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Best Wix Referral Networks in 2021

This article is about the best Wix referral networks. These networks are designed to help website owners and marketers get their projects done faster by utilizing the incredible power of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Referral Networks can be an excellent way for users to find new clients and gain new customers who may not know about you yet. Some of these networks offer incentives for referring others, and some allow you to share your referral’s profits with them!

OSI Affiliate Software 

OSI Affiliate Software is also known as one of the best referral marketing software on the internet. Referral marketing is a subset of affiliate marketing in which company affiliates receive commissions for referring a potential customer to another company.

Typically, the affiliate will send an email to their leads about the offer and provide links or offers that recipients can redeem. The commission is usually given for sales made by referred customers but doesn’t have to be limited in this manner. This business promotion model has been used since 1997, although it’s now heavily utilized in digital promotions through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Referral bonuses are often built into e-commerce sites with virtual rewards points that allow site users to get rewards from the website.


With Refersion, it is your friends and family that refer you. You need a new marketing plan and content paradigm if you want to reach people who might be less inclined to complete the process themselves.

Refersion brings awareness to the hundreds of millions of members in these communities by using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. The goal here is to generate more trust with potential customers because they know someone they hold in high regard would have recommended their services or products.


Savyour Affiliate Partner

Referral marketing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of online marketing. A referral product partner program like Savvyour Affiliate Partner is a way to get your audience to promote your business for you, with a program that manages the billing and credit card information.

It’s been shown that customers are prepared to spend more on products when they know other people who can vouch for them and payments. Save your Affiliate Partner provides tools such as banners, buttons, and widgets to help their referrers get more rewards. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a service for online marketers that lets you sell other people’s products and services through your affiliate link.

PostAffiliatePro will rotate the names of the vendors and products you are promoting on your site regularly. You can also add bylines to each item that describes why it’s excellent, so the visitors can get to know what each product has in store for them before they click on it. 

Post Affiliates Pro would benefit every internet marketer because there are always new offers coming out. Only a handful of merchants get their hands on first – and when they do, they often have restricted capacity or higher costs per sale than what one would find with more established brands.

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GrowthHero is an online platform that connects leaders, founders, and executives with highly qualified mentors who help them get the most out of their startups. They’re committed to helping their customers achieve their life-long goals, whether they are a business founder or just starting their careers.

Membership on Growth Hero allows you to choose a mentor from their community of world-class experts in different fields. Your advisor will provide unmediated support for everything you need, from coaching and counseling to technical assistance and introductions to business partners, all for one low monthly fee, delivered through an easy-to-use interface that feels like text messaging!

Sales Team

Sales Team refers customers to a company. Then the company rewards sales individuals by giving them commission or points that they can use towards future purchases with that company as consumers.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it–companies are spending a lot of time and money on marketing campaigns and customer acquisition. Yet, it is still challenging to generate new business. Meanwhile, their employees have access to an enormous network of potential customers through daily interactions at work; all they needed was some encouragement and incentive (cash) to act on their real power–their network. 

360º Referral Program Suite

360º Referral Program Suite is a suite of apps and tools that will help you create, manage, automate and track your referral programs for ultimate success in the competitive market. You can refer friends using any platform or device at any time while still receiving positive visibility for all referrals sent from those profiles.

Referral marketing programs are a great way to increase sales by empowering customers to sell more like Drum Set Lab was able to do. Customers are now introduced to new developments in an organic manner, with fewer barriers that might turn them off. They see how it’s different from what they’re used to using, usually paid to advertise. The best thing about this type of marketing is that people share their love with your company making it authentic.

Pongo Affiliate

Pongo Affiliate is a referral marketing service that helps online stores get publicity in social media, build their email list and generate more sales.

Working with big influencers on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram mean you reach their audience of millions who see your product for free without ever clicking through to a competitor’s website. And because they trust the influencer’s opinion, you effortlessly dominate their feed, getting seen by an engaged audience before they even click your links to buy.

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Vwa. la 

Vwa. la is a company that provides referral marketing for Health and Beauty brands.

The average customer spends $700 when shopping at an online retailer like Amazon or Macy’s, which means the potential to earn money comes in large quantities, especially with long sales cycles. 

