that should be included in every effective keyword research process:

  • Understand your mission 
  • Choose your keywords and dive a bit deeper into them
  • Prefer small niches with a long tail 
  • Keep the focus on your audience’s search intent 
  • Create a superb keyword strategy 

What’s your mission? 

Take your time and create a mission document with some crucial questions. 

  • What’s the main goal for your firm? 
  • Which factors make your products or services unique? 
  • Who is your target audience, and what are the promises you wish to make when the audience reaches your website?

For example, your client runs a chain of movie theaters, and most cinema halls have special arrangements for the disabled. Then, offering the best possible cinema experience to the disabled can be something that makes your client’s service unique.

Put simply, check things that make your client’s services stand out. That should be your niche, your mission. 

Choose your keywords and dive a bit deeper into them 

Use Excel or Google Sheets and create a list of keywords relevant to your products. Think about what your audience is searching the net for; consider the search terms around your services or products that they might use. Give importance to the problems that your product solves; consider your unique selling points. These factors can help you zero in on search terms that you wish to get ranked for.  Several tools make keyword research easy and assist in digging deeper. 

  • Google search 

Start typing your keywords in Google search and look at the suggestions that appear while you type. Check the search results and note down questions that people ask. Most importantly, don’t forget to look at “Related Searches” on the results page. 

  • Google Trends 

The platform breaks down everything that people are typing. Select the ones that are new as people haven’t been trying to get ranked for before. They may not be competitive, so you won’t face much competition if you create content around these topics. You can sky-rocket to the top way faster compared to using other keywords. 

  • Ubersuggest 

If you put your keyword in Ubersuggest, the platform will tell what internet users are searching related to the same. For example, if you enter coronavirus, the tool helps you with a list of popular questions and the most referred content around the keyword. Ubersuggest will also provide multiple variations for the entered keywords and tell how competitive they are.

  • Quora

Type in keywords related to your industry. The platform would show you some of the most popular questions that users are asking. Quora offers the best answers, uploads, and gives you ideas for content creation. Select questions that have received a lot of responses because people are curious to know about the same. Create thorough, detailed answers in the form of blog posts. You can rank your content higher with this strategy.

Prefer small niches with a long tail rather than head keyword terms

Often referred to as head terms, these popular keyword terms drive high search volume. But, they are super-competitive and taken by big businesses. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have the ability to get lesser traffic but are less competitive. In short, they offer better chances of getting good rankings. 

Long-tail keywords focus on specific topics so they can offer higher conversion value. They enable you to keep your content focused on the theme rather than mere keywords. Create detailed content related to specific topics to get long-tail traffic. Remember, being more specific can prove to be better. For example, instead of writing around “How to improve your laptop battery life,” you should consider writing around “How to improve Acer Predator Helios 300 battery life.”

Check the overall quality of content visible in search results. Choose keywords that display poor content because your chances of buy quality backlinks, outranking them with high-quality content will remain high.

Keep the focus on your audience’s search intent

Data retrieved from Google Search, Google Trends, Ubersuggest, and Quora can help you find the intent of your audience. They can have transactional intent (make an immediate purchase), informational purpose (finding info on a specific topic), commercial intent (researching before making a purchase, or navigational intent (finding a particular website).

The search results for your keyword can give you a hint about what Google thinks of the search query. Your content needs to be designed according to your search intent findings. At PeddleWeb, we offer professional SEO services that can assist you in the same.

Create a superb keyword strategy 

Analyze your competition for competitive head terms. If there’s little competition, you can consider opting for them. It would be logical not to compete with brands that run radio and TV commercials because chances of achieving good rankings may remain smaller. Go for long-tail keywords if the competition is high.

Based on the data retrieved after following all the above steps, you should be able to determine your strategy for keywords.

The Best Times to Post Your Social Media Updates in 2021

If you’re making content for social media at any scale, it is a fundamental challenge for you to grow above the noise and increase views on the posts. As social media algorithms rapidly run away from the past successive times and move towards a significance-based curation, social media influencers must frequently improve their tactics to design effective content and expand possibilities to gain engagement.

