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How to Promote Website to Social Media for Free

There are several companies on the market that provide likes, subscribers, tweets, and web traffic, but there is one company, in particular, that has been able to stand out due to providing these services and others with professionalism, effectiveness, and at a low price: LinkCollider.

This company has become the go-to option for numerous individuals around the globe who want to boost their online presence. You might be a YouTuber just starting out and thus want to get as many subscribers as possible, or you might want your Facebook account to grow in popularity; whatever you are trying to achieve, LinkCollider can help you in a very meaningful way.

Must Know Tools – Site Audit Tools

Extensive List of Services

Ever since LinkCollider stepped into the market, it has been able to garner numerous positive reviews, and it doesn’t seem like this is going to change anytime soon. Its popularity keeps augmenting as the days go by.

It provides a variety of different services, including providing Facebook likes and shares, Twitter followers and retweets, increase of pinterest followers and pins, WordPress posts, Blogger posts, Stumbleupon likes, Tumblr posts, increase of website traffic, augmentation of YouTube subscribers, and even improvement of website’s SEO. On top of all of this, LinkCollider provides tools for bloggers and blogs. This company can help boost website traffic for free if you are a blogger.

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LinkCollider Values Your Time

Another factor that sets LinkCollider apart from the competition is that its friendly and knowledgeable staff undertakes every service promptly and gives you results in a timely fashion manner, which is one of the main reasons why people who want to boost their online presence opt for it. They simply deliver everything to a ‘T.’ The staff that constructs LinkCollider is aware that time is very valuable, and thus, they get right to work to provide satisfaction in every aspect to every client.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a service that tends to be one of the most requested at LinkCollider, as they have different SEO tools in order to provide successful results. They provide a drop link tool, search engine submission, bookmark submission, directory submission, keyword tools, article rewriter, character counter, sitemap generators, link shortener, article spinner, link building, and spintax tester. With these SEO tools, you can rest assured that you will get a lot of web traffic.

LinkCollider: The Ideal Company to Effectively and Successfully Boost Your Online Presence Today

There is no negative aspect that accompanies any of the services that LinkCollider offers. They are simply first class, definitely making them worth a try. The LinkCollider’s team strives every day for every one of their clients to be satisfied with their work.

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Customer satisfaction is extremely important to them. They always prompt their clients to provide their two cents regarding their overall service, which is definitely something that not a lot of companies do.

They are always at your service, as they want to see you succeed in meaningful measure on the Internet. With LinkCollider, you have nothing to lose . . . just a lot of traffic to gain!

Top 7 Factors to Keep in Mind while Developing a Marketplace Mobile App

Nowadays, a successful mobile application does more than generate revenue. Businesses are increasingly investing in marketplace platform to interact with customers. What distinguishes mobile applications from websites? The truth is that mobile applications are essentially a simplified version of your business. These are available for download and installation on smartphones. There are several advantages to having an application, ranging from giving value to your customers to developing a strong brand. In this article, we’ll go through the seven finest development procedures for building your dream marketplace mobile app.

1. Go Through a Thorough Research

The development process necessitates extensive study and market analysis. Businesses must know what kind of product they are going to develop. Analyzing issues in the early stages assists firms in creating the best application. The most fantastic method to ensure the success of an application is to design it as a solution to a customer’s problem.

Take a look around and observe how the applications you’re utilizing are assisting you in various ways. Banking applications, for example, aid in the maintenance of financial records. Food delivery apps allow you to satisfy your cravings anytime you want. A transportation app that helps you order a cab. There are numerous applications. These help the users, which is why they are thriving today. 

Nobody wants to invest in a product that will not benefit them in any manner. They should research the following things:

  • What are the most recent market trends and technologies?
  • What is your company’s SWOT analysis?
  • Who are your rivals?
  • How can you service clients differently than your competitors?
  • Do you have a brilliant idea that no one has yet proposed?

By doing market research, a business can come up with great ideas. Also, a company can open the door to new opportunities that previously nobody has done. By investigating the competition, we not only learn from their failures, but we also develop a superior plan.

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What Understanding Do You Get After Conducting Market Research?

  • Businesses aspire to be global, and by developing the correct strategies, you may reach out to a diverse variety of clients and distribution channels.
  • You get a comprehensive understanding of the client base, including market size, demographics, and geographical variables. The more you learn about your consumers, the better your customer profiles will be.
  • Also, market research aids in identifying and targeting the desired audience.
  • Furthermore, it supports you in gathering knowledge about your competition so that you may plan ahead of them and capture the customer’s interest.

2: Target the Right Audience for the Next App Project

Let us now move on to the second most significant phase in the development of an application. It all comes down to having a good grasp of your app’s consumers. When a company launches a product, it must be for the people who will use it. Who will utilize the application if the audience is unknown? Isn’t it a terrifying thought? Make an effort to devote some time to the earliest stages to give you the most outstanding results. 