With Vwa. la, you can advertise your favorite brands and get rewarded for their success – without any upfront cost to you! You tell your friends about our site, they make purchases on your referral link or promotion code, and gives YOU a commission for that purchase. It is that easy.


ShareSomeFriends is a referral marketing site where you can use your friends, family, and fans to get customers for free.

ShareSomeFriends allows you to offer valuable incentives to referrers in exchange for spreading the word about your company. It’s an inexpensive way of building up a loyal customer base through strong interpersonal connections that have been tested by social proofing. It’s just another great way to build up our list of happy clients.

We get it; you’re a small business owner looking to grow your online presence. You want more customers and more sales for your products like Hunting Bow Lab but don’t have the time or resources for marketing your company. 

Wix has an answer for that with its referral network program, which allows businesses of any size to tap into new customer leads and referrals from other companies on their platform. 

The best part? It doesn’t cost anything! If you’re interested in tapping into this great opportunity, comment below. 

How To Use Off-Page SEO To Boost Your Business?

If you are operating a business online, then it is hard to ignore the importance of SEO. Well, it is a wider term which includes a lot of crucial factors, and you should keep this thing in mind. Usually, SEO is categorized into two different parts – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Most people focus on on-page SEO to improve the ranking of a website on search engines. We also recommend off-page SEO techniques as these are beneficial for enhancing the trustworthiness of a website.

The activities which take place away from your website but improve its ranking are known as off-page SEO techniques. Off-page SEO relates to link building and also many other crucial factors. Make sure you are also using Ads posting sites to create links for your website. With the help of using all these strategies, you can get several benefits for your business.


Types of links for off-page SEO

No doubt, links are the important component to off-page SEO so you should always take it into account. Before getting started to build or earn backlinks, you need to know about the different types of links. Usually, there are three types of links which are listed below.

  • Natural links – When it comes to the natural links, they come to your website naturally. You don’t need to make efforts or other activities to earn the link.
  • Built links – The links come to your website from outreach are known as built links. You will have to work hard to earn this link. You need to contact the webmasters, publishers and you can also consider Social bookmarking sites to earn the links.
  • Created links – The links that come to your website from self-submission on directories, press releases and forums are known as created links. This technique is also known as black-hat SEO practice.

After knowing all these types of links, you can start creating links with ease. You should always try to focus on the natural and built links to make the most out of your SEO efforts.


Tips to improve Off-page SEO

In order to bring your website to the top results of search engines, you should improve off-page SEO. You need to implement some off-page SEO techniques which we are recommending to get the effective results. We are going to discuss these off-page SEO techniques in the below-given points.

  • Commenting – Commenting on others’ blogs is a good strategy to get more Backlinks. Now, the irrelevant comment Backlinks are useless, but you should keep commenting on the blogs to get links to your website. It is not only good for building a relationship with the blog owner but also commenters. With the help of Blog commenting sites, you can improve off-page SEO and get other benefits for your business.
  • Forums – You should look for the forum discussions which are related to your products and services. With the help of taking part in these discussions and giving advice to others, you can improve your off-page SEO. You should always choose the forums which offer do-follow links. You should always create a complete profile with an anchor so that it will be displayed with your comments.
  • Social bookmarking – to get benefits for your business, you should pay attention to off-page SEO techniques. You should consider Social bookmarking sites to create links for your website. In this way, your website can easily reach the top pages of the search engine, which helps to grab more traffic to your website. By using this technique, your business can also get numerous benefits.
  • Guest post – To make improvements to off-page SEO of your website, you should put your best possible efforts. There are various blogs which are open for the guest post. With the help of considering guest posts, you can create quality links for your website. It will attract more traffic to your website and also provide some incredible benefits to your business.

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It is important for website owners to follow the tips that we have provided in the above-mentioned points. With the help of implementing these off-page SEO tips, you can bring your website on the top pages of the search engine and reach the target audience in no time. You can use the dofollow profile creation sites to create the quality backlink.