Identifying the time to post on each social platform is a crucial way to move a step forward, and forms a sense of content overload on multiple channels. Follow the intercommunications to analyze and figure out the peak posting hours. It will help you prepare your content with a greater intent to get more engagement with your campaigns. 

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Social media marketers must post on Instagram with a Proper Hashtag, and they should post them according to time. For this, they need to recognize the time when most people remain active and able to see your post. So if a marketer posts their content at the best time, then their followers will also increase, and they will get good results on their post. Moreover, a marketer will also get great results by following a time table according to activity. The best time to post near mid-day (11 am to 1 pm) and in the evening, publish your content after work (7 pm to 9 pm). Most maximum Instagrammers log in through mobile, so they avoid browsing during work hours.

  • The most favorable days to post your content on Instagram are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Saturday, the best time to post on Instagram is 5 pm.
  • According to the survey, Wednesdays receive the most significant level of engagement on Instagram.


Twitter is another social network that enables you to write short texts with the aim of communicating something. It is a fast news channel. If used well, the message we want to communicate can reach its target in real-time. It is beneficial for working because this is one of the many platforms that give good results for all work types. If the purpose is to attract new customers, search on Twitter for all the people who talk about your work or lovers of that interest and make them fall in love through your tweets, interact with them (every day) by giving them all the information they need. It is necessary to have the right likes and followers because you will be able to succeed in this mission only thanks to them. If your followers do not seem interested, all your hard work becomes useless, and the results are spoiled; that is why you must keep them updated and try to intrigue and make them curious. So, if a marketer wants a good answer on their Twitter, they have to follow these tips and rules to get better results.

  • Most suitable time to post on Twitter:- 11 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm
  • Excellent days To post on Twitter:- Wednesday or Saturday


Facebook is a social site where a person can reach out to every professional by posting their content at a particular time. For good results, a marketer has to follow both time and day because of this, the advertisement will get great likes, comments, and shares, and it will reach all professional people. Moreover, a marketer also has to precisely address a hashtag precisely because the hashtag is a good platform for a person to get a good outcome. For the highest expression, the most suitable time to post on the Facebook business page is between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. because you will find various Facebook active users browse on their desktops and surf it during work time. The only most suitable time to post on Facebook is a Sunday at 3 p.m.

  • The most suitable days to post on Facebook are Thursday to Sunday. Don’t ever try to post on Facebook on Tuesday.
  • Weekends perceive the most excellent level of active users on Facebook.


LinkedIn is a worldwide social site app that is most widely used by recruiters, people in business, and salespeople during their work hours. You will find many frequently active users on this social site who use it to give an excellent platform. To get better results, you need to follow a suitable time and days. The most appropriate time to post on LinkedIn is near about 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

  • The suitable and best days to post on Linked In are Tuesday to Thursday 
  • After work hours, weekends are the wrongest times to post on LinkedIn because, on weekends, business persons did not use LinkedIn.

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What is the Most Suitable Time to Post on Social Media?

The most appropriate time to post on social media should be a factor in the social platform you are using and most of your customers’ time zone.

Moreover, the times we have discussed in this article are standards; you just need to discover your audience’s time when they are likely to engage. The most reliable method to find the post time for your brand is by experimenting. There is also a social media management tool that helps you schedule posts several times for various weeks to discover the time that works properly with your audience.

Don’t ignore your competitors. Always try to track their growth and always notice when your competitor will get high involvement in their posts.

Don’t ignore your competitors. Always try to track their growth and always notice when your competitor will get high involvement in their posts. The possibilities are that these could work for you also. Check it out or post on that time when your competitors are generally quiet, but keep in mind that every platform is not the same, so check each one individually to get the most beneficial outcomes.


So, with a Course mentor, it is possible to understand how you can achieve your business goal that points to success. All of this is important to provide ourselves more confidence in the work we do, greater success, and good growth.

Social Media Feeds And The Tools To Add It On Website

Have you ever visited the website of the famous Italian luxury car, Ferrari?

If yes, then you might have seen an attractive visual gallery displaying their social media Handle.