Mobile App Development can be a complicated task requiring the skills of experienced developers. If you’re not familiar with the app design process, its best to consult with an app design company such as Sunlight Media in Los Angeles.

The marketplace application is created with the end customers in mind by the company. If you own a restaurant and provide vegetarian meals, your target market will be vegetarians. Non-vegetarians are not your target demographic. As a result, presenting advertising to such an audience will be a waste of time and money. The same is true for marketplace applications and other business apps.

Why Should you Target the Audience Wisely?

Because the benefits are yours, well, there is the following reasoning for this. Let’s dive into it.

  • Targeting the right audience at the right time gives you a high ranking among others.
  • Wrong customers simply scroll down and don’t engage with the content.
  • Drive the right people means saving the money that you spend on the different advertisements. 

3: Identify Key App Features

There isn’t any secret formula for making millions of app downloaders. All you do is take the proper steps to get and keep the customers. You can quickly get the customers, but keeping them long-term with the application is challenging. Customers are drawn to the applications because of their distinctive features and functionality. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical components of marketplace platform app:

Some Useful Features Every Application Must Have and Why:

  • User-Friendly Menu Structure: Cluttered or messy app features irritate customers and stop them from using the application. 
  • Offline Function: Customers don’t have internet access around the clock. Therefore, providing the offline features with all the functionalities keep the customers loyal to your application. 
  • Payment Security: In a world where cybercrime is all around, provide customers secure payment system. Also, offer them a different type of payment methods including debit, credit, COD and other so that they choose according to their preference. 
  • Appealing Product Details: Visualization attracts customers. The purpose of marketplace application is to promote the product and services. Hence, this way you can reach more people. 
  • Support of Several Languages and Currencies: Business is running worldwide today. It became even more essential to provide multiple languages and currency support. In this way, they will use the application according to their ease and preference. 

4: Come Up with the Outstanding Idea

Have you ever noticed that people are drawn to things they haven’t seen before? Providing something different from the competition will generate interest and excitement in the market. It is human nature to be hardly attracted to things that are currently accessible on the market. Customers are constantly looking to explore different things.

Have you ever wondered why a newly released game application is so popular? Because people enjoy trying new stuff. Don’t you think so? Consider the example of a marketplace application. Why should clients use your applications when there are millions of others on the market? What is your uniqueness if you are delivering the same thing that others already have? What is your idea? All of your efforts will be futile if the consumer finds the application boring and similar to thousands of others. Make something unique that will set you apart from the crowd.

5: Chooses the Right Platform and Design

Android and iOS are now the most popular platforms for app development. The ideal approach is to begin developing an application on one platform and then move on to another. Once you’ve determined your target audience, features, and functions, you may choose between a native or hybrid application. Both platforms have pros and cons. The platform you select is entirely dependent on the needs of your organization. You can choose any of the platforms to depend on a set of characteristics, including:

  • The app’s development deadlines.
  • The level of service you wish to provide to your consumers.
  • You specify the features and complexity.

6: At the end of the Day, Cost Matter the Most

There is much rivalry in the app business, and everyone wants to be on top. The truth is, mobile app development is a multi-stage process that must be accomplished for the program to work effectively. As a result, the application’s cost is determined by several elements, including

Application Testing: Performing app QA is essential to make the project successful. To make the app successful and bug-free, it is necessary to do the QA before. 

App Features: Some complicated app features can increase the development cost. Cost can be increased or decreased according to the design you choose. 

Development Team: There are different app development costs depending on the size of team you choose. There are developers’ teams, freelancers, IT solution firms, and more. 

7: Get the Support of the Tech-Savvy Team 

You have a fantastic application concept that no one has yet introduced. You’ve settled on all of the crucial aspects that will spark the audience’s interest. You have conducted extensive market research. You are also up to date on the newest trends and innovations. Are you ready to build a successful application? If you said yes, re-ask yourself. What is it that is missing? Regardless of how brilliant our idea is, we need an IT experienced team to turn it into a reality.

Furthermore, hiring a marketplace app development team allows you to focus on things that go above and beyond your expectations. A professional market mobile app development business is well-versed in all marketing methods and trends. As a result, selecting the proper firm may help you create a marketplace application with less effort. They will do the tasks on their own.

Start the Journey Today!

With the most excellent app development firms like Cubix worldwide, you can begin this lovely path of turning your vision into reality. Remember that everything starts with the first step you take. Good luck!

How Electronic Signatures Can Help All Government Departments As A Modern Signet Stamp?

Government agencies have recognized electronic signs as secure, compliant, enforceable, and economical ways to come up with digital transformation. Moreover, e-signs can set up either on-premise or on the cloud. The government thus can take benefits of the high degree of scalability, customizability, functionality, and control-realized in a business solution without bothering financial and IT resources.  Both federal and central government organizations have started using it to improve their existing services. Let’s explore the scope of e-signs in government departments:

Scope of e-signs in government departments:

Useful for Government Business Ventures

Before the introduction of electronic signatures, sharing a large number of documents across different agencies and departments may add a huge cost in both paper and ink. In contrast, government officers now transfer a wide range of international and local contract works easily by using electronic signatures to make the process easy and economical. For instance, a large number of federal and local government officers use e-sign to authorize paperwork to conduct tender agreements, procurement, and paperwork related to diverse action orders. 

