Best Android spy software for employers looking to track their employees’ activity

The term monitoring can be interpreted as the process and effect of monitoring. But another possible meaning would be used to describe the process by which information is collected, observed, studied and used in order to be able to perform a particular program or event. In other words, the monitoring helps and allows us to control and record critical things. 

To monitor employee productivity at work, employee supervision has become essential. Employees find it difficult to fully focus on the task at hand when they can use their devices to play games, browse social media, or shop online. All of these distractions can cause an employee to lose focus on their work. That’s why it’s important to implement apps that track employee behavior during work hours. 

Many apps already exist that employees can use to monitor themselves, any team and the entire company. These range from cell phones to computer monitoring software programs. Apps provide managers and employers with insights into their employees’ activities. Management can establish productivity levels by what they do during working hours. It creates a sense of accountability when employees know that they are being monitored. Thus, it motivates employees to deliver results. It also prevents them from wasting their time. 

Employee monitoring software can help a firm ensure employee loyalty. Modern employee tracking apps have capabilities that can help firms determine employee attitudes, such as if they are conspiring against the company, revealing company secrets to others, and so on. 

Below are some of the best Android spy software to help understand the difference in employee monitoring apps. 


TheOneSpy is as easy to use as it can get. This app helps you get your hands on your workforce’s cell phone activity. The features that TheOneSpy provides include GPS tracking, text messages, call logs, contacts, emails, and browsing history monitoring. Both Android and iPhone have these features. 

The high performance of the app is one of the important reasons that contribute to its status as the finest employee monitoring tool. The application’s web-based user interface makes dashboard navigating extremely simple. 

The app enables the employers to monitor email, internet, social media, phone logs, contact list, multimedia files, keylogger, remote listening and tracking of the location of the employee. 


Hubstaff is an app for managing remote teams and their work. With the app an employer can keep an eye on their employees and see how productive they are. This app can be installed on various devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. You can monitor employees’ real-time location and the time they spend on a task. Hubstaff makes it easy to manage as well as supervise employees. 

The features of the app include, time tracking, GPS tracking, online timesheets, reporting, productivity monitoring, scheduling, geo-fencing and online invoicing. 


Employee monitoring software called ActiveTrack can be installed on desktops and laptops. Managers and employers can use the app to monitor their employees’ day-to-day activities and be sure their work is being done effectively. One of the most interesting features of the app is that it helps identify issues like cybersecurity issues. The plan creates risk assessments and informs employers so that they can take appropriate action. 


Teramind monitors all employee, remote user, and contractor computer operations and gives administrators access to their daily activities as well as historical data. 

In real time, it monitors almost all user behavior including web pages, programs, email, file transfers, networks and more. Employees, contractors and remote customers can all be tracked. To comply with GDPR and other privacy laws, you can change the monitoring and recording settings.

If a user violates company policies, Teramind will proactively prevent any unwanted behavior by automatically warning, notifying, blocking, or locking the user. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers in-depth analysis of how time is spent during the workday. You can view websites and programs used while working, as well as snapshots of the computer screen taken every few minutes. The app helps employees stay focused by gently nudging them when they are distracted from work. 


PeopleForce assists employers in creating a high-performance culture inside their organization. To make all of their HR operations easier, use an end-to-end cloud solution for all of your workers and prospects. Run powerful functionality to manage personnel as well as their effectiveness. The employers can define and monitor OKR objectives in the PeoplePerform module, discuss them in 1-on-1 meetings with employees, and preserve all information in the system thereafter. These apps can work wonders for your workplace and enhance company profits. For, these are some of the best Android spying software that you can use to track the activity of your employees.