5 Must Use Shopify Apps to Engage, Influence & Convert Users

With the ease of the internet, people made a huge shift towards online marketing and purchase, and hence we witnessed a huge growth in eCommerce websites. And as businesses are establishing their online presence by building their online store, Shopify stands as one of the trusted CMS website building platforms to help businesses.

With over 800,000 merchants on the platform, Shopify boasts of a huge user base. However, another aspect that makes Shopify an amazing platform is its apps. Shopify apps help to add functionality to the website and, at the same time, enhance the beauty as well.

Due to such high competition, businesses use Shopify apps that help them capture the audience’s attention and eventually convert their visitors into their customers. Shopify app stores have around 3200 apps (source) that provide great help to businesses.

For your convenience, we list some of the best apps that can help you attract, engage, influence, and convert your customers. You can easily find these apps on the Shopify store, and with their easy usage, you can operate them like a pro.

5 Must Use Shopify Apps That Every Store Owner Should Own

#1 Instagram Feed + Tiktok by Tagembed 

How about sharing a social media feed on the website that increases the vibrancy of the website and at the same time provides social proof to your visitors. Sounds rewarding, right? And this is where the Tagembed Shopify app jumps in. Tagembed is a social media aggregator that helps you aggregate social media feeds from the desired source of your desired platform and then display them on your website. It brings the same magic to its Shopify app and helps you easily embed social media feeds on your Shopify store. 

It is compatible with 15+ social media platforms and provides a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to the screen type. You can use this app to show user-generated content related to your business on the website and engage your visitors. Moreover, you can also use the app to showcase your customer posts that act as social proof to your visitors. This social proof establishes your credibility and helps consumers in their purchase decision.

You can even integrate posts related to your business, so your visitors get a sneak into your social media presence, and it eventually strengthens your social presence and increases your brand recognition.

#2 Happy hours

One of the main techniques to attain sales is offering deals to the customers; it can be either sale, purchase offer, or any other strategy. But the most important part is that your customer gets to know about it and for that, you need good marketing and scheduler. And therefore, for that, the Shopify store provides your Happy hours Shopify app.

With happy hours you can create a custom sales campaign that attracts and converts customers. You can apply sales on a particular product, or create sales for a product type, automate price discounts, bulk edits, and more.

Sales and regular offers often please the consumers and encourage them to make their purchases. And with the help of this app, you convert your visitors into your customers as you can provide them discounts and offers. Moreover, the app is easy to use, and you can easily install it from the Shopify app store.

#4 Happy Whatsapp chat

Another major factor that can help you convert your customers and win their trust is customer support. Consumers even complain that businesses do not provide any contact details. 

And this is where Happy Whatsapp chat comes to the rescue. It helps your customers establish contact with your business. It provides instant customer support using Whatsapp live. So you resolve all customer support issues and develop a brand reputation. It allows unlimited WhatsApp calls and WhatsApp chats.

Moreover, you customize the widget as per your requirement and make appropriate modifications to match it to your website’s style. It setups in less than 60 seconds and also allows you to add a Call-To-Action button. Also, you don’t require any code to add your theme. You can even set online and offline hours and help your customers with any issue.

#3 Bundler

The main aim for any business is to achieve more sales and reach their desired business goals. Therefore, you can use the strategy of bulk discount to encourage consumers to purchase more products from your business, which eventually helps you attain more sales and increase your customer base.

You can use Bundler to provide some percentage of discount to your customers when they purchase some products together. For example, you can create a bundle with two products and provide a desired discount on the product. It eventually increases the average order value.

Also, it helps you to sell your popular product with your less popular products. And this can eventually increase your sales. Like the apps mentioned above, it is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that eases its operation.

#5 PageFly Landing Page Builder

Creating the first impression is very important for a business. For example, if you own an eCommerce website, it becomes more important that you positively impact the visitor as he visits your website. And this is where you can use this app. It helps you to build store pages based on the design in your mind. It is the best way to win customer’s attention and encourage them to purchase your brand.


Shopify is one of the main ECommerce website builders, and as you have much competition in the market. You need to have the edge over your competitors and establish your brand, and hence you can use Shopify apps for that purpose. The tools mentioned above are some of the best apps available on the store and help you reach your business goals.