In-house Government Operations

Streamlined procedures are very much essential in different types of in-house governmental procedures. Considering this, electronic signatures have started transforming the landscape of both state and federal governments with simple and easy-to-implement electronic procedures. These are as follows-

·        Onboarding and recruitment forms 

·        Personnel and HR forms

·        Forms related to project management

·        Forms to request for purchase and expenses

Citizen Business Operations 

Most of the federal and local governments worldwide propose their citizen business applications created during working hours. However, getting time to visit any government office during hectic or busy hours is difficult. Nowadays, electronic signatures help in completing citizen business procedures conveniently. The reason is e-sign executes licensing documents and permits office applications without any hassle.

Housing Transactions 

Housing transactions in both local and state government space must be swift and efficient as you expect in the case of real estate firms. Even in some cases, signing and emailing documents manually, along with related simple housing procedures consume many hours unnecessarily. However, modern government agencies use e-sign solutions to sign and share varieties of sensitive documents and forms without any difficulty. 

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Social and Healthcare Services

Most of the state government agencies and local municipalities have their separate health divisions to deliver health and wellness solutions. However, doing such activities requires government employees to complete tons of paperwork. Use of e-signs to execute social service documents and public health forms made government health organizations economical with the available resources. Moreover, electronic signs boost the efficiency of healthcare services. 

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How Electronic Signatures are Beneficial for Government Organizations

Improved User Convenience and Remote Access

The use of e-sign is a convenient option as compared to signatory sign on any document irrespective of the residing country. Users of electronic signature may involve in almost any type of agreement remotely and avoid wasting time and/or valuable resources. Electronic signs give convenience and are ideal options for small towns to deliver personalized solutions.

Saves Valuable Time

With the application of electronic signature, government officials have to spend relatively less time, as one can sign the document online in no time. Indeed, e-signs make the tedious task easy. E-signs are useful not only for individuals but also for banks, companies, and business organizations.

Have Legal Recognition

Unified electronic transactions act (UETA) was passed in the year 1999 to provide a legal  use of electronic signatures in all states of the USA. From then onwards the document signed with electronic signatures stamped to be legal and authorities cannot deny the authenticity of it. Later electronic signatures were secured using blockchain technology to enhance its security aspects.

Provide Eco-friendly Solutions

With e-signs, the government will come up with green solutions and save their money. However, going paperless completely requires a huge effort. On the other side, an electronic signature is an effective way to come up with eco-friendly solutions. Whether you want to sustain your business or the environment, going paperless allows you to face the underlying challenges easily.

Verifiable-signatory and Signature

Authentication of a customer identity has always remained at the top priority. Luckily, in the case of electronic signatures, each signature undergoes proper verification so that there is no scope related to any type of fraud. In simple words, verification of e-sign validates the signature of a signatory in a hassle-free way.

Wrapping up

Government agencies often deal with the challenge to reduce costs, deliver quality services and stay compliant all time. Furthermore, government officials always expect to stay at the forefront to make sure of environment-friendly procedures. E-signs help government organizations and officers to address unique requirements and challenges related to paperwork. With e-signs, government agencies become highly efficient and free resources to deliver improved services.

Ecommerce SEO: How to Bring Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

SEO has emerged as a crucial tool to improve traffic like organic traffic over the last couple of decades, helping reach a broader online market segment. It helps bring the scientific art of optimizing your website into reality. Therefore, helping employ specific keywords to rank better and higher in SERP, such as Google.

Optimizing your website ultimately transcribes to creating the best use of keywords for the target audience.

How to do that? Let’s dig in.

#1 Link Building:

Back-links will give your e-commerce platform get better rankings and genuine influence on the web arena. It is complicated and time-consuming for beginners, as these are off-page SEO. However, once you start investing in the practice, you will see positive link-building in no time.

Partner with positively established influencers or you can take advantage of social media influencer apps.

Get positive linking opportunities from broken links on the web portals or buy quality backlinks to generate authority of website.

Study your competitor’s link network and work on acquiring those links for you as well.

#2 Keyword Research:

Make use of various available SEO keyword tools. Find the types of keywords your audience is searching and want on search engines.

#3 Site Architecture:

 Use explicit use of images, videos, and tutorials, or examples to present the most large-scale range of information around your topic. Make sure you keep your approach simple. For example, no page on your website should be taking more than three clicks to get from any other page. Also get Best SSL certificate providers.

#4 Content Marketing:

Content marketing is on the boom for creating an organic traffic surge for your business. Many still are not doing enough to tap the unparallel potential content-marketing. While many still think it is alright to use regular marketing practices, but the following stats can help you make your mind otherwise:

  • 45% of all the marketers now believe content blogging is their #1 strategy.
  • 70% of people would like to learn about a business through an article on the web than an advert.
  • 68% of consumers feel more positive and comfortable with a brand after consuming content from it.

