Why Embed Social Media Feeds On Website?

Explore the stand-out benefits of embedding the Social Media Widget on your website

Boost Engagement Rate

Offer your website audience unique and captivating social media content with the social media widget. Encourage your audience to stay longer on the website, boost the engagement rate and traffic.

Build Brand Trust

Collect, curate, and embed user-generated content, customer reviews, and other trust-building social media content on your website. Boost your website credibility by adding transparency through UGC.

Instill Social Proof

Tap the potential of the bandwagon effect & social influence. Embed hashtag campaigns on your website to instill social proof in your visitors to participate & create content with your branded hashtag.

Enhance Conversion Rate

Turn inspiration into sales. Create inspirational galleries with the social media widget using branded or customer's content to inspire your prospects to make purchases, boosting conversion rate.

Boost Your Website Performance With Social Media Widget

Try the performance-driven social media widget for your website for free.

All Social Media Content At One Place

Increase the visibility of your content. Collect posts from different social media platforms to curate and embed them on your website and explore the potential beyond social.

Social Media Widget For Websites- The Process

A 3-step process to boost the growth & performance of your website effectively with the robust social media aggregator tool

Social Media Feed on Website

1 Collect

Discover and fetch content from diverse social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) using hashtags, social handles, mentions, pages, etc.

2 Curate

Curate social content into relevant and attractive social media feed widgets using moderation filters and customization options like creative layouts, fonts, backgrounds, logos, etc.

Social Media Widget
Display Social Media Feeds

3 Embed

Seamlessly embed curated social feeds on your web pages. The social media widget is highly responsive and boosts website traffic, engagement & conversions.

Must-Have Features For An Improved Experience

Performance-driven features to display more engaging & appealing social media feeds on websites


Creative Customization

Customize your social media feed widget uniquely with different layout options, embed themes, color styles, banners, content styling, etc.


Advanced Moderation

Use advanced content filtering to moderate and manage the content you want to display publicly and remove irrelevant content.


Performance Analytics

In-depth analytics to track the social media feed widget's performance on your website like views, engagement, content cloud, etc.

On-Site UGC Upload

On-Site UGC Upload

Offer your website audience the ability to share content without using any social media platform through the On-site UGC uploads feature.

UGC Rights Management

UGC Rights Management

Legally repurpose UGC by getting content rights from the content owner with the help of a dedicated UGC Rights management feature.

CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons

Highlight important content like CTAs, offers, announcements, etc., on your social media feed widget on your website to improve content visibility.

Get Inspired By These Social Media Feed Examples

Read all about these famous brands who have incorporated the engaging social media feeds on their web pages to improve website performance & results

Social Media Feeds On Website Success Stories


Thomas Clement


Adding social media feeds to our website was like a game-changer for me. We see a higher dwell time as the visitors willingly stay longer to engage with the content. Our website performance has improved to a great extent.

Social Feed

Stella Laclair

Marketing Manager

We have received great responses ever since we have embedded the social media feed on the website. My brand witnessed a boost in the conversion rate of up to 3X. The potential customers are getting inspired by the content and making better purchase decisions.

embed social

Bettye Robinson


The social media widget is responsive and offers real-time updates, making it just the perfect integration to my website. No matter what device my website visitors are using, the social media widget ensures that they get the latest social media content each time they visit the website.

social widget

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get social media feeds on my website?

A social media aggregator tool allows users to embed social media feeds on the website. You can easily fetch content from social media, create a feed, generate an embed code, and paste it on the backend of your website, where you want to display the social media feed on the web page.

What does embedding social media mean?

Embedding social media means adding your preferred social media content to your website. The process goes by collecting and curating content into a social media feed widget and generating an embed code that you can paste on your website backend to make the social feed visible to your audience.

Can I embed social media feeds on my HTML site?

Yes, you can easily embed the social media feeds on an HTML website. A social media aggregator tool like Taggbox Widget enables an easy process to collect, curate, and embed the social media feed widget on your HTML website. Taggbox Widget offers unique embedding options for different CMS platforms. You can choose HTML and you will be able to generate a unique embed code that you can copy and paste on the backend of your website where you want the social media feeds to appear.

What do I do to add social media feeds in real-time?

Many social media aggregator tools offer real-time update options. That’s because they are auto-synced. So, each time there is a new update to social media, it automatically appears on the social media feed widget embedded on your website.

Why adding or embedding social media feeds on websites is important?

When you embed social media feeds on your website, it helps you increase the visibility of your social content. You get to boost website engagement, build brand trust, audience interaction, amplify social reach which leads to more conversions and sales.

Social Media Widget For Websites

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