This profile is engaging enough to capture the attention of the website visitors and make them scroll down their profiles for more than a while.

Well! This is what embedding a social media feed on the website looks like. Here in this blog, we will assist you with the tools that will help you to embed social media feeds to your website.

Social Media feeds- The Dynamo Of Website

Yes, you read it right! Social Media Feed is no less than a dynamo driving the website towards better engagement.

Simply described, Social Media Feed is the aggregation of social media content from various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and much more to provide you with a continuous flow of User-Generated Content.

It is the collection of all the social media profiles having active brands presence.

It is displayed into one single feed it can either be embedded on the website to boost engagement or can be displayed during the events to enhance audience interaction and engagement with the event and activities.

Why Should You Embed Social Media Feed On Website?

There is no positive point left untouched when it comes to displaying your social media presence on your digital and professional WorkFront.

In this modern time, website owners have to think of all sorts of social media options. Even, options like discord which is tough to install has to be there. It helps you display what your customers are saying about you and gives your website an authentic look.

Here is the rundown of some of the benefits that it offers.

  • Enhance audience engagement
  • Increase website vibrancy
  • Deliver a sense of social proof with UGC
  • Adds to reliability and credibility of the website
  • Increase dwell time
  • Creates an attractive visual hub on the website
  • Expand brand awareness
  • Drive more leads and conversions
  • Accelerates sales and revenue

Tools To Embed Social Media Feeds On The Website

Social media aggregators are the tools that help you aggregate various social channels on your website. These tools come with many features and functionalities. 

Some of the social media aggregator tools are-

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is an ideal social media aggregator for all marketers and online brands. This tool provides the brands with a wide range of features to make this social feed look even more attractive and engaging.

This tool works in 4 major steps.

  • Discover
  • Curate 
  • Design
  • Display

1. Discover– It easily discovers all the branded as well as user-generated content from over 20 platforms using hashtags, profiles, tagged posts, mentions, pages, etc. 

2. Curate– After discovering the content, it fetches the content and aggregates it into a single feed called social media feed wall.

3. Design– Once the social media feed wall is created, it allows you to customize the wall as per your requirements. The design feature includes

3.1. Customization to style your social media feed wall with attractive themes, layouts, backgrounds, fonts, colors, banners, etc.

3.2. Moderation panel with profanity filter to scratch out the inappropriate and irrelevant content to display only the premium quality content.

3.3. Analytics to gain insights and track user engagement, impressions, brand’s online performance, etc.

3.4. Real-time updates to give the website the fresh look and display live social media feed.

4. Display– This customized feed can then be displayed on any website building platform easily.

2. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create attractive and responsive social feeds for your WordPress website. Types of feed include

  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Pinterest Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Youtube Feed

This tool allows you to add as many social feeds as you want and display it on any post, page, or sidebar.

It gives you the option to customize the font color of the social feed and add a like/follow button above or below any feed.

This tool is easy to install and also provides an easy and simple display of the social feed on the website with its shortcode generator.

3. Tagembed

Tagembed is also an amazing social media aggregator tool that allows you to add a social media feed wall on the website simply and easily.

It helps you collect the content from diverse channels and aggregate it into a unified form, known as a social media feed wall.

This wall can then be customized and moderated to display the engaging and filtered content on the website.

It also allows you to display the live feed with real-time updates and gives you the graph of your online performance at regular intervals.

The pricing plans for this tool starts with $24/month (based on annual billing).


Aggregating social media feeds on the website is the winsome choice of the marketer as it not only engages more website visitors but also triggers their emotions to connect with the brand and invest in it.

Acting as social proof, this is the best way to use UGC to advocate for your products and services. This helps the brands to build customer loyalty and boost conversion rates and sales.

Benefits Of Social Media Integration On website

Social media is one of the most active parts of the internet. It caters to over 3.5 billion people. Social media on websites convey their ideas, thoughts, and views of the world. The massive user-count can help you a lot with reaching your consumers and target audiences.

Social media provides endless opportunities for brands. They can use social media to their advantage for both monetary and non-monetary benefits. All you have to do is social media integration on the website.