There are many brands that uses social media feeds to boost traffic and reach among the globe.

#5 On-Page SEO:

Make use of meta-tags, meta-tags are a crucial aspect when incorporating on-page SEO. It will directly benefit you to ensure search engine crawls your website more efficiently in a faster time possible. Therefore, make sure to keep all the keywords you are targeting are there in the right places. Follow a distinct On-page SEO strategy for all three:

  • Pages on your eCommerce category.
  • ECommerce product range pages.
  • SEO for your niche blog content.

#6 Local SEO:

Local SEO can help you immensely if you have a physical store or business along with your online entity. You can achieve a significant boost in your traffic. How? Follow these strategies:

  • Claiming your Google My Business profile.
  • Intensifying local references.
  • Get local links.

Need help with local SEO Pak Seos team is here to help you.

#7 Measure your SEO Success:

Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click) services, that will give you immediate access to your performance with taken marketing efforts. SEO will take time but, it will establish your e-commerce business to new heights. A small increase in rankings is a good start for your long-term efforts to realize. Keep track using SEO tools and creating an SEO dashboard to keep analytics in check.

10 Creative Content Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Business

Introductory words

All the newly ecommerce business now focuses intensely on content marketing ideas to promote their business initially and to create brand awareness. It is found that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer the brand that is authentic and has a good reputation on different social networks.

So, investing in content marketing seems the only logical thing to do while launching a new one or an existing ecommerce business.

10 creative content making ideas for ecommerce business

There are different sorts of content marketing ways that any business can embrace while continuing their content marketing campaigns. However, we have picked the ten most popular and shared content marketing ideas for an ecommerce business.

Let’s dive in;

1. Product videos

Product videos are another significant type of content marketing for ecommerce. This sort of content marketing is even more effective when the product comes with different unique features.

So many brands have YouTube channels of their own to show their existing and coming products. A high-quality video can trick the minds of the viewers into feeling like they are experiencing the product even before getting the product. And YouTube thumbnail also has importance in this, how attractive the thumbnail is. And size of YouTube thumbnail also matters.

The YouTube channel of Apple is an excellent example of it. They show all the features of all their products through this channel. You can also embed YouTube videos on websites to showcase the YouTube videos right on your website.

2. Product guides

You can spice up your content marketing strategies by creating product guides for your own products. By creating product guides, you get the opportunity to educate your potential customers. Product guides are a very essential and creative tool for content marketing. In the ecommerce business, it is prevalent.

You can create a how-to guide for different ranges of products in multiple steps with proper visuals. It would make the audience understand the usage of the product more. Ultimately, as a result of it, they would convert more.

3. User-generated content

It is a modern concept of marketing content. Here the users create content and publish it on social media platforms to share their opinions. Hence, it helps brands to significantly raise brand awareness.

Here different ecommerce businesses can arrange contests on various social media to post content while having their products with a particular hashtag. This way, the online world gets flooded with the content of one specific ecommerce brand.

GoPro camera marketing strategies perfectly demonstrates the ideal example of utilizing user-generated content for marketing purposes.

You can then integrate Social media Feeds into your website to showcase content created by users. Eventually, display social proof, increase social reach, build brand trust and loyalty, drive sales and conversions for your business.

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4. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest content marketing tactics. Yet it is still not obsolete. They know that according to the data of Campaign Monitor, every 1 USD spent for email marketing generates $38 ROI.

There are different ways to carry on an email marketing campaign. You can send mail in PHP like welcome mail or promotional emails according to your offers. Promotional or holiday offer themed emails significantly boost the sale.

The average open rate of email marketing is 22.86% in the year 2019. Ignoring it entirely would be not so good to take an ecommerce business to the next level.

5. Blog posts

For any ecommerce business, it is quite challenging to get inbound links for their sites through a guest blog. So you can create valuable and engaging blog post content for your website. Also, you can outreach for guest posts to the blogs of the same industry.

Doing so, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website, and you will get a higher rank on the organic search result of different search engines. Creating longer posts are most likely to get more preference on the search engines while preparing blog posts it should be kept in mind.

6. Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is nowadays the most powerful way of gaining the attention of prospective buyers. It is a way to connect with the target audience for an ecommerce brand by getting traffic and so many social shares.

But before rooting for a digital storytelling sort of content, you have to acknowledge your target audience well. Only this way you will be able to add an emotional element to the story,

7. Influencer’s marketing

Online influencers are the people who have a significant amount of followers online. They consistently create content online that provides value to their followers. These influencers can be blogger, vlogger, celebrities, public figures and so on.

Ecommerce businesses can approach them to promote business. It is quite common to the ecommerce businesses to embrace influencer’s marketing during the launch of the business to build brand awareness quickly. 

