5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Choosing Your Live Streaming Service Provider

Live streaming is a very popular feature present in the apps and platforms that allow users to share and create videos in real-time. The streamers like to be in the moment and enjoy the ability to be present in what is happening. There has been anticipation which informs that by 2024, 91 million subscribers will be using live streaming.

The demand and popularity of live streaming have just been increasing and it has been a way to stay connected to customers and employees. The latest technology allows the companies to enhance their work by offering services like induction and onboarding. It has become an indispensable tool used up in many businesses.


Even in the case of a live streaming services platform, the basic requirement to start a live stream is a camera or a platform, like Dreamcast, along with a tripod, lights, and extra cables. To live stream, deciding on a venue is also very important as well as the kind of event to be hosted.

There are many different kinds of events taking place like the behind the scene videos and all of them help to connect with the audience differently. There are a few mistakes that should be avoided while planning a live stream feature.

This post tells about the common mistakes during a live stream and how they can be avoided with a little planning and understanding of the process involved.

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Failure of planning

There is a major difference between a successful live stream and a disaster that comes down while planning. On the day of the live stream, it becomes very important to ensure the clockwork and to test the variables well with the webcast services providers.

Make sure that the content is of interest to the audience and not just the host, Use the content that is designed to elevate the brand. Always think about the audience first. As a part of the preparation, test the equipment and connection and be well-rehearsed 2 days before the event.

Ensure that all the required and potential materials are available handly from images, slide decks, and sections of pre-recorded video. Be clear in the head about how each of the segments will come up and make the transition smooth. In the case of international streaming, consider the time zones and holidays factor.

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Having a poor quality stream

Always opt for the live streaming online platform that provides the highest possible quality stream. Just as a good quality call, a video call is required by an organization, similarly it is a prerequisite to having a high-quality stream. In a poor quality, the maximum time that the users can spend is 90 seconds.

Confirm the bandwidth to ensure that the stream is of high quality and accessing the bandwidth can also become tricky. For this look for locations that are placed in the city and not remote areas. If the available network is shared, test the speed and make sure of the availability. Avoid the in-house wifi to stream and rather use a dedicated ethernet connection if possible.

The lightning at the stream is also very important whether it’s natural or artificial. Do not forget to check on the audio quality because if the services do not offer a 100 percent great audio experience then, no matter the quality of the video, the stream would lose the audience. Invest in a separate mic if needed for the audio.

The speakers should be placed close to the microphone and the background noise should be minimized. The designated person on the monitor will help in solving the audio and video issues.

· Not promoting the event

No matter the quality of audio, or video of the live stream, if it isn’t promoted properly then the stream doesn’t matter. The social world of streaming on social media needs to be considered. Some serious research needs to be done before finalizing the famous webcast services.

Clarify the entire benefits offered to the viewer by the stream whether it is via email, texts, or calls. Keep updating regularly about the events and remind the audience of the time and date. Use an email platform to check the rates and the number of people interested.

A great landing page also adds to the benefits of advertising the event. Either a splash or a landing page if made appealing is sure to attract an audience to the event and market it all over.

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· Not making the event interactive

The live stream is unlike a previously recorded video or a dialogue instead is a way of personal connection between the host and the audience. Many different features can be added to do the same. These can be shown as graphics during the stream.

Even a feedback loop between the viewer and broadcaster helps to make the audience feel. Chatting and messaging are the features available all the time. Consider that the setup involves the host looking directly in the camera at the viewers and the viewers can respond, give feedback, comments, and ask questions.

The presentation software used can be used to create graphics, and diagrams that hold the audience and make the event interesting. Add the gamification and reward points for the viewers and keep them engaged in the event.

· Not using the post-stream data

This is a benefit provided by the Live streaming services providers and the data can be collected from the event. Right from the user profiles to how the viewers behave during a live event, one can identify the most engaging aspects of the stream.

A way can be found that measures the results of the capturing data, and analytics and will tell how effective the stream was. In this way, for the next stream, the person or company can prepare themselves and make the necessary changes. The standard analytics include the number of unique and returning visitors, and the amount of bandwidth used.


The viewers also have a chance to join the mailing list after the event which keeps them updated about future events. Ask the viewers to fill up a survey form and then link the platform to Google Analytics to analyze the traffic sources.

All of the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind and avoided while planning a live stream.