The social media content will be displayed with the help of a display wall. You can use it to promote user-generated content and brand-generated content together. You can do it with social media aggregator.

Benefits of social media integration on the website

Before you decide whether you want to give it a try or not, here are a few major benefits of integrating social media on your website:

1. Reach a wider audience with extended exposure:

When you motivate your users to go ahead and post about your brand on social media, the audience reach expands automatically. Once they post on social media, their followers get aware of your brand’s presence.

These followers don’t need to be amongst your targeted audience only; hence it reaches a wider audience with extended exposure.

2. Amplify your website’s interaction and engagement capabilities:

Social media is known for its ability to be interactive and engaging. Similarly, it can help your website amplify your website’s interaction and engagement capabilities with its dynamic nature.

When a brand does social media integration on their website, they provide their website visitors with an opportunity to engage with it.

3. Gain insights into consumers’ social behavior: 

You can track your user engagement if you do social media integration with your website. Those reports can help you study consumer’s social behavior by their actions towards your social media wall.

Once you have an idea of what your consumers like and dislike, you can simply go ahead and work with your content accordingly.

4. Channelize traffic by integrating social media on the website and vice-versa:

Once you integrate social media on your website, you can easily drive your traffic from your social media handles to your website and vice versa.

Your website’s social media wall is clickable and allows users to reach your social media handles with one click.

By sharing your website link on your social media handles, you can easily redirect your social media traffic to your website.

5. Enhance your website vibrancy through creative visual social content:

We all know that user-generated content or brand-generated content for social media are both very colorful and vibrant.

Integrating them to your website can enhance your website’s vibrancy and make it attractive and engaging for the users.

The dynamic content also provides variety and new content now and then.

6. Build social proof by promoting User-generated content from social media:

Your social media wall will be consisting of user-generated content as well. When people use your branded hashtags and account handles with their social media posts, they generate social proof.

Proof that people are using that brand’s products and enjoying them enough to go ahead and post about them.

This proof can work wonders to motivate website visitors to turn into customers.

7. Increase your conversions and sales:

When people look at other people using a certain product and enjoying it, they tend to buy that product too.

Also, social media walls can display your products in action and real-life with User-Generated Content. This can considerably help influence a user’s purchasing decision.

With the wider reach and enhanced website engagement, you will definitely gain some new and loyal customers. Along with existing loyal customers, these customers will end up buying more, hence increased conversions and sales.

If you’re in Hotel and Restaurant industry, then you should create restaurant flyers to promote your business. That helps you to reach out more customer. Use relevant hashtag relevant to the restaurant industry that will help you more to viral your content or reach out to more customers who are interested in your industry.

8. Deliver a superlative consumer experience:

Social media gives you a chance to go ahead and deliver a superlative consumer experience for your users.

By providing them with real-time and in action product videos and images, you enhance their shopping and judging experience.

The main issue that online sellers face is lack of touch; social media can help you manage that more efficiently and effectively.

9. Build brand image & reputation through communications:

Social media integration on the website gives your users and visitors the impression that you’re prioritizing users and their experience with the brand. This can help you build your brand image and reputation for being a people’s brand.

The social proof generated by users’ help also signifies how much people love the products and the brand. This social proof helps to build brand trust and reliability, eventually ending up building a reputation.

Over To You

With the increasing competition day by day, using social media integration can help you to be a step ahead.

We have already mentioned so many benefits you get by simply using social media to your advantage.

Not using it might not make much difference to where you are right now, but using it can help to take your brand a level ahead.

You can give consumers what they look for in a brand with minimal efforts and investment.

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and start integrating your social media with your website already.

Display Social Proof On Your Brand’s Official Website

All smart marketers know that adding social proof can increase your conversion rate. That’s why big brands like Amazon, WordPress, MailChimp, and just about every other company, use social proof on their site.

What is social proof?

Definition of social proof: Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to others’ actions under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behaviour.

Marketers use social proof as a tactic for conversion rate optimization by easing the minds of worried customers.