8. Creative music videos

The music grabs the attention of people quicker than anything else. So creating music videos and releasing it online is an impactful content marketing idea for an ecommerce business.

So, creating a video with a proper message about the business and then uploading that video in a different medium like YouTube after perfect optimization will reach so many people.

9. Content publish on different magazines

Magazines still haven’t lost their appeal. Having high-quality visuals, headlines, and relevant editorials are what make magazines lucrative to the readers. So, having a subscription-based magazine is an excellent way of nurturing a relationship with the target audience.

For an ecommerce brand magazine can play a massive role in building brand loyalty and strengthening bonding with the customers. By publishing content on different websites, it helps you buy quality backlinks for your website.

10. Sending newsletter

People nowadays are pretty busy. Usually, they do not have the time to go to an online ecommerce store all the time. So to remind them of new or limited edition products, ecommerce business owners can send them newsletter directly to the customer’s inbox.

Most of the times, customers this newsletter very warmly as those help them to remain updated about your store’s newest products.

Wrapping up

The content marketing arena is continually changing. In today’s world, the most challenging work to do is to grab the attention of the people. Content marketers are bringing newer ways to do do the job.

Content marketing can have a significant impact on taking an ecommerce business to a whole new level. By focusing on content marketing, ecommerce businesses are now trying to sustain their business in such a competitive environment.

So, people truly say content is the king in today’s world if you want your business to thrive.

How To Add Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

Around 22% of the global population uses Facebook. Such a large number of user-base suggests that Facebook truly has the potential to make any type of content from photos, videos and news go viral within a matter of a few seconds.

Probably the reason as to why businesses focus primarily on Facebook than any other social media channel for marketing campaigns.

With a million numbers of daily active users, Facebook to this day remains the most popular social media platform. Facebook marketing never gets out of trend as the platform is constantly evolving to make it more user friendly.

But, because of the regular changes, businesses find it hard to pin a singular marketing strategy that would always reap them profits. Well, there is one way through which brands can shine on Facebook and brings brands visibility to their business.

It is known as embedding Facebook feed on the website. Though Fb widget can be added to any kind of website, in this piece we are solely focusing on WordPress Websites.

How To Add Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

#1 Using A Social Media Aggregator Tool

One of the best ways to embed Facebook feed on a WordPress website is via a social media aggregation. This can be done by a smart social media aggregator tool.

A Social media aggregator tool like Taggbox gathers raw user-generated social media content across various social media accounts and creates an attractive feed to be displayed on the website.

It also helps with moderating the content to remove any unwanted pics and assists in customizing the feed to go with the website layout. The feed is updated in real-time. Social media aggregator tools also give campaign analytics and insights on consumers’ behavior.

By using social media aggregator tools to build a Facebook feed, businesses can compel the audience to engage and communicate with their brand. They could also promote the latest offers and discounts through the same feed on the website.

The embedding of Facebook posts on WordPress websites through social media aggregator tools is easy and effective. The tool generates the embed code which can be placed in the WordPress backend and the Facebook feed is ready and live to be displayed.

#2 By Using Facebook Embed Feature

The simplest way to embed Facebook feed on the WordPress website is by using the embed option from Facebook itself. The feature is available with every post, be it images, videos, stories or comments.

By clicking on the menu of the selected post that you want to include on the website, you will find an embed option. As soon as you hit the embed, a code will be displayed.

You just need to copy and paste it in the website backend and the post will be added to the website. Ensure that Facebook feed embedded through this method is done using the Facebook web and not via the Facebook app. For further information, one can go through Facebook for Developers section.

However, there is one major limitation with this feature is that you have to repeat the entire process every time you feel like adding a Facebook post to the website.

#3 Using Plugin And Widgets

There are a variety of WordPress plugins and widgets available in the market to choose from. The plugins and widgets are similar to social media aggregator tools sharing the same features except the only difference is the way they display Facebook feed only on the WordPress website.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feeds

1. Boost website engagement

Facebook photos could easily grab users’ attention. The user-generated content from Facebook engages the website audience as they find Facebook posts easy to relate with.

The visual appeal of the website to gets increased and visitors spend more time knowing about brands’ products and services.

2. Builds Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that impacts the shopping decisions of the target audience by showcasing the customer satisfaction with the brands.

When website visitors see how happy your existing consumers are with your products, by the result of their human nature, they too will buy your products. The Facebook pictures of satisfied consumers’ around their product experience enhance the social proof of a brand and boosts sales.

3. Enhances Brand Trust

Facebook feed when embedded over the website ensures the customers about product quality and overcomes trust issues. As trust is the primary key to any business’s success in today’s world, using UGC Facebook posts on websites will help in that area.

4. Improves website’s ranking

Visual content drives more organic traffic to the website than any other form and by adding a Facebook feed, brands can achieve that easily. Also, the photos and videos engage the people and they spend a long time on the website scrolling through the posts before jumping back to search results.

This increases the website’s dwell time and eventually ranking also improves.

5. Better Conversion At Affordable Budget

By embedding Facebook Feed on the brand’s website, marketers can garner high ROI and that too at next to nothing investment. Also, the content creation budget too gets cut down as now the brand is using content created by its users for promoting itself.

Tumblr Spy App Best Bet To Protect Your Teen’s Privacy

In the start, it was all about the famous Facebook and how it was the coolest trendy thing to be a social media user. With time the Instagram took its place and then you can add your photo with more attractive filters and thus this updated version of the previous social media app was on the rise in-game and fame. Now you have dozens of social media platforms who share some of the common features like it’s here to make you the capital investment and brainwash you to manipulate as they want, other than that everyone offers a single or two unique features to get a sincere sole audience restricted to that specific app. So now we are divided.

Some prefer to waste time on Facebook, others like to do it in a more fancy way through Instagram or Snapchat and some like to give it an artistic touch and like Tumblr.

Tumblr is a social media app that is like a scrapbook for status or texts, images, video files, gifs, and many other things just like any other social media platform. It is like the commo of a typical blog and Twitter feed as one can share their opinion, ideas and talent through the Tumblr feed and can like others with the same interest and hobbies. Just like Twitter where everyone gets famous from any viral tweet and retweets, here we are happy if our post gets reblogged by any humble user.  No need to make the account by real name you can start by any funky or mysterious username to attract more followers and this my friend is the start of a nightmare story called Tumblr. Another breaking news about this social media platform is that by default it lets every profile open to the public. Meaning if your teen has a Tumblr account and he or she is lazy enough to go to the Tumblr website and then change some setting to make the profile private then you are in trouble. Open to public profile means anyone can watch, visit and reshare your teen post and that is not a good sign from a teen’s perspective. 

So what are the odds then one can know about their teen Tumblr blog post and can even find them in the social media platform in the sea of anonymous user names. Well, I will say let’s just not go on to that path. Let’s make it simple and easy once and for all. No need to make an account, no need to search for a username or blog details why not simply get the Tumblr spy app and get over it in one big step. 

Know About Their Username:

Well whether your kid likes to stay anonymous on the social media platform or not use the Tumblr spy app and it will let you know right away. You can know about their profile details along with every blog and post remotely with the help of the TheOneSpy app. 

Worried About Easy Access To Mature Content:

It is a lot easier to access mature content on this social media app. But no need to panic or to be worried. With a little help from the Tumblr spy app, you can keep an eye on the search and reblog posts of your teen and know about their state of mind and interest. A timely notice of any kind of weird habit can help the parents to nip the evil in the bud and that’s how a spy app can help the parents and be like their secret guardian angel. 

Check Out Their Blog Content :

You can easily check out the blog and other updated content of your teen on the Tumblr feed by using the Tumblr app. The remote access to the teen’s account can help parents to know more and in detail about the teen through its blog content. Whether it is in text form, an image or video file, a gif, or an audio clip all is in the easy remote access of the parents. The app records every social media activity of the target for the parents and upload s the recording on the web portal of the app. 

Don’t get drowned in the deep sea of social media apps. Take help from TheOneSpy.

The Power of Data to Win Customer Engagement

Significant insights about your potential customers can unleash the doorways to strengthen long-term relationships with them. From making informed decisions to serve them a personalized experience, the data can essentially help in many ways. If you have the right data, you can win customers’ trust and provide them multiple valid inferences to make a purchase from your business. 

Want to explore how data can help to win customer engagement? 

Read on, and you will get your answer. 

Here we are uncovering how the data can help to win customer engagement. 

Customer engagement is the new buzzword during the increased online business practices. The more customers are engaged with a brand; the more revenue can be generated. 

In the current scenario, businesses focus on strengthening customer engagement to have more brand loyal customers. 

Benefits of customer engagement

When you emphasize strengthening customer engagement, you can have the advantages such as;

  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Foster opportunity to cross-sell/up-sell
  • Relatively shorter purchase cycle
  • Get more brand advocates
  • Stronger customer relationships

But, how can data be a powerful tool to win customer engagement?

Present unique ways to engage

It’s essential to stay connected with your audience once they have made a purchase or showed interest in your brand. By using data, you can estimate how and when customers are active and which customers are inactive. 

So, based on the data, you can determine the unique and personalized way to boost engagement with potential customers.

Also, you can encourage the customers who are becoming uninterested or bored with your message or product by incentivizing their actions.  

Plus, another good way to keep buyers engaged is to ask them to provide feedback about their experience with your business. This also helps in getting more data and insight into your business along with engaging satisfied customers.

Loyalty program management

Offering rewards through a loyalty program is a great way to keep potential buyers doing frequent business with your products or services. 

When you have a loyalty program solution, you can get insightful data such as when customers prefer to buy, which products they like, what rewards are in demand, and so on. 

Customer data through loyalty program management software can open up new doorways to win more customers. It also helps in delivering a personalized experience, which naturally attracts customers for a longer time.