There’s no denying the power of social proof. Studies show that nearly 70 percent of online consumers look at a product review prior to purchasing.

Even more, telling is the fact that product reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy from manufacturers.

In other words, consumers want proof from their peers and unbiased 3rd parties—not the brands selling the products. The best way to understand the social proof is by looking at some real-life social proof examples that you encounter on a daily basis…

Restaurants often have limited space in reception areas so that people waiting for a table will be forced to wait outside. This shows people passing by that the restaurant is in high demand.

As a result, a passerby is more likely to visit the restaurant in the future.

Stores will often post pictures of celebrities who have shopped on the premises in order to subconsciously tell customers that high authority figures approve of their products and services.

Country clubs often require people to join a waitlist in order to obtain memberships. While waitlists are sometimes needed to prevent too many members from joining, the reality is that they’re frequently implemented to make clubs seem more exclusive.

As you can see, social proof is all around you. And while you’re often subject to social proof as a customer, it’s imperative that you begin to leverage it on your own website. When used effectively, social proof can drastically and swiftly improve online conversions.

6 Types of Social Proof

Customers – Social proof from your existing customers or users (e.g., testimonials or case studies) in the form of UGC.

Experts – Social proof from credible and esteemed experts in your industry (e.g., experts who exhibit the same behaviours you want our visitors to).

Celebrities – Social proof from celebrities or other influencers (e.g., celebrities who have bought your product or visited your establishment).

Crowds – Large numbers of people who provide social proof (e.g., “300,000+ websites use the OptinMonster lead generation software to get more email subscribers”)

Friends – People who are friends of your users/website visitors (e.g., “50 of your friends like OptinMonster”).

Certifications – A credible, 3rd party entity that certifies that you are a knowledgeable, high- quality or trustworthy source (e.g., “USDA Certified Organic”).

Applying social proof to real estate

There are many opportunities to apply the philosophy of social proof to your real estate marketing.

On your website

Take a look at the copy on your website and identify opportunities where you could improve your leads with the help of social proof.

Boost the idea that yours is the agency to go with by using simple statements like “More than 20,000 happy property vendors can’t be wrong”, or “Contact us to find out why 3 out of 5 local sellers choose our agency”.


Testimonials are a tried and tested form of social proofing. Go a step beyond written recommendations and record videos of your clients explaining, in their own words and publish them on your channel. Now you can embed YouTube channel on your website, this will work as the best social proof for your business.

If video isn’t possible, try to accompany the testimonial with a photo, this proves the statement is from real clients. Keep your testimonials up to date – a recommendation from three years ago has far less impact than one from last week.

Media Exposure

Being a source of industry information to news outlets and other media sends a powerful message to the market and validates you professionally.

It can take time to build your reputation as the go-to person, but the media is always on the lookout for a new angle.

If you are consistent and provide timely, helpful information (in the form of a press release or social media post, for example), you will eventually make your way onto local journalists’ contact lists.

When you are mentioned in the media, you have a brand new promo opportunity. Share it across your social media profiles, create a page on your website that hosts links to your interviews, and add quotes from articles to your market reports. You could also add “as seen in” icons to your website with the logos of the popular publications or TV channels such as fubo channel that have quoted you.

Social Media

Your content (property or agent branding) being your virtual personal assistant shared or mentioned on social media is social proof gold. Shares represent authentic engagement and have the opportunity to be exposed to hundreds, even thousands of other people.

To encourage the ‘social proof’ impact that comes with successful social media management, build a wide and strong base of connections and followers. If you put a post up and somebody mentions that they enjoyed reading it, ask them to comment and share with their own network.

There is a “give, and you shall receive” element to social proofing. Give mentions and social validations to the businesses that you are aligned with, and they’ll start to do the same for you.

Case Studies

Case studies take testimonials to a new level – they tell the story of your success in detail.

Showcasing a beautiful home on auction day, the crowd of excited buyers, and a happy vendor post-sale, will inspire others to re-create the successful experience for themselves. You can have some fun creating case studies, like having a video team present at the auction. This not only offers a dynamic way to capture the case study, but it adds anticipation and energy to the day’s events.