Monitor customer behavior patterns

If you know when, how, what about your customers’ shopping experience, you can serve them improved services. Currently, high-quality products are not enough to keep customers attracted to your business. You must be offering something of value to them in order to foster customer engagement. 

Hence, pay attention to specific triggers that will signal you when a customer acts, such as following you on social media, subscribing to your newsletter, or liking, sharing a post. 

You should then spend time analyzing these customers’ behavioral patterns, which will assist you in using predictive analytics to determine what they will do next. This specifically helps in determining strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Presenting upgrades or rewards

Another vital way to keep customers engaged is through proposing upgrades to the products or additional rewards through the loyalty program. 

You should inform them about the upgrades of the products/services they might be interested in and emphasize engaging them with the same. 

Besides, when you offer rewards, be sure to offer them unique incentives rather than mediocre giveaways. Of the customers who found value in what you are offering to them, they will willingly stay connected with your brand.

Utilizing the right data 

Now you know the power of data that boosts customer engagement. But above all, it is crucial to use the right data at the right time for an impactful result. 

For instance, if you know that certain locations contribute more to promoting business growth, you should launch a specialized scheme for such locations only.

Likewise, when satisfied customers have a bitter experience with the product, you should immediately approach them with a valid justification. Also, you can provide rewards to convert the negative experience into a positive one. 

Overall, customer data are essential to take business growth to a new level. Fostering strong customer engagement and encouraging them to make frequent purchases help businesses to boost ROI and sustain market competition. 

Among all the possible ways to harness the power of data, efficient loyalty program management can reveal fruitful results. The loyalty program solutions can provide many vital insights about your customers, from product preferences to purchase season. 

Hence, you should prefer a loyalty management program to promote a positive customer experience and strengthen customer engagement for your products or services. 

The Foolproof Keyword Research Process for SEO Campaigns

Finding crucial keywords, understanding audience intent, and competition analysis play a vital role in planning keywords as well as content strategy.  

Here’re steps that should be included in every effective keyword research process:

  • Understand your mission 
  • Choose your keywords and dive a bit deeper into them
  • Prefer small niches with a long tail 
  • Keep the focus on your audience’s search intent 
  • Create a superb keyword strategy 

What’s your mission? 

Take your time and create a mission document with some crucial questions. 

  • What’s the main goal for your firm? 
  • Which factors make your products or services unique? 
  • Who is your target audience, and what are the promises you wish to make when the audience reaches your website?

For example, your client runs a chain of movie theaters, and most cinema halls have special arrangements for the disabled. Then, offering the best possible cinema experience to the disabled can be something that makes your client’s service unique.

Put simply, check things that make your client’s services stand out. That should be your niche, your mission. 

Choose your keywords and dive a bit deeper into them 

Use Excel or Google Sheets and create a list of keywords relevant to your products. Think about what your audience is searching the net for; consider the search terms around your services or products that they might use. Give importance to the problems that your product solves; consider your unique selling points. These factors can help you zero in on search terms that you wish to get ranked for.  Several tools make keyword research easy and assist in digging deeper. 

  • Google search 

Start typing your keywords in Google search and look at the suggestions that appear while you type. Check the search results and note down questions that people ask. Most importantly, don’t forget to look at “Related Searches” on the results page. 

  • Google Trends 

The platform breaks down everything that people are typing. Select the ones that are new as people haven’t been trying to get ranked for before. They may not be competitive, so you won’t face much competition if you create content around these topics. You can sky-rocket to the top way faster compared to using other keywords. 

  • Ubersuggest 

If you put your keyword in Ubersuggest, the platform will tell what internet users are searching related to the same. For example, if you enter coronavirus, the tool helps you with a list of popular questions and the most referred content around the keyword. Ubersuggest will also provide multiple variations for the entered keywords and tell how competitive they are.

  • Quora

Type in keywords related to your industry. The platform would show you some of the most popular questions that users are asking. Quora offers the best answers, uploads, and gives you ideas for content creation. Select questions that have received a lot of responses because people are curious to know about the same. Create thorough, detailed answers in the form of blog posts. You can rank your content higher with this strategy.

Prefer small niches with a long tail rather than head keyword terms

Often referred to as head terms, these popular keyword terms drive high search volume. But, they are super-competitive and taken by big businesses. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have the ability to get lesser traffic but are less competitive. In short, they offer better chances of getting good rankings. 

Long-tail keywords focus on specific topics so they can offer higher conversion value. They enable you to keep your content focused on the theme rather than mere keywords. Create detailed content related to specific topics to get long-tail traffic. Remember, being more specific can prove to be better. For example, instead of writing around “How to improve your laptop battery life,” you should consider writing around “How to improve Acer Predator Helios 300 battery life.”

Check the overall quality of content visible in search results. Choose keywords that display poor content because your chances of buy quality backlinks, outranking them with high-quality content will remain high.

Keep the focus on your audience’s search intent

Data retrieved from Google Search, Google Trends, Ubersuggest, and Quora can help you find the intent of your audience. They can have transactional intent (make an immediate purchase), informational purpose (finding info on a specific topic), commercial intent (researching before making a purchase, or navigational intent (finding a particular website).

The search results for your keyword can give you a hint about what Google thinks of the search query. Your content needs to be designed according to your search intent findings. At PeddleWeb, we offer professional SEO services that can assist you in the same.

Create a superb keyword strategy 

Analyze your competition for competitive head terms. If there’s little competition, you can consider opting for them. It would be logical not to compete with brands that run radio and TV commercials because chances of achieving good rankings may remain smaller. Go for long-tail keywords if the competition is high.

Based on the data retrieved after following all the above steps, you should be able to determine your strategy for keywords.

Marketing Appeals Used For Selling More Gift Items


With the advancement in technology, competition in everything is increasing day by day. These days, we can even start a business by having a limited budget. People are using new ideas, strategy and planning to increase their sales. And that is the reason why almost every product is getting modified. If we were to talk about a cell phone, we all see how much it has updated. Each company is trying its best to provide their customer an efficient product. In the same manner, the first-ever packaging box was made in 1817 in England. But since then, it has been updated. And it got modified according to the client’s preferences and sellers’ requirements.

Many people think that custom gift boxesare only getting used to secure the product, but it’s just a misconception. Not only the appearance of packaging boxes has been updated but so does its purpose.

We not only use packages to secure a product from external hard. But we also use it to attract and impress our clients and to increase our sales. But to do so, we must customize it accordingly. And can make them look elegant and professional. There’s a type of packaging boxes that are getting used for expensive products. This packaging box can get many manufactured in many shapes and sizes. It could also get fabricated according to the client’s preferences.

Such a packaging box is known as a gift boxand gets customized elegantly. Do you want to enhance the appearance of your packaging boxes? Do you want to attract and impress your clients? If yes, then keep reading because we would be discussing how you can make your custom gift boxes more elegant and charming.

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What is Marketing Appeal and Its Types?

Marketing is an art, and not every person has the talent to draw a piece of artwork. But with the advancements of technology, it’s not that difficult anymore. These days all you need is the right pieces of equipment and a unique idea. There are many ways to promote a brand and a product. But, sometimes, we would need a strategy. Some marketing appeals are getting sued to attract and impress the clients. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes emotional. But the goal is the same, which is to attract new clients and impress the regular ones.

  • In logos appeal, we give logical reasoning to the clients. And we try to appear professional and more reasonable.
  • In ethos appeal, we try to deliver a lot of information about a product. And in this way, we tell the client what exactly they would need to have the commodity.
  • In pathos appeals, we try to create an emotional response. We could see such types of claims in an awareness video.

1.   Emotional Appeal:

We all have seen the video where we see an emotional scene or a picture. Such types of appeals are getting used to winning an argument. In this type of promotion, some catchy and sentimental sentences get written on the packaging boxes. And in this way, they affect the client and can increase their sales.

2.   Fear Appeal:

Fear is one thing that keeps us going. We do some tasks to get rid of the consequences. But how we customize our packaging boxes with the fear appeal. How about using an organic box and telling the customers about the dangers of plastic. In this way, not only does your brand look professional, but also it attracts customers. 

  • With a fear appeal, we force people to take some actions. We change their way of thinking. And allow them to consider the worst-case scenario.

3.   Endorsement Appeal:

Who wouldn’t love to purchase an item when their favorite celebrity picture is on it. That’s right, each day, we see many products getting customized this way. Whether it’s a rising star or our favorite football player, we could pay extra for a customized product. Just like that, we see that kids always get attracted to the toys whose packaging has their favorite cartoon character imprinted on it.

4.   Brand Appeal:

Have you ever wondered why we spend a lot of bucks on a product from a luxurious brand? We not only pay for the product but also the little logo imprinted on gift boxes. Many famous brands do not even bother to customize any additional designs on the box. All they do is print their logo on the box. And clients would buy it having no second thoughts.

5.   Scarcity Appeal:

Who would not buy a limited item? Have you ever wondered why some brands even produce limited products? It is a strategy to attract clients and make them buy the item. The sellers use the scarcity approach to build fear in clients whether they could find the product in the market or not.

6.   Reward Appeal:

We purchase an item because its packaging says we could win a reward. We buy the item and open the product, and look for the price. Sometimes, we get lucky and receive little rewards. And sometimes, we are out of luck. But in both cases, we purchased the item, and the seller quickly sold its product. It is the reward appeal.

7.   Humor Appeal:

Who wouldn’t want to read a catchy and funny sentence? We often find it entertaining to read a hilarious sentence on the box. But it is a strategy for marketing. In this way, they not only attract the passer-by. But it also forces them to at least try the product.

8.   Logical Appeal:

In the logical appeal, we represent facts and figures to win an argument. We do not play bluntly and describe our product in a straightforward manner by using custom gift boxes.